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  1. I'd have hoped that most car and van drivers had at least adequate eyesight. It's obvious enough to me both from the Google image posted by Planner1 and from personal observations in the area.
  2. The green road surface immediately after the roundabout marked 'Bus Gate' in large lettering should surely give a clue to all but the most myopic of drivers too.
  3. I've seen lot of private cars proceed down Blonk Street (from the Victoria Quays/Park Square direction) through the very plainly marked bus gate over Blonk St Bridge towards Wicker. No sympathy whatsoever if these drivers get fined - why not drive via Furnival Road, Derek Dooley Way and the slip road onto Wicker instead? I really despair at times.
  4. The gentleman quoted is clearly mentally retarded/deluded and as such should be ignored by every person with a functioning brain.
  5. Never quite sure whether it's fireworks or gunfire that I've heard emanating from the Burngreave/Pitsmoor area most evenings/nights over the last couple of weeks. Has there been any religious festival during this period?
  6. If only my MP's main campaigning cause wasn't the "rights" ("yooman" or otherwise) of illegal immigrants and other assorted 'non-contributing' persons I could perhaps have opened up a correspondence along those lines with that gentleman. As it is I'd just be wasting printer ink or bandwidth. Thanks anyway.
  7. Three healthy looking young men (probably mid-late-20s) shopping together for lunch snacks in the Kelham Island Tesco Express one day earlier this week. None wore masks - I'd think it very unlikely that all three of them were exempt.
  8. Most were at West Street Live - free entry shows (and lots of interesting bands)
  9. Online doesn't really cut it though. The whole thing about live music (of any genre) is surely actually being there. I went to at least one gig on 361 of the 365 days in 2019. I'll struggle to make 150 gigs this year (live streams obviously don't count).
  10. Not sure if he's trading at present but pre-lockdown there was an outdoor stall (bags/luggage I think) on The Moor selling and fitting much cheaper than that.
  11. A couple of friends from Kent are planning to visit Sheffield and have heard that some hotels are offering free accommodation. They mentioned the Mercure Sheffield Parkway as a possibility - it sounds too good to be true but does anyone know if this is actually the case?
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