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  1. I have just re-read, after a gap of many years, "The Fly" by Kathryn Mansfield. I am still at a loss to account for the behaviour of "The Boss". The story is very short & takes only 5 or 10 minutes to read & is available on the internet for free. I wonder if any of you Eng. Lit. buffs would care to have a go at it?
  2. I remember going on a school trip to see Chipperfield's Circus in 1958. The circus tent was on Devonshire Green, so it may have been the one you saw.
  3. I've been told that the name was Dewires & that they sold an assortment of goods such furniture, crockery, watches & clothing amongst other things. There was a similar wholesalers on the Wicker called Davisons.
  4. Just been watching Wings of Mystery (1963) . Contains some interesting glimpses of old Sheffield & stars a very young Judy Geeson -unrecognisable from the late 60s dolly bird she became & non other than Arnold Ridley alias Mr Godfrey of Dad's Army fame. Both do passable northern accents.
  5. How about the late Peter Birtles? He was a classmate of mine at Carfield Junior School in the 1950s & later had an illustrious career in the steel industry finally became Managing Director at Forgemasters.
  6. I remember the Co-Op on the corner of Cliffe Field Road & Derbyshire Lane , then Oldhams sweet shop; after that I'm a bit hazy about the order the shops were but I remember Swallows newsagents, Stevensons fishmongers, Watsons grocery, Middletons chip shop, Atkins chemists & finally Wrights beer-off on the corner. At least that's how the shops were in the mid 1950s to the best of my recollection.
  7. I've run McAfee full antivirus scan & found nothing. Just noticed that McAfee's ID for my laptop is not the same as Windows 10's ID for it. Is this normal?
  8. There is a list of the shops taken from Kelly's Directory 1957 on Sheffield History Forum website. I remember a few of the shops but I have never found any Photos of them.
  9. Thanks Ghozer, It says I am in Sheffield/ Chesterfield.
  10. When I signed in to Sheffield History Forum (not to be confused with SF history & expats), I received a message saying that someone had signed in simultaneously from Woking. I have since changed my Microsoft account password but the same thing happens. Any ideas?
  11. I thought so. Did you used to periodically work your way through advice notes?
  12. I spent some time in Telephone Buildings in 1966 though I don't remember the Directories Section. What did they used to do?
  13. Thanks for the replies but the problem seems to have resolved itself somehow.
  14. It's the news stream that's the problem.
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