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  1. These chaps aren't in the pub all evening - they don't appear until c.21:00. I've still got a few years to go before I (hopefully) get a pass and only live 5 minutes walk from my local anyway but I do know people who are 'epilogue drinkers'.
  2. 09:30 is entirely logical but I've have never seen the point of the 23:00 restriction - I know quite a few more elderly gentlemen who have to leave the pub earlier than they would otherwise wish so as to catch their last "free" bus home - despite the c23:15/23:30 actual last buses frequently running empty or very close to empty.
  3. I don't know how he knows (or how the reporter knows that the mayor knows). I was merely linking the article. Here's the text anyway. "These are the four bus services that will run across South Yorkshire past 10pm after cuts hit in October These are the four bus routes that will be operating past 10pm in South Yorkshire after operators announced devastating cuts to a raft of services across the county. By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter Friday, 1st July 2022, 2:11 pm South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard said private companies did not even bid to run some routes and on others, they asked for 1,000 per cent more in resources to do so. A draft plan seen by the Local Democracy Reporting Service shows that Barnsley could have zero buses running past 7pm. But Stagecoach has indicated that services could resume in future as they are ‘now more profitable’. Just four services will be running past 10pm come October In Sheffield past 10pm, the number 8 route from Ecclesfield to Crystal Peaks will run as will the number 24 service from Woodhouse, the city centre and Bradway. The X5 service from Sheffield city centre through Waverley, Woodhouse, Swallownest, Kiveton and Dinnington will run past 10pm but not after 11pm. In Doncaster, the 50b service will be the only route to run past 10pm. This serves the town centre, Roman Ridge, Scawthorpe and Woodlands before terminating at Skellow. No buses will run past 11pm. In Rotherham, no buses will run past 10pm but the X78 service which runs from Rotherham town centre, through Conisbrough and Doncaster town centre will end for the day between 9pm and 10pm. Mayor Coppard said: “These cuts are devastating for our communities. To potentially have just four services across the county running after 10pm is so damaging to so many people. “This will hammer our night time economy and hurt workers who are employed in sectors that need buses home in the evening – affecting hospitality workers and those who work in our hospitals will be hit hard. “Boris Johnson and Grant Shapps (Transport Secretary) need to step up now and give us the power and resources to properly fund our transport system. “This managed decline has been going on since the 1980s during the devastating deregulation days and to be fair, no Government since then has stepped up to the plate and sorted this out. “Private companies are doing that private companies do, they run services for profit and for their shareholders. If they don’t see a route that’s profitable, they won’t run services on it.” Cuts begin on July 24 in Sheffield and Rotherham with further cuts in October when Covid-19 support grants come to an end."
  4. Not sure how accurate this is, but this article states that from October there will be only four routes (not buses) in South Yorkshire running after 10pm. Three of these (the 8, 24 and X5) are in Sheffield. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/these-are-the-four-bus-services-that-will-run-across-south-yorkshire-past-10pm-after-cuts-hit-in-october-3753240
  5. Thankfully. Will hopefully deter the spiceheads/general lowlife
  6. Obviously utopian, unrealistic, unachievable etc etc - but is there really a need for private cars in urban environments? I'm 63 and have never ever driven or owned such a contraption. None of my friends do either. Horrible things.
  7. Shakespeares Bar Stewards Kelham Island Tavern The Crow
  8. Load just gone off now (virtually 1am). No idea who it could be but whoever it was are clearly anti-social brain-dead morons who have no place in civilised society. Turds.
  9. I've completed it too - good luck!
  10. "Be Prepared" warning just received from Floodline. Had a (automated) phone call too. https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/target-area/123WAF970
  11. Can't vouch for it personally as I don't like the cuisine but this is the one . Chinese Kitchen 0114 270 6665 https://maps.app.goo.gl/oYwJetoEpDq2diNw7
  12. Has anybody established why there's so many links between religion and child abuse? I was brought up in the Catholic faith and sadly there's well-documented evidence of abuse (mainly by sad individuals within their clergy). We all know it's impossible to mention certain other religions that have "form" here without being "cancelled" / branded a racist - but there it is. Dogmatic adherence to religious mumbo-jumbo (of whatever persuasion) has all too often been a cover for all sorts of deviant behaviour.
  13. A long but interesting read. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/feb/10/the-death-of-the-department-store-john-lewis-coles-sheffield
  14. In reality those of us who are "not comfortable" with all the "city of sanctuary" woke speak feel slightly aggrieved at the £4.7m of taxpayers money PER DAY housing (in hotels) scrounging people. I know from personal experience how little the "welcome guests" in the Holiday Inn Express Blonk St appreciate their free board and lodge as they chuck their taxpayer subsidised take-aways in and around the Don. If you're scrounging off a country's taxpayers please at least don't add to the costs by being a brain-dead litter-lout.
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