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  1. does anyone remember glojoy lollies? They were very popular in south essex and were delicious. 3flavours: banana, chocolate and spearmint.
  2. first laugh of the day brilliant
  3. I have just had an e mail from " telling me me account needs updating, if I don't I'll lose it . DELETED
  4. you need a licence to watch ANY TV channel not just BBC. When I volunteered at the CAB I had a client who wanted to know if he needed a licence because he only watched Lithuanian TV. The answer from the licensing dept. was YES!!!!! I couldn't believe it, he was not happy. A licence entitles you to operate a live TV set
  5. Ecco noob wrote I must admit I also print off my foreign travel documents and airline tickets because in my mind I can't get over the "just in case" hump. But I always see a significant number of people waving their smartphones over the airport barriers and scanning their online boarding passes. The panic that ensues when you can't find that e mail with the travel documents on your phone has to be experienced!!!
  6. Buy her a scrubbing board and google on how to use one. Or ask her granny for advice.
  7. I had a call from 08000150050 from " your local Lloyds Bank" telling me that my Granddaughter had come into the bank to deposit or withdraw , (I can't remember which) £600.I do have a Lloyds account but I haven't used for several years and it contains £3. When I asked what name did my grandaughter she said she couldn't tell me so I said just her first name. She said she had written her name down but she had another customer at the same time, wrote it down but had mislaid it. i thanked her and she said no problems then sir , goodbye. Now the logical thing to do is see if the phone number she called from was genuine. I rang it and got a recorded message. Your local Lloyds bank called this morning but will try tocall at a more convenient time. Crafty b...rs I checked with my grandaughter and she said she hadn't;t been ito a bank and she had a call that morning from the HMRC telling her she had committed tax fraud!!!
  8. I can't see people shopping as they did before the lock down. Yesterday Mrs D and I went into Canterbury which is usually heaving with tourists, parties of foreign students and shoppers. The place was dead, a ghost town, all the little gift shops closed. Debenhams shut for good, M&S almost empty as was the big store Fenwicks. It was very sad. We were very apprehensive when we started from home but realised that things were not as usual when we drove into the carpark which was almost empty. Normally there were only two or three spaces available.
  9. things are now back to normal , no one way system ,no one out one in. I'm very worried being 80, I think i will stay with click and collect. and forget the British common sense that the Govt is relying one
  10. Manston road Ramsgate Kent. A bit far for you to travel The 2 metre distancing in the q were adhered to.
  11. Our tesco is one out one in. Hand sanitiser and trolley wash available
  12. to prevent scams like the i have linked my PayPal account to a credit card that I ONLYuse for PayPal AND have reduced the max amount on the credit card so that no more than a certain amount can be taken. Even so there is sometimes a long time from a purchase and the bill that I have forgotten what I had bought. Throwing me into a panic that I had been scammed!!! The relief on remembering!!
  13. I have added several items to "the bag" on the M&S website using my iPad 4. It got to the "pay securely page" and all I got was a spinning cicrcle. That was last night and I assume the web site was very busy so I tried again this morning...same result. So I went through the whole procedure and lo and behold straight to the pay page paid my bill and logged off. I did notice that I was in private mode on the iPad, how I to there I don't know never heard of it! Any explanation as to why I got stuck on the spinning circle? I forgot to add that this morning the successful attempt was on my iMac
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