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  1. davyboy

    Climate change protests

    It's pity they got rid of Boris's water cannons. Didn't see post 191
  2. That's what it could be!
  3. wickes if there is one in sheffield
  4. davyboy

    who would last longer.... North vs South

    This is happening in our area but unfortunately it is pricing the the locals out of the housing market.
  5. davyboy

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Walk into our local (large) Debenham store and you are lucky if you see more than a dozen customers. I wanted some perfume for my wife, the assistant could hardly be bothered to serve me so I went somewhere else.
  6. Further consequences: Manston airport(that was) is at this moment increasing lorry parking from 4000 places to 6000 places. Lanes of the M20 are being closed to accommodate lorry traffic. All these lorries getting to Dover from Manston is going cause problems on the local roads.
  7. I am confused! Does it matter which deal Parliament agrees to (other than TM's)? I thought the other 27 EU members had come to a decision (TM's deal) and weren't going to change. The whole thing is a FU. The MPs are a disgrace. If it's decided not to leave do you think the EU would want a forever whinging UK back in the club?
  8. davyboy

    Would You Be Annoyed ?

    I put an item on e bay but it wasn't selling. Towards the closing time I got an e mail telling me I was having a laugh to expect my asking price and he offered a very low sum. I thanked him but refused his offer. I got a very snotty reply. He did me a favour because I reduced my asking price and it sold straight away. Buyer and seller both happy. OP could have tried e bay.
  9. davyboy

    google icon

    This may be well known but is new to me! And I am using incorrect terminology When I open Safari a Google search page opens with a Google picture which changes every day. If you click on today's pic (J S Bach) it allows you to construct a musical harmony. There is also video that shows how it is made. There are some blooming clever people in this world! Try it!
  10. As Paul Daniels would say "Not a lot"
  11. And who in the sorry crew of useless (put your own........) do you suggest has the balls or the ability to take on the negotiators on the other side? Corbyn is fit only for the role of backbench stirrer, Boris the same who bottled out when it came to it. I bloody despair. Why would the 27 what this lot of <removed> back in the fold?

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