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  1. Is there any web site that gives an analysis of covid 19 deaths and cases by age group?
  2. This morning my Galaxy S10 wouldn't open. I assumed I'd left it on overnight and it had run down. I put it on the charger and after a while it went into recovery mode with a load of "gibberish" on the screen. It eventually started to charge and hopefully will go back to normal. What was it recovering from??
  3. Home services.................bin man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was a research chemist which I loved. No mention of science, although I could be a sexual health adviser. At least it wasn't sex worker
  4. Can someone tell tell me the consequences of just letting this virus rip through the population and allowing people take their chances, All this faffing about the Govt is getting nowhere and destroying th economy and peoples lives. Is it lockdown then easing restrictions then lockdown ad nauseum?
  5. operation moon shot? moonshine, more like Moonshine= foolish talk or ideas.
  6. Manston in Thanet has a recently set up test station. The local paper reports that a lady applied for an appointment to have a test. She lives 10 minutes away from Manston. She was offered one in Edinburgh 470 miles away. Not only that, the station car park was empty each time she passed A world beating system I don't think. No doubt we shall be seeing lots of kilt wearing wee wullies in the district.
  7. your State pension is not taxed a at source so HMRC deduct it from your work pension, if as de Zeus said it's above the threshold Believe me, I know!
  8. There is a "record`" button on the remote BUT if you press it you get a message telling you that it doesn't record!! All this money was spent because my ancient recorder had failed and I thought it was time to move into the 21st century. I should have stayed in the 20th😂 It seems that Sony and Humax are incompatible. Sony doesn't have free view but its own you view Having set them both up the sound disappeared. My wife was severely fed up with the set up (and me) so I have an expensive(£200) recorder that can,I assume, record several programmes at once, sitting unconected under the TV. If you are interested there is a Sony/Humax forum which discusses the problem, which is a bit above me!!
  9. I have always had Sony TVs and I can't complain about the picture quality. The trouble with the Humax/Bravia combo almost resulted in a divorce.
  10. I bought a Sony Bravia and a Humex recorder. I can honestly say that they are both C..p The android OS on theTV is rubbish and the humax won't work properly with Sony. I've been on the net to see if there is a cure, Humax blames Sony and Sony blames Humax they just don't work together. To be honest I was happier with a non smart TV and a Chrome cast gadget £800 wasted.
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