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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes, by going into the Apps folder I can see two message Apps with different icons. One (with 3 dots) is Samsung's the other Google's. Which one I've been using I can't say, I assumed they were just different icons of the same thing .... Messages. Having had a look on the net it seems there are many different message apps. Life is getting tooo complicated.
  2. can SKS explain this? Click on messages and the following appears Change messaging app You shall not be able to use some of Samsungs applications if you set Messages instead of Messages as your default messaging application. Setting Messages as your default messaging app may also affect your ability to send or receive messages in which case Samsung shall not be responsible or liable There is different icon with 3 dots in it which says: Messages is currently your default messaging app. Do you want to make Messages your default messaging app?
  3. This quite common in our area and judging by the number of learner drivers under instruction doing this it must be taught.
  4. this should make you smile https://www.countrylife.co.uk/nature/dormice-160215
  5. I do love how easily some SFers can be guided off topic. Well done Carosio, as good as Padders Xmas tree post
  6. Congratulation Padders I award you TROLL of 2019.
  7. I had a phone call from an "indian" woman very poor line and I said I can't make out what you are saying and rang off. 20 seconds later she rang back from a different number and asked if it was now clearer. She then tried to sell me some investments. I put the phone down.
  8. Our pillow case always contained an orange and a lump of coal (1940s/1950s). I don't suppose today's children know what coal is!
  9. Only kate rackshaw (1860 to 1890) born Gravesend 1864. From freeBMD
  10. There is a one foot wide strip of land between the public road and the public entry road to our estate, owner unknown. When I bought our house the solicitor advised taking out an insurance (£178) against the owner reappearing. This owner could hold all owners on the estate to ransom ie no access across the strip unless owners paid up Which would mean that no one could access their property. Your solicitor really should sort this out.
  11. We oldies can't see the point of all these changes every 5 minutes. If it's working don't bu..er about with it. We don't want slightly better cameras, fancy coloured cases etc. I am running High Sierra on myiMac and have had to partition the HD to run Mavericks so that I can use PS CS5 with my new (expensive)printer. I am dreading the outlay when it all goes ........up.
  12. Does anyone on the forum use Patientaccess to book appointments with their doctor's surgery? For an unknown reason I cannot log in when I'm using Safari on my iMac BUT I can if I change my browser to Firefox. This has only occurred in the last few days. Any thoughts? Problem solved!!! I can now log in using Safari. After much messing about with passwords and IDs I had look Safari and updated it from version 13 0 2 to 13 0 3. 13 0 2 was installed 14 days ago!! Also PA no longer allow the same e mail address to be used for more than one account, so my wife and I now have two login addresses.
  13. What has the Royal Shakespeare Company to do with making coffee?
  14. What type of machine are you talking about? One that uses coffee in a capsule or a caffetiere. The expensive machine that Padders has seen are probably the domestic version of the machines that are used in M&S cafes and those upmarket cafes that have sprung up in the last few years.
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