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  1. We will hopefully find some time this weekend to pop in. I do wonder about its future as there's been little to no fanfare about its re-opening. There's no online presence and anyone passing would struggle to know that it's back in business. Our neighbours thought it was still closed and they're down at the nearby newsagent every day. Fingers crossed it takes off.
  2. What I can decipher from the lease is that it was £3 and 10 shillings in March and the same again in September. Our new landlord hasn't really shared a great deal of information, then again neither did the previous landlord. There's no mention of compliant buildings insurance, we tend to shop around each year and swap providers. There's no mention as to when we need to pay, only how (transfer or cheque), so I assume they'll send an invoice. We setup a standard order with the previous landlord which meant the invoices stopped coming. They do mention that alterations may need consent and that we should write to them in order to confirm the requirements and approval process. I'm trying to decipher the lease document (drafted in 1935) to see if there is anything mentioned there. It's interesting that many of our neighbours have made alterations including extensions so it will be useful to find out if they informed the landlord. I can't see any real benefit in procuring the freehold, particularly if the lease doesn't bring any great constraints and with the landlord being tied to reasonable admin fees. I'm struggling to see how they'll benefit from the tranche of freehold interests that they've purchased, all are of a similar age and build to ours so likely to have a similar ground rent. Unless of course they're banking on some decent returns on arrears and admin fees. I have had a read through this and other posts and there's a great deal of useful information there, thanks Jeffrey!
  3. Sorry to tag onto this thread, we have a similarly long lease, a nominal yearly ground rent but with a different landlord. I'm curious as to the benefit in procuring the freehold when the cost and the hassle is going to far outweigh the ground rent over our lifetime? I have been trying to decipher, with little success so far, our 1935 lease document written in calligraphy italic style font to see if there are any restrictions about what we can and can't do with the land and the house. That leads me to wonder why a landlord would be so keen to purchase freehold interests. We have a new landlord and the letter details although the freehold interests they've purchased, it's in the region of 50 or so properties. I would imagine they like ours are with a fixed ground rent, ours is £7 per annum. What does the landlord gain?
  4. I don't think so but we've yet to pop in. It closed and was then rumoured to be turned into a Coop and then only recently a couple bought it with hope to resurrect the business.
  5. The one at the top is the Prince of Wales which has proved pretty popular following its refurb a good few years ago. The Cherry Tree is about a third of the way down, where Carter Knowle Avenue branches off. It's near the newsagents, café and farm shop.
  6. The pub was bought a little while back, spruced up and recently re-opened. We've not as yet popped in to take a look, has anyone else been? Much change and improvement from when it was last open back in 2018/2019?
  7. Many thanks for the clarification and advice.
  8. We would welcome any advice. We recently received a letter explaining that a company called "Fee Simple Estates" had purchased the Freehold Interest in our property. We bought the property in 2002 with a leasehold tenure. The leasehold term is 800 years from 1935. The ground landlord was advised by the solicitor at the time and since then we've been paying a nominal ground rent to the ground landlord, Norrow Estates. That's continued for the last 19 years until earlier this month we received the letter from Fee Simple Estates. The letter includes a rent demand notice for arrears of £0. It also states it sets out the amount of rent due and by when, but doesn't, it simply includes a long list of T&Cs. They have attached a copy of a solicitor's letter referencing ours and numerous other properties in the area. It advises that "Christopher Gordon Stanley Bone" sold his freehold interests in the properties earlier this year and that rent will now be due to Fee Simple Estates. To me, this sounds like the freehold was sold and then sold again in a short space of time (?). I was under the impression that should the freehold be sold, then we as owners, would have first refusal? What are the likely implications of a new landlord, can they raise the ground rent significantly? Their T&Cs advise that any alterations to the house first need their approval and has to go through an approval process or be in breach of the lease. We have to submit details of the alterations in writing and they will then advise of the approval process. I presume that will involve a cost? I have viewed other threads and wonder if there's value in looking to purchase the freehold. What are people's thoughts given the long lease period and nominal ground rent (at least for now)? Thanks
  9. It would have been Microsoft Outlook and part of the Office 365 install that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. That is linked to a monthly subscription so it may be best to ask your grandson to reinstall and ensure it is activated using the subscription account.
  10. Over the years all my appointments have been at the Hallamshire but now some services have moved to the NGH. I can certainly relate to challenges to parking at the Hallamshire, timing is critical if you want to make the main car park, failing that there is now the QPark which has made a difference. I often park in the Wetherspoons close by and use their pay and display. I've always found somewhere to park. If I get the option I will be choosing the Hallamshire in future. I imagine timing is a big factor at the NGH, my appointment was late morning and I was among many cars circling round the many car parks without success. Where's best to first try and find a space? Failing that are there any streets worth a try? I don't mind a walk if it means I'm not spending 40 mins driving round hunting spaces.
  11. Our neighbours have a hole in their soffits and had a chat with the guy we got round for a quote, trying to catch them to see what they got quoted. Got an online quote after supply pictures and that came in around a little over £3600. First guy did say they've been inundated with people being at home and doing a lot of home improvements. Explains why they're difficult to get round and why prices might be following demand.
  12. Thanks all. Had a similarly priced quote and both have said they'd need scaffolding, it's supposedly a health and safety requirement??? I will get a quote from JustFascias too. Tempted by the painting option but the soffits are flaking away badly, similar age to our neighbour's house and there's have started to rot.
  13. Thanks, ours is a 1930's 3-bed semi so £4000 sounds a bit pricey. I'll definitely get a couple more quotes.
  14. Can anyone recommend a firm in Sheffield for this work? If you've had the work done then I would be interested in understanding if there's anything to bear in mind and a ballpark on cost. I checked on this website and was expecting the work to be around £1,500 or so. I have had one quote so far and it was for £4,000
  15. I was searching for advice hence why I've tagged onto this older post. Can anyone recommend parking at or around the Northern General? I had an appointment this week and found the parking a little challenging. I'm likely to have further appointments there and looking for recommendations. As the Hallamshire is closer to me I was planning to park near there and take the H1 bus but as I found later it's only for staff at the moment and even they struggle with the limited seating. Fortunately, I set off early not being familiar with the site. I arrived an hour before my appointment and made it to the department with 10 mins to spare. It's a bit of maze and I must have tried every car park in the place and all were full, in some people were sat waiting in the hope a space would free up. In the end I found a really tight space between cars on Herries Road. I noticed that mine and a few others were parked on a yellow line and further up there were no road markings. As I was running out of time I took the chance I'd get a ticket, which I didn't.
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