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  1. Planner1 may be retired. Although I don't agree with everything he posts I always welcome the insight he provides - sometimes in the face of considerable criticism.
  2. Hope you can find some time to play some of the great music that the current 'vintage crop' of young Sheffield/South Yorkshire bands are making,
  3. The Pinstone Street scheme was certainly publicised in advance (two weeks I think - I started a thread when I saw it) .
  4. Indeed. And then a year or two down the line she'll probably be involved in planning or 'executing' a terrorist atrocity.
  5. If cyclists choose to/really must cycle on the pavement they should (if not at all times then certainly on approaching / passing a pedestrian) travel at no more than 3mph. People walking on pavements should not have to be aware of /make allowances for vehicles travelling at 10mph+ The scheme under discussion is still rubbish though.
  6. Wouldn't a better (albeit more expensive) solution in this case to have been to have cut into the fairly wide (and more than adequate for normal footfall) pavements thereby extending the width of the existing cycle lanes - then adding the red and white barriers to still achieve separation of cycles and motor vehicles?
  7. I genuinely hate cars and all associated congestion and (despite being of "advancing years") have never learned to drive. I have cycled a lot in the past but now lack the fitness to do so (especially in Sheffield). Overall I'm very much pro-cycling/walking/public transport and anti-car. Despite this bias I still believe that this particular scheme is a misguided (if well-intentioned) shambles which should be abandoned and reversed forthwith
  8. I always assume that those gentlemen who drive at excessive speeds (particularly in residential areas and often in cars with over-loud exhausts) are attempting in some way to compensate for shortcomings in a certain part of their anatomy. Pathetic inadequates.
  9. I've had a purple one in a drawer for ages. Not planning to go on the rob anytime soon so I'd be happy to part with it if of any interest.
  10. I understand that the tables outside the Dorothy Pax on Victoria Quays are a very popular place to enjoy a beer on these warm summer afternoons and evenings.
  11. Yes, I noticed those and thought the same. Though they do sometimes make temporary tarmac 'slopes' to assist wheelchair/pram access where dropped kerbs can't be accessed due to road works etc.
  12. That does seem a bit daft. The existing pavement there was reasonably wide so the only benefit of taking over the former bus 'lay-by' seems to be providing an opportunity for the more 'spatially aware' pedestrians to steer an even wider course away from any beggars and assorted lowlife lurking under the covered section
  13. Full update from the council:- https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/roads-pavements/changes-footpaths-highways-covid-19.html
  14. The small print states completion 2020/21 so may not be imminent.
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