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  1. Glad to hear it, best wishes from John.
  2. Today at 11am Outside co-op burn cross road.
  3. No problem ... leave me a message tomorrow, and I'll try to meet up with you.
  4. I can drive to meet you now, if you like. It's not far. Name the time and place.
  5. My Humax HDR 1100S box 'died' a few months ago. The remote control and wiring are going begging (free) Let me know if I can help. I live at the Chapeltown end of the city.
  6. Cuttsie, Is your model number the Humax HDR1100S......not, as you say, HDR11008? Please contact me privately, I might be able to assist you. I don't know how to send a PM on here!
  7. I don't know why we tolerate people like him. He should have been executed years ago.
  8. Too true - we should execute these murderers. Forget about civilised nations not doing it - a bullet in the head would be lot cheaper than keeping him alive for the rest of his life. We're too soft!
  9. The debt is outstanding - that fact will not go away. It is overdue. If it is not paid very soon, additional charges may be incurred. Unpalatable as it may seem, they could not spell it our much more politely. I don't see how that makes them 'disgusting'. Contact them, and make some arrangements to pay it or have it paid by the person who is supposedly looking after the financial affairs.
  10. What an appalling attitude by the original poster.... let's hope he never needs emergency treatment. He might change his tune then. Unfortunately, we have to share the world with people like him - a complete idiot..
  11. Agreed. I'm glad to see the back of her. She's running away before she gets kicked out here. (Penistone and Stocksbridge). Altrincham is an interesting choice, with no guarantee of winning. The Conservatives held this at the 2017 election polling 26000+ votes. Labour were second with 20000+ and the Liberals were way behind, with 4000+ votes. Smith will be hoping to attract 'Remain' voters as this area - Altrincham and Sale West - voted to 'remain' in the Referendum. (61.41%) I hope she loses.
  12. We had a collection of these signs on our estate. They kept 'disappearing'. It's all a big mystery.
  13. The white car was in the correct lane on approach to the roundabout to go onwards to Rotherham. The road markings confirm this. The black car in the wrong lane on approach to go left on to the viaduct. He should have been in the left hand lane. The road markings again confirm this. It worries me that I'm sharing the road with some of the posters on here. In days gone by, the driver of the black car may well have been prosecuted for careless driving. The white car did nothing wrong and was just unfortunate to collide with an idiot.
  14. Cyclone. The white car does not decide to go 'right'. He wants to go straight on towards Meadowhall Shopping Centre. He takes a correct lane on approach and maintains it within the roundabout to go straight on. He does nothing wrong. And he goes through on a GREEN light - see the footage. What was the black car doing?
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