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  1. They will replace it for free if its damaged, had mine replaced for the same reason. They only charge if lost or stolen (if it's not a direct swap for the old bin).
  2. Had LEDs throughout my house now for about 5 years. Mainly dimmable Lumilife GU10s from LEDhut and they have been faultless. The only ones I've had fail are the golfball types, same manufacturer but had 6 out of 10 fail in under a year and the other 4 hum. If colour rendering is an issue that puts you off LEDs then I highly recommend the Phillips Warm Glow bulbs. They are the most halogen like LEDs I've found, they even change colour slightly as they dim just like halogens do and dim to near zero which can be an issue for some LEDs.
  3. These type of bollards are designed to stop a heavy vehicle travelling at high speed and are being fitted at at high risk locations all over the country. They have quite a substantial heavily reinforced concrete base below them so do require a bit of work. They are also currently being fitted around possible entry points to the Sheffield University Concourse. Nothing to do with cordoning off for staff parking, you've been misinformed.
  4. Do you have Googlemaps on your phone? If so type in your destination, click on directions then pick the public transport symbol and it will not only tell you what bus(es) you want but will also tell what what time they’re due and your expected arrival time. EDIT: Sorry didn’t notice this is an old thread
  5. I'm in the same situation and have been planning to cancel Virgin for a while now. I've purchased a Humax FVP5000T freeview box a while ago at a heavily discounted price when Maplins was on its last few days of trading. Only just set it up recently but seems a very capable box that also acts as a media server so recorded programs can be watched (and possibly even transferred, not tried that bit yet) on other devices on your network that have media playing capabilities.
  6. I was always lead to believe that that is what the bell is for, so you can remain seated and let the driver know your intentions to get off. Some bus companies even post signs to advising to do so.
  7. Less than six minutes. I had four in the basket then went back to add another two as my brother said he'd like some too. By the time the screen refreshed it was saying sold out. That was at 6:02 according to my phone. Ended up having to pay Tier 1 prices, gutted as I had 4 Early Bird tickets before refreshing. Previous years the Super Early Bird tickets were only available to people who had previously bought tickets and I'm sure they weren't limited in numbers, they were sold on a timescale, i.e. had to be purchased on the first day of sale (might be wrong but they certainly had enough to see out the first day of being on sale). Be interesting to know how many Early Bird tickets were actually sold. Already on Tier 2 prices now, so that's two price increases within the space of a few hours. Still a lot cheaper than what they'll sell for nearer the time though if history is anything to go by.
  8. I wonder how many people who slate the city centre actually spend much time there aside from passing through. I started taking my kids to Sheffield Centre on the bus on a Saturday and they absolutely love it and always ask when can we go again. There’s always something going on on a Saturday to entertain them. Recently had a night in Manchester for the Foo Fighters concert and although it was midweek I couldn’t believe that after 11.30pm we couldn’t find a single pub or eatery open in the Northern Quarter (the supposed place to be). If that was Sheffield and there was a high occupancy concert happening most of the pubs and eateries would take advantage and have a late licence in place. Manchester just didn’t seem interested. And as for rough sleepers, never seen so many in my life, one in almost every doorway. Sheffield has no where near the amount that I saw in Manchester.
  9. As pointed out above, a chain link extractor may be need to shorten the new chain to the correct length. It may also be necessary to remove the existing chain if it doesn't have a split link. Changing the rear sprocket may not be necessary depending on what type of bike. sprockets on rear derailleur systems tend to wear over time due to the chains constant switching between cogs. If it's a fixed speed bike then this shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  10. Ahh, but your talking about a country that also believes contraception shouldn't be allowed. ---------- Post added 27-05-2018 at 00:12 ---------- So what's your stance on this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-20321741 She didn't meet the criteria that would've allowed an abortion. Only the unborn babies life is taken into consideration, not the mother's.
  11. Brakes are pretty straight forward. More than likely just need new cables (presuming they’re not hydraulic) and maybe a bit of oil on any moving parts, a simple DIY fix. Chain again is a simple DIY job with the right tools. A chain link extractor would cost you less than what it’d cost for someone to repair it. Plenty of how-to YouTube videos to reference to if you’re stuck.
  12. It is very much the Catholic Church that forced the anti-abortion law and is also very against contraception. It’s so bad that a pregnant woman with Cancer isn’t allowed any Cancer treatment until she has gone full term. They’d rather see the mother and baby die than have an abortion that could save the mothers life. How can that be classed as “Pro Life”? Anyway it’s all set to change now, the yes vote won in Ireland and I’m sure the north will follow suit.
  13. Searched “rad tv receiver” on Google and the only thing that comes up is this thread (top 2 searches) and the rest on the first page are non English sites.
  14. One of these wil do what you want, but it’s line out so will have no volume control (more than likely the same as your previous scart adaptor). aoeyoo® HDMI to HDMI + Analog Audio Converter / Digital to Analog 3.5mm Stereo Audio Extractor https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NAJ4UM2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_c6RPAb7FAT95V And Ghozer, I have 6 TVs in my house and not one of them has a headphone socket.
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