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  1. The question is what the hell do we have insurance for if people can sue you years after the incident.
  2. Just received a letter saying a third party are taking proceeding against me for a traffic accident 2 years go for over £4000. The Accident at the time was deemed 50/50 and sorted out by our insurance companies. What do I need to do now.
  3. ho ho flipping ho thankyou to the scum bags who smashed my drivers window on the van nothing to steal you morons. only stole a dash cam and smashed reversing monitor. nice little £200 present i could do without. ?
  4. Most man and van do Ikea runs we do but the one in Sheffield opens in September.
  5. I use it all the time for my business would be lost with it. Linked to my phones and computers.
  6. Airy fairy 239 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4NF she has all the new age items. There also a place in broomhill near Richer sounds not sure of the name though about 3 shops up. ---------- Post added 23-03-2017 at 13:08 ---------- Is there any particular deck your after.
  7. We used to say catch a piggy by its toe. ---------- Post added 21-02-2017 at 14:19 ---------- But that could also be classed as racist. ???
  8. Table top and Christmas fair today in aid of Crisis 10.30 until 2pm Soar works Nutton Road S5 9NU Parsoncross Back of Margetson Crescent shops.
  9. Is this what your using. http://www.oldmapsonline.org/
  10. If you think thats bad try the M67 roundabout towards Motram, you queue on the M67 and get to the roundabout then some moron decides he doesn't want to queue and tries cutting in.
  11. No not that one some guy I presume in s6 using a very very similar name You don't need to be registered in Companies house as a sole trader. All to do with common decadency really.
  12. I already have but thankyou. Also bought the domain name hes using so no website with that name.
  13. Crazy sheffield road system, there are so many stupid one way systems and restrictions in sheffield.:hihi:
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