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  1. I use a Microsoft Surface keyboard which has a very similar feel and key travel to a laptop keyboard. It is Bluetooth and the battery life is excellent, still haven't had to change them a year or so since I got it and I use it daily. The downside is the price, £90, I was lucky enough to be given mine by Microsoft although I may have considered spending my own money if one appeared on eBay or the Amazon outlet or Warehouse. MS Surface Keyboard on Amazon
  2. Did you find a solution? I presume the WD My Cloud is simply an NAS which all your PCs save all their data to it. You want something to back up the WD My Cloud NAS? Cloud solutions would give that additional "off site" safeguard and flexibility to access the data on any device no matter the location. I use for Google Drive for anything I want to share that's of little importance - it's free I use OneDrive for Business as part of an Office 365 subscription for my personal data on my laptop as it seamlessly syncs between my PC/Laptop and cloud - there are the subscription costs to consider I use SharePoint as part of my Office 365 subscription for shared data - as part of the small business subscription I use Azure and Azure Files for large quantities of data that require decent performance - an Azure subscription is certainly massive overkill for a simple storage requirement I use AWS S3 storage for some workloads I run in a subscription there - subscription cost to consider There are many other cloud backup solutions that are designed solely for backup but a suite may offer productivity tools that may be useful to you and with little difference in cost A cloud solution is going to mean a subscription cost as opposed to a fixed cost for something else sat in your office. Initially getting your data there will be a chore, I pushed around 150 GB up to OneDrive and it took some time. You can map drives to OneDrive, SharePoint and some others. It's worth thinking about what would work best for the people using it, what data do you want saved and do you need additional flexibility of access from anywhere. Also it's worth thinking what recovery you require, if it's a simple shared folder then there's little to think about. If you want to backup more complex data such as settings, email, etc then you need to factor in the software to do that Hope that helps.
  3. I would agree, many large organisations I've worked with don't have the capacity or the provision for the scale of home working, SCC are not in an unusual position. I guess this is where I work we are fortunate. Our VPN may well be old (Microsoft DirectAccess) but with sufficient design and Internet capacity can easily cope with 4,000 home users even with a lot of data crossing that connection. We also have more efficient solutions that allow access to a virtual desktops and applications so little data crosses the wires (Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop). The biggest shift has been with applications; Office 365, SharePoint Online and cloud based services and apps negating the need to use a VPN or a corporate device. We still have those older apps but the VPN and virtual world copes perfectly well with them. I guess much is based on the organisation, we've followed an agile model, I work from home often as do others, and we have a mobile workforce so have spent a lot of time thinking about this. Those organisations that have a more traditional office-based model not only have the technological challenge but a change in the culture and working practices which can be a bigger challenge.
  4. Wow, they really do have some old infrastructure if they're still using the RSA fobs, I have one we used to use that expired 10 years ago.We still use SecurEnvoy's SecurID so making the switch to a non-fob based solution is relatively easy. Our multi-factor/second factor is now via text, mobile phone app or phone call. This crisis seems to have exposed a lot of gaps in technology to support business continuity. I work for a water company , not in Yorkshire, and helped design the remote access solution around 5 years ago, even now it is a little dated. We had to consider a relatively large mobile workforce (1200+) so we have solutions that are coping comfortably with far greater numbers than that. Our Internet "pipe" is also coping adequately. Microsoft are offering a "Windows Virtual Desktop" solution to aid remote working and giving organisations $15k towards setup and run costs. The public sector and critical national infrastructure have additional assistance and priority. Realistically that's not a quick fix and Microsoft are having capacity issues with their cloud solutions so they prioritise services. When we come out of the other side of this then priorities may change and hopefully there'll be some money left to invest. Given my partner is a nurse we'd obviously like to see the NHS prioritised, expensive IT contracts and vanity projects need a rethink 😉
  5. As people have suggested, SharePoint is the best method of sharing within the organisation (and outside too) but that may be "controlled", i.e. you may be have your own site with restrictions on what and who you can share this with. We have controls in our organisation for OneDrive for Business too, for data protection we restrict that to only sharing within the organisation and even then that's controlled. We wish people to use OneDrive solely for personal storage, anything "shared" should be in SharePoint. So those restrictions may be the reason others can't see the document. Your IT people or your "site owner" can best advise.
  6. Chaddamp. thanks I've used moneysavingexpert and comparethemarket's bundle checker for deals, they all seem to have a similar feed as the offers are much the same. probedb, thanks I did suspect NOW TV would just be broadband and a very simple TV box. We've been looking at some Smart TV deals and maybe recording to the TV PVR is the way forward albeit limited to the TV tuner's channels. Much of what we watch is recorded so I'm wondering if the investment in a Freeview PVR and a new aerial is the way forward. We can get fibre from all the other suppliers. Interestingly the deal checkers are quoting average 35Mb for some services and when you check the supplier web sites they are significantly less. We don't download or stream much at all, I do work from home at least 1 day a week so reliability is more relevant.
