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  1. my aunt Lily lived on this street half way down on the right, she had daughter Annette{Ann} and Cheryl. lost touch many many years ago but spent a lot of time up there when young
  2. I only remember a few names Mr Morris, Miss Hornsea, Mrs Havenhand
  3. there was also PCL Pneumatic Components Ltd. which is now the fire station and car park
  4. Some of those teachers came from Pomona street school when Greystones became a Secondary Modern, I went to Pomona so was taught by a lot of those teachers which made going up to Greystones a lot easier
  5. the bath opposite the Glossop road baths is still open but is a bit of a real ale pub it still has the same interior, all wood and tiles.
  6. the only ones left out of your list are the New Inn, The Devonshire, The Earl Grey and The Hanover Hotel which is the only one still open and trading as a pub, I was born in the area but I am at a loss at some of the names you have mentioned they don't seem at all familiar to the area
  7. I remember both these pubs and some great nights in both, as I was under age it was the place to go as the police weren't as strict as in Sheffield.
  8. Does any know these names they would be great aunts, uncles, grandfathers and great grandmothers, Jack, Robert( Bob), David, Lily, Annette, William(Bill)and Alan, Smith was the family name
  9. I also went to these schools in the late 50s- early 60s and remember all these teachers including mr Murry, mr Hughes and Mrs Havenhand. My name then was Sheila Smith
  10. that is the same David my brother ---------- Post added 14-08-2017 at 23:05 ---------- I remember you and your brother although you are a year or so older than me, you used to go to the Pomona Street youth club. I had quite a few friends that lived near the pub who also went to Greystones long lost touch though it would be nice to here from them. My name then was Sheila Smith
  11. I've just reread this post about the church, walked past it a few weeks ago it now flats shame but at least it has been renovated and not falling into ruin
  12. wasn't there some kind of frozen food place there for a while a bit like an early Iceland, I shopped there a couple of times
  13. I used to know a Stuart Savage many years ago his family lived Iseem to remember lived near the old Viners factory
  14. I seem to remember that the Truro was on the corner opposite The Royal Standard and the Montgomery was on the next corner on the same side of the road
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