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  1. You are right. I was 17 in 1957 in a working class family living in a very nice semi council house which now sell for £360,000 (nice profit for those that could afford to buy!) In both 1952 and 1953 I had spent 6 weeks each time in hospital being dosed with expensive and newly discovered antibiotics and having operations My father had been told on the first occasion the drugs alone had cost £300. My wife has told me that just before the NHS her mother had told their GP not to pay a return visit as she couldn't afford the 2/6 (12 1/2p) charge. I was in the 6th form of a grammar school, my father had been eligible to go to one but his parents wanted him out at work. I worked Saturdays (9 to 5.30) in the local Co-op for 30/- (£1.50) but a pint of cider and mild cost 5p, fish and chips 7 1/2 p and 2miles on a bus 1/2p. You could say things were better than before the war. This is an article on Osteomyelitis, which I had, and the life saving penicillin, which I was given, injections four times a day for 4 weeks. http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/faculty/wong/BOT135/Lect21b.htm
  2. Can you find anything as stupid as this? A bloke tried to break into a local chemist, firstly via the front door then when that failed a side door. Unsuccessful he gave up. Next day he went to collect a prescription from the very same chemist where staff recognised him from the CCTV of him trying to break in.
  4. Friend used an iPhone. My wife has an iPad. Friend's message was received in: text_0.txt My wife replied then received: The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Delivery incomplete. Problem delivering your message to: xxxxxxxx@mms.ee.co.uk
  5. A friend of my wife has sent her e-mails from her mobile These are picked up on my wife's e mail account on her iPad. The text is in very small letters and when my wife sends a reply, using the reply arrow, she gets a message telling her that the message could not be delivered. Why is this?
  6. I forgot I have a program called: android file transfer. I used this to transfer the music files from my computer(iMac) to the S4. I have transferred (drag and drop) one album from the mac to the S10 using this. So I shall work my way through all the files. Thank you both for your help.
  7. no, it' s that it hasn't transferred not that it won't play.
  8. I transferred all my CDs onto my Galaxy S4 phone and play them through a sound freak when working out of the house. I have now invested???? in an S10 and transferred a lotof stuff onto it. Except my music hasn't /won't. Why?
  9. How about the gravy train drivers: Bliar or the Welsh windbag.
  10. I am running Photoshop CS5 on Mavericks. Can anyone tell me how I can open photos in PS rather than Preview which is the default?
  11. is it offence to record a conversation without the knowledge of the other party? AND to publish it. Is it an an invasion of privacy?
  12. OOOH Don't forget the data protection act
  13. considering the technology available to the USA it's a remarkably poor video.
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