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  1. Thank you again! These answer a lot of questions and pose even more!! My father is certainly the 'Arthur' mentioned above but I do not recall any other brothers living at no. 62 Verdon Street on my visits. These probably stopped around the early 50s. There was an Aunt, 'May', who lived in a back to back across the road, and I have a vague memory of a Lily. May had a son called Malcolm, I think, who was last heard of running a pub in Bakewell. He could still be alive. Strange she isn't mentioned - I wonder if she was 'inherited'? Ron, I think, lived on Low Edges at some point - I can remember Christmas Cards. I can remember talk of Fred, the younger brother, but don't remember him. The Dronfield connection is both puzzling and interesting as mum and dad lived at 7 Alexandra Road when I was born - I suspect that the '2' should have read '7' as I don't think there was a no. 2 . This might throw some light on an old photograph (one of very few) in my possession, with no info on it, but which I have always felt was taken outside no 7 Alexandra Road. Is my 80th year the time to start this research? I can't see how I can stop now! But I suspect progress may be slow!
  2. My thanks again to you all for the info. I have now to delve deeper to see if any order can be placed to the above. I am sure that the people above are my grandfather and mother but my dad is not mentioned. The Dronfield connection is interesting, as that is where I lived at birth. Why were our parents so coy about discussing their families, etc?!!!
  3. My sincere thanks to all of you for the above information. I now know where my grandparents were buried and I have a photo of 'Kynoch's". When my info is complete I will also have the ordered photo of Verdon Street to attach. I do have a great dilemma re Facebook though. Social networking has always been anathema to me but there is big temptation to pursue 'Pitsmoorians of the Past'! Thank you again.
  4. As a small boy after the war, my father used to take me to visit his parents on Verdon Street. I now remember very little about it, except hazy recollections. I can remember back to back houses, and my grandad ('Briz' Browes)sitting over the fire communicating little and being fussed over by my grandma (Elizabeth - I think). There were occasions, I'm sure, when I used to go down to Kynoch's(?) to fetch him a jug of beer. I can also remember charabanc (Kirby's?)trips to Scarborough or Cleethorpes, organised by people on the street for the kids. I had an Auntie May who lived in a back to back across the road and had a son called Malcolm whom I used to possibly play with. I have tried to find visible evidence of where they all lived, but failed to discover any old photos or documentary evidence of their existence. I just wonder if there is anyone out there who could pass on any info relating to the place time - or even people. I have reached the age where I find it sad that I know nothing about my fathers's family and would dearly love to have something to pass on to my children
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