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  1. I assumed it might have overheated so turned it off at the wall, left it for 30 minutes. turned it on at the wall, pressed the router on off button and bingo!
  2. Was setting up my wife's i phone. It couldn't find our router but could detect our neighbours. The problem was that the router had turned itself off. What could be the reason(s)
  3. Well, that's amazing . Just had a look on google maps.and if that was the first question on "who wants to be a millionaire" I'd be on my way home!!!!
  4. Well, that's North from Kent Uk
  5. Don't you have barm cakes up north? look up barm cake in Wikipaeda Also: http://cookit.e2bn.org/historycookbook/1406-bread.html
  6. Unbelievable. There again perhaps not. Didn't that so called prime minister slope off for a holiday?
  7. yes the parcel was posted in the UK and had uk stamp.
  8. Thank you for your replies. I was going to contact the seller this morning but typicaly the postman has just delivered them.
  9. well, things have changed here in Kent. The tips will open this week BUT due to social distancing you will now have to apply on line for a slot enabling you to visit and to keep 6 feet apart. Now, being a bit of a cynic I am wondering that when things "get back to normal" KCC will keep the booking system but charge for the privilege.
  10. Try 192.com. There are 3 entries in south yorkshire which seem to relate to the same person.
  11. I ordered a pair of secateurs on line on 22 April. Delivery was 3- 5 days. It hasn't arrived yet although despatched. I know the post might be slow due to covid but how much longer should I give it before taking action?
  12. Er,no not all the same.No permit required. Here in our part of Kent you just go along and put your household rubbish in the correct bin.No commercial stuff allowed though.
  13. I was watching MSCN on u tube on the subject of Donald Trump. The conclusion was that he is mentally ill, is a liar , has lost unbelievable amount of money in his business dealings and has been bailed out by the Russians. His supporters are not the ignorant yokels that every one thinks but the moneyed class who are getting the tax breaks. It scared the s....out of me to think this maniac is the leader of the "free world"
  14. https://www.romfordrecorder.co.uk/news/car-seized-near-kent-from-romford-family-on-a-day-out-1-6617595 The height of stupidity.
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