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  1. Can anyone reccomend a decent pub which sells decent food between 2pm and 5pm during the week. Anywhere in or around town. Tried Bankers draft, Queens head ( but the times have now changed) and Riverside. Anyone got anywhere as good or better? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah mate, send me a personal message if you can.
  3. As the above says, anyone interested in starting a 70's style punk covers band? Mature average rhythm guitar player with backing vocals looking for drummer & bass for fun jams. Lead vocal would add to the mix. Clash, Pistols, Buzzcocks, ( early) Rats, Gen X etc. Not looking for big egos but easy going types.
  4. Counted approx 8 police cars including firearms officers because a woman phoned police due to her dog biting her arm. They even had the helicopter overhead, thought there's been a terrorist attack! I don't know the final outcome, but there must have been 15 or more police, two with rifles and full body armour, plus the chopper, when the dog was contained safely in it's garden. Unbelievable waste of resources.
  5. Quick question. Can I go down Granville road and left onto Queens road without going into the CAZ? The map is rubbish.
  6. You obviously didn't read my comment properly, did you? I'm not "moaning as if it was the whole park shut for the day" I never said any such thing. I am saying that as it is a public space, then the public should be entitled to enjoy the event, even if they have to make a financial contribution, rather than succumb to big business. Please do not misconstru my post.
  7. Noticed big tents being set up for a private festival with titles "Sumofest23" When I asked the security guard about it, he said it's for a private festival conducted by a corporate company. I think it's a bit rich when a bog public space can be used by private business, and the public aren't allowed to get involved.
  8. Easy cure. Block the holes, smoke them out at night when there's no one about. Get a team of rat killing dogs to kill them. Do it a couple of time a year.
  9. 6.70 if I remember right. 10.30 return
  10. We went out on Saturday night. Normal fare. Came home at midnight, 2.2 miles. Charged 1 and a half the price it took to get into town When I rang City cars, after being dropped off, they said time and half weekends, after 10pm, but this was never mentioned up front, either on the phone or in the car. It isn't the price I am questioning, which I am aware has gone up anyway; it's the price plus 50%. They only used to do this at Christmas time, and you were told when you ordered your cab. Don't have a clue what these "5days holidays" are to which you are referring. So to conclude, does anyone on here use City Cars, and can, and do they just charge fare and a half without warning?
  11. We ventured out last week, first time since lock down. We were shocked that the taxi home charged 1.5 times the fare getting into town. City cars said that they charge time and a half at weekends, but this was not mentioned on the phone. Is this correct, when did they start charging time and a half without warning?
  12. Be mindful that TPE are cancelling a lot of trains at short notice due to staff shortages, so build in extra travel time. This is happening almost daily.
  13. You got both guitarists, rythm and lead?
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