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  1. I had thought this topic had run its course and haven't returned to it for a time. It was a very pleasant surprise to find further info (although, again, it poses more questions!). It was good to get confirmation about Aunty May's existence - I was sure that the back to backs weren't imagined. I would guess 'Tango' that you are bit younger than me as I don't remember Malcolm having a brother - but I wonder if you remember any coach trips for the kids? The major point of interest for me now is what happened to my Grandad (William J Browes). Nobody ever talked about the wars in the family and I never knew what had caused whatever illness he had when I visited. I often wonder if he fought in the Great War, and suffered as so many did. I expect most will have given up on this topic now - but it would be great if any one else could throw more light on Verdon Street and its residents in the 30s, 40s and fifties.
  2. Thank you again! These answer a lot of questions and pose even more!! My father is certainly the 'Arthur' mentioned above but I do not recall any other brothers living at no. 62 Verdon Street on my visits. These probably stopped around the early 50s. There was an Aunt, 'May', who lived in a back to back across the road, and I have a vague memory of a Lily. May had a son called Malcolm, I think, who was last heard of running a pub in Bakewell. He could still be alive. Strange she isn't mentioned - I wonder if she was 'inherited'? Ron, I think, lived on Low Edges at some point - I can remember Christmas Cards. I can remember talk of Fred, the younger brother, but don't remember him. The Dronfield connection is both puzzling and interesting as mum and dad lived at 7 Alexandra Road when I was born - I suspect that the '2' should have read '7' as I don't think there was a no. 2 . This might throw some light on an old photograph (one of very few) in my possession, with no info on it, but which I have always felt was taken outside no 7 Alexandra Road. Is my 80th year the time to start this research? I can't see how I can stop now! But I suspect progress may be slow!
  3. My thanks again to you all for the info. I have now to delve deeper to see if any order can be placed to the above. I am sure that the people above are my grandfather and mother but my dad is not mentioned. The Dronfield connection is interesting, as that is where I lived at birth. Why were our parents so coy about discussing their families, etc?!!!
  4. My sincere thanks to all of you for the above information. I now know where my grandparents were buried and I have a photo of 'Kynoch's". When my info is complete I will also have the ordered photo of Verdon Street to attach. I do have a great dilemma re Facebook though. Social networking has always been anathema to me but there is big temptation to pursue 'Pitsmoorians of the Past'! Thank you again.
  5. As a small boy after the war, my father used to take me to visit his parents on Verdon Street. I now remember very little about it, except hazy recollections. I can remember back to back houses, and my grandad ('Briz' Browes)sitting over the fire communicating little and being fussed over by my grandma (Elizabeth - I think). There were occasions, I'm sure, when I used to go down to Kynoch's(?) to fetch him a jug of beer. I can also remember charabanc (Kirby's?)trips to Scarborough or Cleethorpes, organised by people on the street for the kids. I had an Auntie May who lived in a back to back across the road and had a son called Malcolm whom I used to possibly play with. I have tried to find visible evidence of where they all lived, but failed to discover any old photos or documentary evidence of their existence. I just wonder if there is anyone out there who could pass on any info relating to the place time - or even people. I have reached the age where I find it sad that I know nothing about my fathers's family and would dearly love to have something to pass on to my children
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