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  1. davyboy

    Valentine Days .

    Even my wife laughed at that.
  2. They probably couldn't care a fig if we were in or out. As far as they could see the EU was irrelevant to their lives............how many of us vote for our MEP and how many know who it is? All aboard the gravy train?
  3. davyboy

    Quaifying for a bus pass.

    I wouldn't bother. Councils can't afford to keep giving these freeloaders in free day trips out, so they will be abolished soon.
  4. As in the title: the ad is for an 8Gb "photo stick" for £23.43 which searches your computer and downloads 1000s??? of photos as a back up. Out of interest my photos take up 153Gb so it doesn't seem much of a bargain. What is so wonderful about this memory stick?
  5. I am connecting this recorder to my new TV. The manual states: The cable from the aerial plugs into the Rf in port in the back of the box. The recorder also supports loop through functionality. If you would like to receive a direct signal back into your TV connect an aerial cable to the back of the TV and the other end to the Rf out port at the back of the box. Can someone please explain what the advantage of this would be if any?
  6. davyboy

    How to clean a radiator?

    Save yourself a load of agro................buy a new one
  7. davyboy

    Fire engine leaving the station

    I nearly died of excitement!
  8. My video recorder died a death. I broke it open and extracted the hard drive and put it into a caddy. I had a load of recordings from the TV which I would like to recover. Is there any way I can transfer them to either a laptop with W XP or my i mac with High Sierra? I forgot to say that Iconnected the drive by6 USB to the laptop but nothing appeared on the screen!
  9. davyboy

    Problem with tv and iplayer

    I have moved the Humax out 3feet into the room.It connected to the TV by HDMI. Went into settings and followed the instructions I found on the net......bingo!!! Moved the box back to the stand , it is still connected to the net!! It's a bit of a faff with two remotes. So I probably get a new T V. Thanks for all your help.
  10. TM should have sent TCH to Brussels and we would have sorted this mess ages ago,
  11. davyboy

    Problem with tv and iplayer

    Humax isFVP 5000T This evening I have tried to watch a DVD. The open /close button when pressed caused the draw to open and immediately close.I suddenly remembered that When we moved here 11 years ago I had a similar problem which was solved by moving the unit off the rack shelf out into the room a couple of feet. Doing the same with the Humax has given me the set up screen. However the box won't connect to my router wirelesslyso I might have to connect using an Ethernet cable. The router is ca 30 feet from the TV! Question once the box has connected to the internet can I disconnect the cable and still retain internet connection?
  12. davyboy

    Problem with tv and iplayer

    Well I bought a Humax recorder, went through the quick setup....................nothing. The old recorder was connected to the TV by a Scart cable, the Humax through HDMI. The only HDMI on the TV had been used for Chromecast which has been playing up. Soooo it looks I shall be buying a new TV😢 Th e old DVD player is also Scart but will have to wait as I reckon I might need a soundbar.😢 How do I setup crowd funding? As my OH pointed out, one of us could have a holiday on all this and I don't think she meant me!
  13. davyboy

    Problem with tv and iplayer

    The TV is a Sony Bravia KDL 32V2000, the recorder a Sagem PVR 6280 The loft aerial cable goes into the recorder "in" , the recorder "out" goes to the TV aerial "in" and a scart lead connects the recorder to theTV. I have a Chrome cast 1 to get BBC iplayer but sometimes the connection refuses to cast which is blooming annoying. Buying a new TV and sound bar is over £800 (Sony or Panasonic) and a Humax recorder ( see post5) from £189, which is a bit of a shock since I last looked. I shall probably go for the Humax, see how it works with the old TV and then at some stage renew that and get a sound bar as well.
  14. my TV is probably 10 years old as is the recorder.Yesterday the recorder died and iplayer has vanished. To access iplayer I had chromecast and opened iplayer on AV 4. The signal to the TV went through the recorder Attempts to watch programs on the TV resulted in picture break up . Disconnecting the recorder enables me to watch Tv programmes but not catch up. My question is....1)...Should I buy a new recorder and keep the TV Or. 2). buy new TV which I assume would enable me to view catch up and record programs. Any any advice greatly received and if option 2) which TV to buy and at what cost

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