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  1. my mother would send me out to the milkman for a pint of "grey day" milk it was several years before I realised what it was.
  2. My daughter has said my wife and I must self isolate for 5 days before xmas if we want to spend the day with them.That is to protect our autistic grandson. My wife couldn't take the isolation so it looks as if we will be at home, which will upset her too.
  3. I have arranged with NI to automatically buy any winnings below a certain amount. Can't remember that amount but each time I have won £25 it buys another 25 bonds. It's not worth cashing in a £25 win.
  4. she's a face like a smacked arse. said by my great gran , my mother and now me, when I was a child 70 years ago : "It's as black as noogits knocker" referring to a very dark cloudy sky. Noogit's was the way she pronounced Newgate's
  5. He is reported to have died from covid 19. How on earth did he catch it?
  6. One of our neighbours is an American from Louisiana. She supports Trump and says he his a good man!!!!
  7. Description of a yorkshireman: deep pockets and short arms
  8. Is there any web site that gives an analysis of covid 19 deaths and cases by age group?
  9. This morning my Galaxy S10 wouldn't open. I assumed I'd left it on overnight and it had run down. I put it on the charger and after a while it went into recovery mode with a load of "gibberish" on the screen. It eventually started to charge and hopefully will go back to normal. What was it recovering from??
  10. Home services.................bin man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a research chemist which I loved. No mention of science, although I could be a sexual health adviser. At least it wasn't sex worker
  11. Can someone tell tell me the consequences of just letting this virus rip through the population and allowing people take their chances, All this faffing about the Govt is getting nowhere and destroying th economy and peoples lives. Is it lockdown then easing restrictions then lockdown ad nauseum?
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