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  1. mancmart


    There are Jewish socialists (as well as other Jewish groups) in Israel who criticize the Israeli government for it's treatment and intolerance towards Palestinians. Hamas may be wrong in much the same way as the IRA were wrong; but the Israeli government, are a sovereign government; and should be above these acts of discrimination. Any form of racism is wrong. Criticising a government's policies does not make one anti Semitic. Sounds like more New Labour/conservative spin than a genuine attempt at stamping out racism.
  2. mancmart

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    If he had racist intentions, he deserves the sack, no excuse, end of. However, if the chimp thing was a dig at the royals as circus exhibits, then no; I am sick of people swooning over these hyped up over paid no bodies every time they have a baby. The problem is the BBC will be aware of the real racism in the media at the moment, such as the unacceptable monkey chants at football matches which is aimed at demeaning black players. Therefore they have to be seen to have no tolerance, even if there is a whiff of racism. Personally I think he has been an idiot for putting himself in that position in the first place. Was he being racist? Only he knows. Is he a tool? Definitely
  3. Second that. Strange name but a good professional, done work for me 10/10, nice fella too.
  4. Anyone out there fancy starting a covers band, we need lead guitar and lead vocalist. Our previous guitarist had family commitments and the singer just left. Not professional level, more into friendly comradery/music making. Rehearse twice per month, influences from Pink Floyd, REM, Nirvana, Radiohead, Eagles, heck we'll even throw in an Oasis song if you like! Please no big egos or attitudes we are nice and friendly. We have rhythm guitar, drummer and bass player, Ta Mart
  5. Good luck mate. There'll be loads wanting to take you up on that
  6. mancmart

    Genesis tribute

    Good luck you guys, Gis a shout if you get gigging; would like to come and watch, Mart
  7. mancmart

    Genesis tribute

    I can verify Russell 777's credentials as a singer. Give him an audition if you want a singer.
  8. mancmart

    Trying to get my music heard

    Sadly not, I'm an old fashioned technophobe! But I am sure there's people on this forum who can give that advice. There are gadgets like boss Br stuff but I think today's computers are more versatile for such things.
  9. mancmart

    Young musician wanting adivce

    Copyright your stuff, and always bring your parents along to anything arranged on a forum. I have a daughter the same age as you (she has a twin brother who is a drummer) but she plays violin and bass. Sadly they live in Manchester but she is very musical and would make a good collaborator. Good luck, I'm sure you'll make it in time Mart
  10. mancmart

    Trying to get my music heard

    Cannot agree with other post. They don't sound the same at all, and certainly not boring. The only advice I would give is perhaps add another instrument to the mix, perhaps a violin (on the third track) or a subtle bass/piano to bring the mood out more, but I like your heartfelt style! Keep it up
  11. mancmart

    Where Can I Buy Saffron?

    Tesco or Sainsburys sell it in the spice jar section, Swartz are about £4 for a tiny amount. Maybe some world food shops may do it cheaper?
  12. mancmart

    Four dead in Darnall crash 09/11/2018

    If they get a guilty on the previous charges as well as for the tragic deaths in the road incident, are the sentences likely to be served separate or concurrent?
  13. mancmart

    Grenfell Tower effigy burning

    Glad I don't go in your pub. If families including kids burning to death is funny, then you frequent some not so pleasant places ---------- Post added 08-11-2018 at 01:22 ---------- Rightly or wrongly, Thatcher was hated by some people due to her actions in politics. What did innocent residents of a tower block do to be mocked? Not double standards at all. ---------- Post added 08-11-2018 at 01:29 ---------- So don't protect them then, they'll be fine..
  14. mancmart

    Man U, where to?

    Well you'll be waiting a long time. Who are your team? Have they achieved much? Is that why you get excited when others aren't what they were?
  15. Burnreave, Wybourn, Woodthorpe, where else? 'just lads fighting each other?' ah well that's ok then. Honorable lads, just like the Krays. Innocents are as safe as houses me old china. Until you stand up to one of them. Been there, done that. It doesn't take much for 'innocents' to get on the wrong side of these hoods, and if you can use your fists (which I was trained all my life to do) then we'll just pop you brother! Don't give me this nonsense about civilians being safe, as long as there are guns in the hands of criminals and the police are unprepared, underfunded and the courts and government do little to address this, then I don't feel safe.

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