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  1. Our vet recommended Indorex and it helped clear the infestation we had a while back. It's about £11 for a 500ml can which will go a fair way. Back it up with some decent flea treatment, we use Frontline Plus for our cats and this is now available over the counter.
  2. I didn't feel it was unreasonable to ask people's recent experience of both services, as I said, I last used them pre-pandemic so I've no idea how the service compares nearly 2 years later. I'm sure I saw Northern City Taxis when I was looking for the new app. Their old app gave no clues to its replacement, you could plan the journey and then when you click book, it would say "server error". Hopefully being swallowed up by a bigger parent company hasn't changed a service that seemed to work well.
  3. From what I remember of the old app, the new City Taxis app has improved. I did find a bug with the prebook button not working if you're shuffling around menus so had stop and start the app. For this pre-booking I'll stick with City Taxis and see how they go.
  4. Pre-pandemic, I used to use City Taxis quite often. It's been a while so have tried both online and mobile apps and it hasn't been seamless. Partly because of a new City Taxis app and new registration and a bug in their app. With Uber I wanted to change my email address, it was easier to delete the account and start again. Finally sorted. In people's experience who offers the best coverage in Sheffield? My past experience with City Taxis was perfect, which is what you need when you have a train to catch.
  5. Anyone else been bombarded with text messages like this below (link changed just in case)? All from different numbers that are made to appear as from a UK mobile. This is probably the worst I've seen, most have correct spelling and grammar, I've just blocked the numbers as when they appear. I've not followed any of the links, this domain is relatively new, the other domains I've checked have been long-established and appear legit. Whether they've been hacked and the code is malicious is another question. These aren't particularly sophisticated but I have noticed that the volume of scam and phishing phone calls, texts and emails has spiralled over the last year. I can understand why some less aware get caught out. My mobile provider often sends me texts, normally with offers, very much legit. I did start receiving scam texts and emails pretending to be them which followed their language and text and linked you to a perfect representation of their web site and a logon screen for their portal. A hooky domain which despite people and me notifying the mobile provider could be live for weeks though now only seems to last an hour or two before it is blocked.
  6. The reported post relates to that from a Mumbai based tech support scammer which has now been removed from this thread.
  7. Welcome Jaimie, personally I believe your choice of location would be perfect. The house is in a quiet leafy suburb yet you'll be close to amenities, many within walking distance. Abbeydale road has had positive developments over the years and there are plenty of places to eat and now drink and watch the world go by. Certainly there is more interest that side of Abbeydale road from the Broadfield towards town. It is an arterial route into the city so will be very busy at times but as we've noticed, nowhere near the levels pre-pandemic. Is that an issue, I don't believe so, we live the other side of the woods and I often drop my partner at work in the middle of Sheffield, it really isn't that bad. Best of luck with the move!
  8. It's been a while, we lived in Greenhill for a number of years. Our opinion would be that it's one of the better areas in Sheffield; a good standard of housing, friendly community and with easy access to the Peak district. The damage could be a golf ball or a break-in. With anywhere crime is going to be a factor, nicer areas will probably be a greater draw to burglars because of the potential rewards, but then I'm no crime expert. Where we are now is seen as a desirable area and we've been fortunate, neighbours less so. Precautions are something to think about wherever you are. We'd have no qualms about moving back to Greenhill, particularly near the golf course which is probably the nicest part.
  9. Material costs aren't the only factor to consider. The pandemic has fuelled demand for home improvements. We have a few projects that we asked for quotes for. Quite a few didn't respond, some said they're booked up for 6 months+ and those that did respond provided quotes 3 or 4 times the price of very similar work that neighbours have had done less than 2 years ago. There's nothing we need desperately so we're holding off until the demand levels off and hopefully material supplies improve.
  10. If I can help in any way then please feel free to message me. It's something I explored a while back but never followed up until now albeit with only a single hotspot which won't arrive any time soon 🙁
  11. Hi both, yes it was issues with Coinbase for the USDC for the Bobcat miner, all resolved now. I have Binance in place if in the future I need to trade HNT but I would hope that it soon becomes a tradeable asset on Coinbase. I believe the fees are smaller on there. I have just ordered the one for now as I wanted to do a bit more research before looking to place them with friends. @Sam @ Dearne Good luck with the enterprise and good to hear that you'll be significantly increasing the number of hotspots in Sheffield 😉
  12. I had an issue with my payment method and did wonder if my bank was the cause. Messaged Coinbase support weeks ago and nothing but from what I've read that isn't unusual. I wanted to persist with Coinbase as the fees are better than Binance. I have loaded my wallet before as I already have some crypto in my portfolio so tried loading my wallet again this morning and it's working again, how and why is anyone's guess. So I've ordered a Bobcat miner and have joined the wait list. It does, on August 1st I believe. I watched this a little while back which covers halving: Frank Mong (Helium) Interview
  13. Thanks Sam. I decided to take the plunge with a Bobcat given Nebra's supply issues. The first challenge has been Coinbase and unfortunately their support is dreadful so I'll see how easy it is to manage the conversion and payment through Binance, which I've not used before. Hopefully our elevated position and a decent line of sight will mean the more powerful aerial works out.
  14. How do the Bobcat miners compare to the Nebra? I had a quick look, again a while back, and all I seem to remember is that they come with a more powerful antenna, ship from China and only accept crypto for payment. That might be my way forward instead of waiting for Nebra to open up new batch orders. I would probably be looking at a 4dbi antenna which the Bobcat has (?) as we're in quite an elevated position which I believe offers greater benefit.
  15. Hi Sam, I looked a little while back and was weighing up the Nebra indoor hotspot. Unfortunately it went out of stock pretty quickly and I missed one of the restock notifications. I see that they're going for silly money on eBay and often that's just for someone's pre-order. I'll try and react quickly to the next restock message although shipping takes some time. Which hotspot did you go for?
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