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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a home care company (or an individual) who can do an hour or 2 a day? There's plenty of care companies on Google but any experiences of the good/ones to avoid would be appreciated. We're want to get some additional care for my mum who has dementia. She's cared for full time by my dad and they have someone who comes in twice a day to help with medication but as her condition progresses my dad's struggling to cope. Thanks
  2. HR skip hire were the cheapest when I was phoning around a couple of weeks ago. Dropped off and collected with no problems. I did wince when I saw how much they cost these days.
  3. Saw a bloke fishing near the weir at Lady's Bridge yesterday pull out a fish. Apologies I can't say what kind as my knowledge of fish extends pretty much to identifying it as a fish.
  4. Ha absolutely Wonderful. Thank you. This made me reminisce fondly about the drivel my sister used to write (and recite. at length) when she was 12. Aren't the tree huggers exactly not NIMBYS given they don't want any tree chopped down unnecessarily?
  5. It was green bin collection day on bank holiday Monday in that area and they collected despite the weather. Maybe as it's a paid service could they have been taking pics of people's bins that hadn't been put out in case they complain about a missed collection. Or something.
  6. A large white cockerel spotted this morning on Hollybank Avenue at Intake if anyone knows anyone who has an escapee. I'm not on facebook etc so unable to check if anyone has one missing.
  7. Any petrol station with a shop is unlikely to be card only. They want you in there buying your Werther's and Ginsters.
  8. You'd also need to know how many households fall in to each band. The majority of Sheffield houses might be in band A and Chelsea band E. From the figures it looks like they raise more per person in council tax than we do.
  9. It's only 5 square miles so presumably the size of Sheffield makes things more expensive.
  10. Our upstairs bay window is letting in water from above the window. We're in the S12 area. Any recommendations for someone who could come and see what needs doing and give us a quote would be much appreciated.
  11. You're lucky if you get a few seconds of green man, the one across the Wicker literally flashes on then straight back off. There's 3 or 4 between the Wicker up Derek Dooley Way and past The Riverside pub that do the same and then you get the vagary of neither red or green man but which you assume means you can cross. There's one on there that flashes green then goes back to red but for about 45 seconds so you use the sequence of the lights to judge when it's safe otherwise you're stood waiting like a lemon when you could be crossing. I'm fairly sure that can't be how it's supposed to work.
  12. And if they site the new library somewhere really inconvenient to get to, a few years down the line they can get rid of this drain on the council's resources completely by claiming footfall is down 98%. My thoughts are that 1 - it will just be a bog standard hotel not a 5 star one. That's just a shiny thing to distract us. And 2 - The £30m to make the old building fit for purpose is plucked out of someone's bum to justify the need to flog it off.
  13. I've not noticed Aldi veg being any better or worse than anywhere else (mostly compared to the co-op), but their own branded stuff is usually far superior to those of the big supermarkets. And I've had some decent stuff from the jumble sale bit in the middle, though I've never felt the need to buy an air compressor. Aldi don't have have to pay to store, stock, heat, light and order 20 varieties of baked bean etc. That's how they keep costs low. The big supermarkets can only compete by lowering quality and service. Maybe assuming people would choose low prices over service is their undoing? All that said, Aldi wouldn't know a decent loaf of bread if it beat them about the head.
  14. I'm not sure I'd call Aldi and Lidl low end, or no more so than any of the others. They just do what they do well and the others supermarkets don't seem to know how to compete other than by lowering prices so they have to cut service to pay for overheads of their larger stores. Morrisons at Meadowhead is particularly dreadful.
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