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  1. That's because De Niro actually adopted Duvall as a kid, he was like a father to him. Duvall became De Niro's lawyer later in life, and De Niro became Brando as he got older...
  2. Has anyone tried paring on Glencoe Road recently? Due to builders' vans working on Park Hill flats, it has become a nightmare. Residents have taken to putting wheelie bins and traffic cones outside their houses to stop people parking ( I presume the builders) This means that anyone catching a train, visiting the local chemist or even friends, cannot park. I understand the frustration of the residents, but this has a knock on effect. What are the legalities to moving the cones/wheelie bins even planks, and just parking up? There are no yellow lines.
  3. Very sad if it's closed, used to have some good evenings in there.
  4. Is the Royal Standard closed? Went out Saturday night in the hope of catching a bit of live music only to find the place in darkness.
  5. Stretford.. Before that, newton Heath. Anyway, neither United won. Fair result I believe.
  6. I'm sure you did want United to win. But as they are both called United, you wouldn't want it any other way... To be honest, I must be one of the few who's two fave teams are Manchester United and Sheffield United, in that order, so the result didn't hurt me and I'm glad that both teams showed a hard fight back spirit to the rest of the premiership. But it is concerning that Manchester United took so long to wake up
  7. Exactly my point, low quality celebs have killed it. Rylan, Zoe Ball. Vanessa. It's a shame, as I used to like listening to real music. The folk hour (once a week!) has even been moved to a later slot!
  8. Is it me or has radio 2 gone seriously downhill? It seems to be becoming a very dodgy version of radio1, modern manufactured rubbish, or rap type stuff more suited for teenagers, or adults who want the street cred of their teenage kids. Half the presenters are bland, not like the days of Wogan or Evans etc. Anyone still listen to this dirge? I have it on in my car as it is probably the best signal I can get on trans Pennine drives. We still have Ken Bruce and Jeremy Vine so all not lost, and O'Grady is decent, so there's hope.. just!
  9. How much is too much? Hundreds of pounds may be considered as too much if you want to rescue an abandoned pet, but if I were selling/gifting a dog I would want to be sure the new owner was serious, so if they balk at the idea of parting with a small fee, then I would worry that they would also struggle to care for an animal. Also, these fees can go towards the upkeep of the the dogs rescue centre, so money well spent.
  10. Dropping bombs on populations is atrocious; end of.
  11. Have any of you tried the folk sessions in Fagans in Sheffield? Different nights a wealth of talent go in there.
  12. He appealed his conviction. The decision was upheld. She said it wasn't the first time. Why would she lie? He beats women, gets convicted. Why does it matter what country it was in, or what language they speak, he beats women? What is a knight of the 'realm' Honours bestowed by useless politicians. He ain't 'sir' to me. Just a sad, violent bully who hits women and gets found guilty. Make that five amigos!
  13. There are Jewish socialists (as well as other Jewish groups) in Israel who criticize the Israeli government for it's treatment and intolerance towards Palestinians. Hamas may be wrong in much the same way as the IRA were wrong; but the Israeli government, are a sovereign government; and should be above these acts of discrimination. Any form of racism is wrong. Criticising a government's policies does not make one anti Semitic. Sounds like more New Labour/conservative spin than a genuine attempt at stamping out racism.
  14. If he had racist intentions, he deserves the sack, no excuse, end of. However, if the chimp thing was a dig at the royals as circus exhibits, then no; I am sick of people swooning over these hyped up over paid no bodies every time they have a baby. The problem is the BBC will be aware of the real racism in the media at the moment, such as the unacceptable monkey chants at football matches which is aimed at demeaning black players. Therefore they have to be seen to have no tolerance, even if there is a whiff of racism. Personally I think he has been an idiot for putting himself in that position in the first place. Was he being racist? Only he knows. Is he a tool? Definitely
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