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  1. I sanded (hired a floor sander), stained and varnished most of our house around 15 years ago. Most is wearing well and that was with 3 to 4 coats of hard-wearing varnish specifically for floors. Over the last few years certain heavy footfall areas have worn and I have been instructed that re-sanding, changing the colour and re-varnishing is on my list of jobs. Can't wait 😁
  2. VM didn't ask for our second box back when we discontinued the service, maybe because it was an older generation box. We looked at backing up the content but could find no way to do that. The USB port didn't provide access and I believe the content is encrypted. VM have a way to transfer content from box to box but not export it, so we were told. When they replaced our main box to the Tivo box (not sure what gen that is) they said they'd copy the recordings across. They didn't which explained why they didn't stop long and made a sharp exit. We managed to find everything we'd lost elsewhere πŸ˜‡ and have them on a USB hard drive plugged into our Smart TV.
  3. I rang mine, Scottish Widows, a short while back and without much of a wait got through to someone who surprisingly answered all of my questions without having to put me on hold and speak to someone else. You don't customer service to be like that these days 😁
  4. I hadn't really made any firm calculations, at the start it was more of an interest/experiment. I had expected to recoup the outlay for the miner in 6 months but I need to do a bit of optimisation first and also consider how HNT value develops.
  5. I would doubt the PCs are the limiting factor, I would guess Wi-Fi is the challenge and running a temporary direct ethernet cable will prove that. As you've stated, a wireless card didn't provide as good a signal as the TP-Link Wi-Fi (USB Wi-Fi adapter). I found the same with my Mum's setup, she had an external TP-Link Wi-Fi which performed well but when she changed provider and got a new router fitted, the distance was close enough for me to run a discreet ethernet cable. I live in a 1930's house and the Wi-Fi signal has been a challenge. The router sits downstairs and to improve coverage I added a Wi-Fi extender and the best place was in a bedroom directly above without brickwork in the way. That offers reasonable coverage where needed but for my home office which is in a bedroom reasonably close to the extender, the signal is poor due to the solid walls. So, I use Powerline adapters and a an ethernet switch and the performance is significantly improved. Would Powerline adapters suit your needs? I'd run the temporary ethernet cable first to check there isn't any other bottlenecks.
  6. I did exactly the same thing once I was better informed. I'll certainly look at the Pension Wise site. I have decided not to take an initial appointment with the company that unbiased.co.uk passed my details too. They aren't local and the moneysavingexpert forum consensus is that unbiased are simply a lead generation site that most smaller IFAs don't pay a subscription too. I would much rather conduct my own adviser research.
  7. In a similar boat, looking for a pension adviser/IFA to help with pension advice and consolidation. Tried unbiased.co.uk which is linked on many of the government web sites. Not that impressed with how that works though as I expected to be given a list of IFAs in my area and then conduct my own research to select one. Instead they refer you to one they've selected. The one they selected for us is based in Sunderland and has an agent in Doncaster. I'm going to take the free no obligation first meeting but I'm already thinking I'd like to do a bit more research. So I'm interested too in hearing about local recommendations. I found the Pension Wise session useful, if you're not overly familiar with pensions then it puts you in a much better place before speaking to an IFA.
  8. My Bobcat miner finally arrived today. When I placed the order back in July there were no hotspots close to me, now there are loads which is good thing. The setup was straightforward and where it is sat for now probably isn't the ideal spot. If anyone has any tips and advice then please feel free to share πŸ˜‰
  9. I've just received this Save the BBC Petition from change.org, unusual as I never normally receive emails from them. There's an overly hysterical diatribe for why the licence fee shouldn't be abolished. Unfortunately, there seems no option to vote against the petition πŸ™„ Each will have their own perspective. Personally, I think the changes are long overdue and I would imagine that by 2027 the options and way we consume media will make an even better case for licence to be abolished.
  10. A password manager was a choice I made based on the research and risk assessment made by the organisation I worked for, where security controls were strict. For anything important I have two-factor authentication applied. I believe most financial institutions now enforce 2FA/MFA. As I said, you should always apply this option if available.
  11. As CEO of Sheffield City Council she is expected to lead by example. Do you really think people will have much confidence in someone who flouted the Covid restrictions that she, as director general of the taskforce, was involved in creating? Will this demonstration of morals affect decisions she makes for Sheffield, who knows, but this will cast significant doubt. We expect little to come out of the investigations. Civil servants investigating senior civil servants at best seems to end with lukewarm criticism and guidance followed up by a template apology from the transgressor. It will be interesting to see if the police become involved although from what I have read and appears unusual, they will await for civil servants to conduct an investigation and then make a decision then.
  12. I would echo what most others have said. Antivirus - Windows Defender scores pretty well against other AV solutions so it's been a very long time since I have added something like Avast. I use a free version of Malwarebytes on my Mum's computer as she has tendency to download cr@p that people recommend. That's eradicated the ad related stuff she was getting through browser plug-ins and games. VPN - I have a VPN subscription that hasn't been used in a long while and I will let it lapse. I hear that some people use them for Torrent downloads through their ISP for TV/film downloads and that now EE have bundled Netflix subscriptions they have little need for thatπŸ™„ Password Management - Probably the biggest area of concern and where I see most noise. Check https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and ensure you use unique secure passwords at least for important sites and services. If two-factor authentication is offered then it's worth the minor inconvenience. I use password managers, Roboform at home and 1Password at work. Roboform tells me if any saved sites and account details are insecure (pwned). Hackers will harvest details and I had one email account with a generic but secure password showed up on the list.
  13. Good to hear it got resolved in the end. My medication isn't controlled so have the faff of collecting it from a Boots pharmacy, there's no postal option. I'm hoping to move it under control of my GP so I can choose any pharmacy chain which I guess isn't an option for you.
  14. I was surprised how well she made the jump from the Doro clam shell to Doro smartphone so a smallish step to a generic Android phone seems the way forward. Android is easy enough to use, particularly if it's calls, texts, camera and the odd email. I made the jump from Apple iOS to Android some years ago and think Android is by far the best solution for her. There's much more choice, particularly if you want a new phone on a budget. Also, she's familiar with Android, to some degree, with the Doro 8035.
  15. Thanks cuttsie. I was looking at a Pixel 3a or 4 or a Moto which offer better specs that the Doro 8080 which seems to be their current flasgship. The only challenge is the learning curve for the new menus so it may mean a lot of video calls.
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