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  1. Anybody know what Jelly Tripe was? Looking at an old picture of Myers tripe stall in the market and there's a sign saying "Jelly Tripe". Also any idea why tripe would be two prices? On the price list it's on at 61p and 65p. I wondered what the difference was. Someone has suggested bleached and unbleached, is that true?
  2. I think there is a "Dirty Stop Outs Guide to Sheffield Working Men's Clubs". I haven't seen it so can't comment but I've been told about it since my previous post.
  3. Considering how many people went on these trips and how many places ran the trips I find it a bit odd how little evidence and reminiscences there are of them, not just on here but generally. In the sixties I went on trips with The Arundel, Park & Arbourthorne, Manor St. Philip's, Upper and Lower Heeley clubs as well as Mote Hall and Steel Inn pubs. The pub trips were generally less well regarded by us punters because we got less money and the refreshments tended to be more frugal, but a trip to the seaside was a trip to the seaside. We went to Cleethorpes mainly but I remember individual trips to Scarborough, Skegness, Mablethorpe. and Hornsea. Mablethorpe was unpopular because we soon ran out of things to do in the rain and Hornsea was just pointless, there was nothing to do and we were given yucky sandwiches for lunch. I'd be interested in any resources, particularly photographs and reminiscences that I could be pointed to.
  4. Probably just rented the shop space then. I knew the other three. Thank you for looking
  5. Yes, I remember them. I hope the plans go well, keep us informed. The Facebook group Park Hill Flats (Sheffield) is run by Mick Jones who took photographs there 1969/70 and he may well be worth getting in touch with to compare notes. He has a book and an exhibition coming up at the end of the summer.
  6. Can anyone remember the name of the Polish cobbler with the shop on Cross Myrtle Road? Maybe it's in an early 70's Kelly's directory. It was something like Bueben but I'd like to know the exact spelling.
  7. I've seen your pictures before, have you ever exhibited or published them?
  8. There was a bloke by the name of Chris Firth who had a shop in the Oasis in Meadowhall in the early 2000's selling old telephones and memorabilia. He had a collection of old photo's and might be worth tracing. He was ex-Post Office Telephones. someone told me he now lived in Devon.
  9. Profumo scandal, a lad in my class got into bother for asking if Christine Keeler was a harlot. Nobody understood the teachers response.
  10. Don't remember the one on Rockingham Street but I remember Theatrical Supplies at the bottom of the Moor in the early/mid 60's. They were purveyors of stink bombs and other childish prank materials. They sold some packets of little tablets which when inserted into a cigarette were supposed to emit a cloud of snowflakes after the cig was lit. Didn't work. We sneaked one into a fag belonging to our history teacher, no snowflakes but the fumes nearly choked him. Pastilles like Jelly Tots that came in soap or hot mustard flavour were quite funny in a one hit wonder kind of way.
  11. The Groobeys lived at number 1 Larch Hill, they had a son, Gordon (Dennis to his family). They bought the house new and lived there until the late 70's.
  12. It's always been sort of accessible from the other end. I went in and photographed it in the early 90's and it was full of rubbish and overspill from the scrapyard. I assume it's been cleared as part of the current works.
  13. Richard Stefanski went to St Paul's school on Granville Road in the 60's, he would have left in 1969. I remember him working in one of the men's fashion shops on Chapel Walk, possibly Harry Fenton's.
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