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  1. First Bradford is certainly significantly more expensive for comparable journeys than First Sheffield.
  2. Pedestrians have had to dodge round this sort of thing for some time - surely they've been frequently used (e.g. at the bottom of Fargate during the Christmas Market) in an attempt to mitigate any potential terrorist attacks by the usual or (in attempt to avoid censure by the "thought police") unusual suspects. Fully support your suggestion of towing parking offenders' vehicles away though (ideally at a starting fine of £1,000 not £200).
  3. Exactly. As a song (penned by a much more caring person than myself) that I love goes:- "Everybody wades through the same coloured **** But it doesn't drag everyone down"
  4. My thoughts entirely. I'm so glad I'm not "woke" or whatever the terminology is these days.
  5. I trust that Theresa Villiers has complained to Priti Patel in the strongest possible terms.
  6. I assume I'm (as if often the case) over-concerned here but I'd still welcome a categorical assurance that the whole "city of sanctuary" thing under Julie's watch hasn't led to any increase (whatsoever) in council (or policing) costs.
  7. We don't get this level of entitled whinging every time Tesco (other supermarkets are available) increases the price of bread, jam. bog roll or when pubs/coffee shops increase the price of drinks etc etc etc.. As Andy C frequently points out our local bus fares are exceptionally good value compared to similar cities. A 10/15 minute bus ride in Bradford (First) cost £2.30/£2.60 BEFORE any January price rise. For a comparable daily amount I can get unlimited travel on every bus/tram within the Sheffield city boundary. Our fares are (relatively speaking) very good value.
  8. Precisely. As with the Fitzalan Square "regeneration" why do these schemes take so excessively long? - often with very little (if any) work done on a daily basis. If you hired a builder/contractor to do a job you'd expect this to be completed in days. OK, these are clearly much bigger schemes - so weeks or months (in single figures) is probably more realistic. As it is though months and years have gone by without any sense of urgency whatsoever. Who signed (and who monitors/enforces) the contracts concerned?
  9. It seems very sensible to encourage off-vehicle purchase - hopefully saving time and reducing delays by less faffing about with payment cards as people board. . Surely very few people (other than many older pensioners - who get free bus travel anyway) don't have on-line access of some sort these days.
  10. The drivers on this route certainly seem totally incapable of following their advertised diversion between Bridgehouses Roundabout and Haymarket. Would be very interested to hear the reasons for this from any of our better informed bus driving forum members.
  11. Have done so (to First as they're the main offenders) repeatedly via Twitter. Other than a response to say they'll pass it on to the depot nothing has changed. Presumably no-one at OIive Grove is listening.
  12. Both First and Stagecoach drivers seem incapable of following advertised diversions. Due to the current works on Waingate the 7/8/8a/95/95a are advertised as being diverted from Bridgehouses roundabout via Bridge St, Millsands (calling at both stops to replace the one on Nursery Street), Bridge St, Sning Hill and Castle St to rejoin their normal route on Haymarket. There is a notice on the Nursery St/Joiner St stop advising passengers to use the stops on Millsands instead. Drivers of the vast majority of buses on these routes though seem to ignore this planned diversion and continue to run via Nursery St (then after Lady's Bridge divert via Bridge St to Snig Hill - like all the buses coming off The Wicker). I suspect that it's actually quicker to use Nursery St - but if the drivers' real life experience backs this up surely they should be feeding this back to their management to get the planned diversion via Millsands cancelled. - but in the meantime they should be running as advertised via Millsands. It's very frustrating to be stood at the Vulcan House Steel stop on Millsands only to look over the river to see a succession of buses proceeding into town along Nursery Street!
  13. Hopefully common sense will prevail (I'll not hold my breath though) and the few remaining routes (20 & 97/98 I believe) that operate via Commercial Street, Park Square and Blonk Street to reach The Wicker will be diverted via Angel St, Castle Street and Waingate.
  14. Try Bag N B - there's a participating shop only 5 minutes from the railway station. I've used it in other cities and it's always worked well. https://bagbnb.com/luggage-storage/sheffield/station/luggage-storage-train-station?dropOff=2019-11-01T11:30:28%2B00:00&pickUp=2019-11-01T17:30:28%2B00:00&bags=2
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