  7. We're with Virgin Media and for what we need are paying over the odds. I've rang to find out the process for cancellation and the call centre offered their best available deal, a £3 a month discount on our current plan 😲 We did then get put through to another team to confirm the cancellation policy and see if they could do any better. It seems gone are the days when they'd find a loyalty deal and despite being with Telewest/Virgin for nearly 20 years that's as good a deal as they can offer. We're looking for recommendations, I've been exploring the options but interested to hear what others in Sheffield are using and how they've found it. Below is a bit of background on what we have and some potential challenges. We'd prefer to keep the Virgin broadband and go to Freeview for TV but then there's factoring a new aerial and a PVR. BT, NOW TV and Plusnet offer fibre in our area, some without any install charges and the all-in cost is considerably cheaper. Favouring NOW TV at the moment as there's a TV bundle, not sure if it has a PVR built into their box though. We have the Mixit TV bundle, we don't watch a huge amount of TV and Freeview would be more than adequate. We do need to record though. Note: we don't have a roof aerial, it came down in the winds many years ago. We have the M100 broadband and because I work away much of the time this is now overkill, we just need something reasonably fast and reliable. We have the Talk Weekends phone deal but don't have a home phone plugged in, we have it because it's cheaper to have the service added. We use mobile phones which have more than enough minutes. Note: We don't have a physical telephone line, that got tangled in a tree some years back and BT removed it from the telephone pole.
  8. Maybe I've been lucky or maybe it's quieter on the roads now it's holiday season, so far it's not really been much worse than before. It's well signposted although it didn't stop someone getting into an oncoming lane past the plumbers merchant just before the traffic comes down and merges in from Alderson road. The queue along that stretch is slightly worse, the traffic flow isn't great as cars seem to clear one set of traffic lights and then get held by the next not too much further up the road. Once clear of those lights before Halfords it was an easy run down.
  9. I picked up my Samsung phone in Hong Kong and the hardest part was negotiating the Chinese menus to change the language to English , it sounds like you've got over the biggest hurdle. What's still causing you an issue? I can't remember what else I had to change, once I'd added English UK to the Language and Input setting then I changed the keyboard. I installed Gboard which is a little neater than most keyboards and then made sure that was set to the right language. Hope that's of some help.
  10. Out of curiosity, for those that have ditched Virgin TV, what are you using instead? Freeview covers everything we need so we've looked at PVRs, will give Virgin their month's notice on Monday and go from there.
  11. We've long contemplated a move, the last time we rang their retentions team we got a reasonable deal although had to commit to a 12 months contract which has now passed. Internet gets fair use, home phone is barely used and we watch very little TV other than the mainstream channels which are available on Freeview. Broadband is the key reason we've stayed, it's fast and reliable. Has anyone made a switch to Sky or BT or a n other. We're contemplating trying to keep Virgin for cable broadband and moving to Freeview for TV and perhaps Skype with a landline number. Anyone tried that?
  12. I've used the web app for some while and it works really well, never had a problem with a booking. The mobile phone app is another story, it doesn't seem to link to the account. If I make a booking from the web app it doesn't show on the mobile app. Also when I've tried the mobile app it doesn't seem to ask for a destination. It does need some work so for now I stick to the web browser version.
  13. Hi, you have a few options depending on what you're ideally looking for. If you just want another part of the house to have a cabled connection then a pair of powerline adapters is probably the best. You'd take a network cable from the Virgin modem/router to the powerline adapter that plugs into a close by mains socket. Then the other adapter plus into a mains socket close to the computer and run a network lead from it to the adapter. I chose to configure the Virgin Super Hub as a modem only so it doesn't provide Wi-Fi and any clever stuff. It's plugged into a separate TP-Link router which has a much better Wi-Fi range and as I'm in a solid older house I use Powerline adapters and a Wi-Fi extender to better share the connection around the house. The first option is probably the easiest given what you're trying to achieve. Hope that helps.
  14. As I said when I've needed an eye test I've used the optician mentioned and when I've ordered lenses I've used an online supplier. They require a prescription to be scanned and uploaded. Having the correct prescription is obviously important, particularly if you take to the road. However, it's widely acknowledged that the wrong prescription won't pose any risk to or damage your sight, eye strain and headaches are about as bad as it can get.
  15. When I've needed an eye test I've used Martyn Kemp on Abbeydale Road. Great service, very convenient for me and they are able to provide trial lenses. However, for the last 5 years or so I've bought my lenses online through Vision Direct as I've found them very competitively priced and they offer a free next day delivery. The downside is that they don't offer trial lenses. Occasionally I'll place an order with a few weeks worth of another brand to see how they fair. At the moment I have a mix of Focus Dailies Aquacomfort Plus and Accuvue Moist Dailies which are at the mid-range for pricing. The Focus Dailies work best for me, the challenge is how they feel at the end of the day, I need a Toric lense for one eye and the Aquacomfort Plus is comfortable and long lasting...for me anyway.
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