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    Please delete my account. Sick of the totalitarian moderating approach.

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  1. I encountered the same problem so stopped filling it in. Happy to resume if you can sort this "glitch" - it's an interesting topic so good luck!
  2. 10p more than he's worth.
  3. Other than for really "big stuff" like mortgages etc. then "Neither a borrower or a lender be"
  4. This. If she (correctly) has to resign then she shouldn't get a penny piece. If the council sack her then she'll inevitably leech us for every penny we've not got.
  5. Diabolical. Not in any way excusing Boris but as the architect of the rules she is clearly guilty as sin and should resign without any "compensation/pay-off" from the council taxpayers of Sheffield.
  6. I really (really) don't like places like Meadowhall and have genuinely never ever shopped there. I can however appreciate the attractions of being able to wander around without being pestered by scroungers, spiceheads and smackheads.
  7. Not a chance in Hell sadly. I don't drive (and am fortunate enough to live close enough to the "centre" - despite the unfortunate shift to The Moor). Never happy to go there after around 10am though - at least before that time the "homeless" are still spaced/spiced/zonked/stoned out in their taxpayer funded freebie accommodation so haven't yet claimed their scrounging "pitches" to beg from those that work for a living. Yes, I totally agree that Sheffield is by no means unique in being infested/afflicted by these lowlife oxygen wasters but this is my city and I despair
  8. Will never happen (sadly). Doesn't fit the agenda.
  9. Seconded - their fishcakes were great.
  10. On the basis of the look and stench of their clearly substandard greasy chips (and other associated "foodstuffs") that the Kelham Friary offload "gratis" at 11pm (having obviously been unable to sell the rubbish at their enhanced prices) on nearby pubs (Shakespeares, Bar Stewards) I would rather consume my own excrement. Horrible establishment'. I've walked out of both pubs mentioned due to the stench of their rancid "food".
  11. A very good friend of mine farted on Carlisle railway station (after a session on Jennings' Snecklifter) several years ago. People on the other main platform (four tracks away) were holding their noses and running for cover. It's been referred to as his "Armageddon Fart" ever since.
  12. My main wish would be to safely escort all the dinghies back to that lovely civilised war-free country generally known as France
  13. Good luck in visiting pubs/venues etc,. if they're not allowed to open. Indeed I'd vote for you. Ideal for processing dinghy-borne economic migrants too.
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