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  1. Lib Dems, if in power, could introduce a Minister for Happines. All decisions on spending and legislation will depend on how they affect peoples happiness. I await Littlejohn's "you couldn't make it up " comment. I think they are all on banned substances
  2. Hair net surely. Or is it shirley?
  3. I think that eventually the two irelands will unite just as they were in the 19th century. The protestants will eventually see sense. I had an Southern Irish Protestant colleague who said the Protestants in the south were treated exactly the same as the Catholics. If the south can elect a leader of Indian descent then unity will come.
  4. i thought you northerners were might hotter than this!!
  5. I am sick of the whole the blooming business. It has got to the point where I would shoot the lot of them and basically Ican't care a flying ....... whether we stay or whether we go.
  6. How about a tax on your weight. 20% (seems a popular figure) on every kilo over the healthy weight for your height. 20% of what I leave to you.
  7. I assumed that when my wife's iPhone 4 died she would be happy with an iPhone 6. Well learn by my mistake. Ask the other half before wasting a load of money. She wants a phone that is the size of her 6 but only makes calls and send s texts. Is there such a thing? I have an old Nokia but she says the buttons are too small. Is there a way I can get shot of all the rubbish on the 6 And turn it into a simple phone?
  8. Every now and again yahoo mail sends a code to my phone before it lets me access my e mails. It really p's me off as usually the phone is nowhere to be seen. Yesterday evening I cleared my history...... coincidence? Does anyone else get this?
  9. On our local news (meridian) there have been videos of people standing on the edge of cliffs even though there are warnings that the cliffs are crumbling and falling into the sea. Candidates for a Darwin award!
  10. tesco wrap cucumbers in tight plastic.
  11. Have you searched the net for organisations that can help?
  12. I think your sense of irony has started to go., 😉
  13. You are right. I was 17 in 1957 in a working class family living in a very nice semi council house which now sell for £360,000 (nice profit for those that could afford to buy!) In both 1952 and 1953 I had spent 6 weeks each time in hospital being dosed with expensive and newly discovered antibiotics and having operations My father had been told on the first occasion the drugs alone had cost £300. My wife has told me that just before the NHS her mother had told their GP not to pay a return visit as she couldn't afford the 2/6 (12 1/2p) charge. I was in the 6th form of a grammar school, my father had been eligible to go to one but his parents wanted him out at work. I worked Saturdays (9 to 5.30) in the local Co-op for 30/- (£1.50) but a pint of cider and mild cost 5p, fish and chips 7 1/2 p and 2miles on a bus 1/2p. You could say things were better than before the war. This is an article on Osteomyelitis, which I had, and the life saving penicillin, which I was given, injections four times a day for 4 weeks. http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/faculty/wong/BOT135/Lect21b.htm
  14. Can you find anything as stupid as this? A bloke tried to break into a local chemist, firstly via the front door then when that failed a side door. Unsuccessful he gave up. Next day he went to collect a prescription from the very same chemist where staff recognised him from the CCTV of him trying to break in.
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