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  1. Hello again Yes, that really is very sad news. I knew Joan well. She was the one who 'escorted' me on my first day at 'big school' (Tapton). I have many fond memories of her and her family. Thank you for letting me know. Regards Lynda ---------- Post added 19-08-2013 at 09:47 ---------- Hello I think I lived at 71. had some cousins who went to St Silas - name of Mullins who lived on Hodgson Street. I also vaguely remember the identical twins but not their names! Must be an age thing when the memory begins to fade... Lynda
  2. Hiya I hope you mean 'sadly the café is no longer with us'. Lynda ---------- Post added 16-08-2013 at 19:11 ---------- Yes will do Sheila - next time I see her. Hope life is treating you well. Take care. Lynda
  3. Hi John Been off site for a while. I don't remember the girls but do remember name Stuart Carnell. Hoped to have had more replies.....wonder where everyone is? ---------- Post added 06-08-2013 at 22:59 ---------- The Hoodlass I remember was Judith not Janet, unless I've got it wrong.
  4. Just come across your post. I was on reception at Fiesta in '71. There were lots of 'Linda's' including me so I was called Lulu. Do you remember me?
  5. Love to hear from you if you attended Tapton during this time. Some names I remember are Janet Priestley Linda Collins Susan Beighton Linda Wetherall Margaret Black Neil Siddons Tommy Radcliffe Judith Hoodlass Lynne & Pauline Bradshaw......... and oh so many more!
  6. Aha............ so you made it then. Well done you. Speak soon via email - got some good news!! (can you guess???????) ---------- Post added 10-07-2013 at 19:11 ---------- I also remember Richard Collier and John Savage. Seem to recall there were several John's - do you remember John Van Boolen? Take care. Lynda
  7. Susan Mullins is my cousin. Alan May made my life a misery. Real bully boy.
  8. Definitely Sheila. She had an older brother called John I think. I remember a Joan Lee also from Clarence Street. Lived next door to the café on the corner. Lynda
  9. If you provided taxis for staff I was probably one of them - so 'thanks' for the safe rides. Lynda
  10. Hiya I also remember the maypole dancing and country dancing. Even remember sitting in the hall listening to the radio and having to sing along. Mr Holdsworth was head when I went to Springfield so maybe you'd left before I got there. Cheers Lynda
  11. Hiya When were you at the Fiesta? I also wore the dreaded purple dress (at night!) For a short time I was Head Receptionist and also saw some great (and very lousy!) acts. After we finished work we used to go to another late bar for a few drinks but can't remember what it was called. Can you? Morris Naylor was resident band at the time. Ring any bells? Silly me - Morris was at Top Rank NOT Fiesta........... sorry! Lynda
  12. How I loved those Saturday mornings........... finally felt too grown up to go to the pictures and progressed to dancing instead! Seems like everyone today just wants to play blinking bingo (ha!ha!)
  13. Hello David I have no idea what happened to anyone that you mentioned though I do remember some of the names. Richard Saunders, John Crookes, Neil Siddons. I've looked at some old pics on the Tapton Web Page, but didn't see anyone there. Have you tried that site? Good luck with the search. Sheil was my best friend for years but went on to Grammar School. I've tried many times to find her but without any luck. Hope you have more success. Have you ever been to any of the reunions? I tried one years ago, but again no success. ---------- Post added 05-06-2013 at 19:53 ---------- Ah yes - Mr Philbedge. Another violent teacher who hit me once across the back of my hand with the side of ruler. I had a bruise for weeks and my dad was ready to kill him. Not quite all 'good days' eh? ---------- Post added 05-06-2013 at 19:56 ---------- Well done you on passing the 11 plus. For someone who didn't manage that I also did OK as I went on to teach English............ Hope life has continued to treat you well. Take care Lynda ---------- Post added 05-06-2013 at 19:58 ---------- I remember doing arts and crafts at the playcentre then sneaking down the stairs for a look at the 'teens' doing their thing to all the pop records. That's where I learned to jive - by watching everyone else. Still enjoy a boogie. ---------- Post added 05-06-2013 at 20:01 ---------- Hiya I remember Joan had a 'serious' boyfriend when she was at Tapton. In fact Joan 'escorted' me there on my very first day! My brother had a bit of thing with her sister Marie. Any idea where they are now?
  14. Hi Jack If you knew Mike, Bob & Susan, then you must have known Wendy. She was the youngest and started work at Rank same time I did. They still live in Sheffield but I moved away many years ago. Still get together every now and then and catch up on old times. I can well believe the story about Alan. I think everybody who ever met him will have a similar tale to tell.
  15. Quite right - I couldn't remember his first name. He also had a thing going with a girl named Deana who used to work with us. What a palarva! I was a receptionist at the Fiesta. I remember some of the names you mention from the Rank - wonder where they all are now and what everyone is doing. Can only hope that the universe has been kind to all. Take care ---------- Post added 02-06-2013 at 21:44 ---------- Quite right - I couldn't remember his first name. He also had a thing going with a girl named Deana who used to work with us. What a palarva! I was a receptionist at the Fiesta. I remember some of the names and often wonder where they all are and what they doing. Can only hope that the universe has been kind to all. Take care
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