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  1. My g/daughter was ambidextrous until she was 10 or so but then wrote with her left hand BUT she holds a knife and fork as right handed. Are any of the lefties on here like that?
  2. The lady in question asked a question and made a statement. She has every right to air her views, even though you might not agree with her and find them objectionable. Why do you expect the BBC to correct (in your opinion) her racist view on the subject. QT is a discussion forum for goodness sake.
  3. Tin hat said that another bridge across the Thames would make more sense. I merely pointed out that a tunnel was planned rather than a bridge.
  4. A very long tunnel Kent to Essex is planned under the Thames from the A2 to the A13 to take the pressure off of the Dartford crossing.
  5. A sympathetic post😀
  6. You are a bit harsh on AlchResearch. I have punched the redial on my mobile ,as far as I can recall, 146 times before I got through to the surgery. My wife was using the landline at the same time with no success. A lady with an ill child redialled 120 times before she got through not on the same day as me.
  7. You have no idea. This part of Kent has fewer doctors per head of population than most of the UK. You can't just walk into a surgery and get on their list. New comers to the area have to wait for months to get the nearest surgery . You are blooming lucky mate.
  8. I use that website to order my medication. It's no good for appointments unless you know you will be ill in a months time. I have just logged on and tried to book one out of curiosity ....nearest available is the nurse on the 22nd of Feb at 10 30 for 10 minutes. Usually a doctor is available a month in advance... no choice of time or one date though.
  9. If she had been white she would have been out on her ear long ago
  10. I was charged just under £110 to repair a dimmable LED light switch. The part was billed as £30, labour £60 up to the first hour plus VAT at 20%. I think the company was Dick Turpin Enterprises. It was shock when I got the invoice!!!
  11. I have contacted the dealer and he said he will sort this out. He said that DVLA are 8 weeks behind updating their files!!
  12. In the middle oFf last November we sold my wife's old car to a dealer. She got a form after a few days from the DVLA that they had taken note that she was no longer the keeper. Yesterday she got a Penalty Charge Notice for not paying the charge at the Dartford cTunnel at the end of December going North. She has never used the crossing. Needless to say I haven't got the note from the DVLA or any paperwork about the car. SO it seems that DVLA records aren't up to date and you should keep all correspondence from them just in case it's needed in future.
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