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  1. craig3636

    Missing Siamese cat wincobank *home*

    Thanks all
  2. craig3636

    Missing Siamese cat wincobank *home*

    simba came through the cat flap around 2am this morning, missing 6 days. perfectly ok just a bit thinner and very vocal, thanks for taking the time to read. relieved owner
  3. craig3636

    Missing Siamese cat wincobank *home*

    24hrs and still no sign of him
  4. Siamese red point "simba" went missing last night 23/4/14 from sandstone close area of wincobank, looked all over including neighboring garages sheds etc this morning, this is totally out of character, I've no idea how to upload a pic but will update when I know how, he is mainly cream colored with a black collar on with phone number and he's microchipped. Many thanks. ---------- Post added 24-04-2014 at 11:17 ---------- Hope this link works https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9s5vzea7vcbf6i/2013-07-27%2008.41.17.jpg
  5. craig3636

    4G on 3 network at no extra cost.

    can get 4g in wincobank but only outside, also got it down penistone rd from kwikfit to shalesmoor.
  6. craig3636

    Brake pipes and connectors

    wheata motor spares on wheata rd s5 do all the bits you need, makes them up as well.
  7. craig3636

    Outokumpu smoke

    thought something was wrong,just an industrial accident with the sounds of it, glad no one got hurt.
  8. craig3636

    Outokumpu smoke

    seems to be a lot of smoke coming from the big melting shop building off shepcote lane area, a lot more than usual...............
  9. craig3636

    City centre traffic problems

    and you are allowed to use the bus lanes too, winner:thumbsup:
  10. craig3636

    Best Android Phones 2013

    shame i didn't try that before i put it on ebay, never mind, don't regret buying nexus 4 one bit
  11. craig3636

    Best Android Phones 2013

    nexus 4 for me, had enough of the glitchy galaxy s3 and poor battery life compaired to the nexus 4. it's for sale on ebay now.also the screen on the nexus 4 is brighter than the s3 outside, feels solid too.
  12. just looked on traffic cams and it looks to be blocked both directions and traffic being diverted up rutland rd out of city,traffics possibly being diverted up flora street into city.
  13. craig3636

    Galaxy S3 or HTC One X+?

    the one x+ and s3 both have a 2100mah battery.
  14. crikey, just put s1 in the postcode box and look how widespread it is.

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