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  1. I have never been able to make a neat job using silicone sealant but I have successfully sealed a couple shower trays using Soudal sealing strip & Sticks Like Sh*t adhesive. I used a blob of adhesive to seal the grout lines & any other vulnerable areas.
  2. There was a mass exodus of the younger teachers in 1963 i.e. ones under 40. Those last couple of years must have been a bit dispiriting with the dwindling pupil numbers & the uninterested teaching staff. I have remembered a bit about Mrs Potter's previous history. Mrs Potter, as you may know, was the wife of Professor Potter of the Sheffield University history department. Before Mrs P. started at Brincliffe , she and the professor spent 2 years in Bonn, West Germany where the professor was some sort of cultural envoy or attache to the government there. So you can see that teaching at a small provincial grammar school like Brincliffe was a bit of a come-down after that. Still, she really didn't have to have that attitude to teaching us. As one of my fellow ex-Brincliffians once said she was, "A dreadful woman & an even worse teacher". Yes, it would be nice to see a few new names on here but there weren't that many of us to start with.
  3. Nobody was safe from Mrs Potter's scorn including pupils in the A-stream. She also gave the impression that she thought that subjects with a large factual contact eg science could be successfully studied by "any idiot". She did not get on at all well with Mr Boul as I remember. I got the impression that Mr Howson thought she was a bit ridiculous.
  4. Correction to previous post: I left Brincliffe in 1963 & Abbeydale in 1965.
  5. As I remember it, Mr Whittaker alias Hiram Holliday had been working in South Africa & was an expert in explosives prior to his arrival at Brincliffe in September 1961. So I surmise that he had no teaching experience. I don't remember our class being badly behaved during his lessons. The sad thing is he became very seriously ill shortly after starting at Brincliffe & combined with the lack of respect shown by some pupils must have made his life hard to bear. Mr Boul was, I think, a disappointed & bitter man after missing out on a post at Abbeydale Grammar. He seemed to be in a permanent bad temper & was very quick to vent his frustration on whoever annoyed him. I once made the mistake of failing to keep my notes up to date & suffered 2 very painful whacks with the slipper. Mr Kirk was not a typical teacher in my opinion. He seemed more worldly & had a natural authority which made for interesting & well ordered lessons. He did come out with some strange things occasionally eg "Hands up all of you think that black magic is possible". I left Brincliffe in 1965 & moved to Abbeydale Grammar to do A-levels. It was a real culture shock after Brincliffe . What with the high work load & the absence of girls to lighten the mood, I hated the place. By the way, what was your opinion of Mrs Potter?
  6. My Grandad used to wear one of those white coats when he was a lollipop man in the 1950s. I remember a policeman wearing a white coat & gloves at the junction where the Hole in the Road was eventually built. In the 1950s petrol was dispensed by an attendant in gallons rather than in £sd terms.
  7. I think the Congregationalist Church has been part of the United Reformed Church since the 1 970s . There is one such church on the corner of Gleadless Common & Hollinsend Road. The building looks very old.
  8. I remember Ted Brocklehurst working at a pub in Baslow (not the Devonshire Arms) in the 1980s. Bernard Shaw the ex-Blades full back was working there too. I can't remember his name but Ted's son worked as a chef at the Maynard Arms in Grindleford at one time. I believe that Ted & Norma moved to Matlock or thereabouts. Sorry to hear of Norma's passing.
  9. I don't remember seeing any Teds after about 1961, at least not anybody wearing drapes, crepes, & string ties. It wasn't before the mid 70s that I saw anyone dressed like that again. What happened to them in the meantime?
  10. I remember the Whitsuntide parades in Meersbrook Park in the mid 1950s. The banners & the thump, thump, thump of the big bass drum stand out in my memory. I don't remember getting any new clothes though. There is a scene in the film A Taste of Honey (1961} showing a real Whit parade through the streets of Manchester watched by hundreds of people. Life must have been pretty boring then to want to watch that sort of thing. Just realised how old this thread is.
  11. Interesting. No wonder it was a bit more expensive! I tried several times to make this beer from grain using yeast cultured from the yeast residue but it was always a bit disappointing. From your post, it sounds like I needed the yeast they used at Burton.
  12. Worthington White Shield disappeared from Tesco's shelves about 3 years ago. It cost about £2.20 which was slightly more expensive than other premium pale ales but in my opinion it was much more subtle & refined than any of them. I think it is still available from the BeersofEurope website at £3.69 per bottle.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I don't know about 2 star but yes, I do mean super unleaded/E5.
  14. Does anyone know of any petrol stations in South Sheffield/ Dronfield/ Chesterfield that still sell it?
  15. Couldn't the existing cables be extended by means of junction boxes? As long as the earth fault loop impedance test readings for each circuit were still ok. I cannot see that 8 metres additional length would make much difference.
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