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  1. I agree with Irene. I've never given a penny piece to any of the scrounging lowlifes and yes it does put me off visiting the city centre. Fortuitously I can get everything I need either online or from Tesco on Savile Street. Fairly easy to blank/ignore anyone begging around the store entrances there.
  2. Slighly off-topic but in these days of GM crops why hasn't someone cultivated an aroma-free cannabis plant? The stoners could then happily toke away undetected/uncriticised and the rest of us could be freed from experiencing that deeply unpleasant stench.
  3. I've encountered one or two good ones on the 30 when visiting a friend at the Hallamshire. Great drivers. One older driver seems to think it's Ok to regularly leave Commercial St 8-9 minutes early though. Totally unacceptable.
  4. Obviously appreciate (and understand) that there are complex issues in the areas concerned. Having said that the current difficulties could have been averted/mimised if:- (a) Russia hadn't illegally invaded Ukraine (b) Hamas hadn't stupidly & illegally 'done their terrorist thing' on 7th October. What you reap you sow (personal opinion of course).
  5. Fireworks are not exactly rare (or confined to early November) in Sheffield - and probably many other cities too. Seem to be intergral part of many weddings these days.
  6. Personal opinion. Most definitely not until December. Early November means that a ridiculous sixth of the year is "Christmas Time". Which is clearly bovine excrement. I love Christmas but whatever the commercial capitalists may say (and I'm "right of centre") it does NOT start in early November 🤮
  7. Not necessarily a bad thing (given that pubs are nowadays often ruined/dominated by Gob****es lacking any functional volume control) but I'd expect that any surviving licensed estalishments will be swiftly closed down due to our future rulers' attiude to alcohol. Ignoring of course that many of their "young chaps" clearly enjoy the odd (given the amount of discarded bottles/canisters) bottle of vodka to accompany their (now illegal) nitrous oxide. Each to their own I suppose - but please don't leave your abandoned bottles/canisters as litter.
  8. https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/news/4e8ad750-cadc-4dbc-8317-1dfdfa21741c TM Travel has informed us that, owing to a shortage of staff, they will be reducing some of the services they run on Saturdays only, until further notice. The affected services or journeys are: • Services 117 and M17 will not run on Saturdays from 4 November. • TM Travel journeys on service 8/8a will not run at the following times on Saturdays from 4 November: o 07.45, 16.45, 17.15, 17.45, 18.15 Crystal Peaks – Birley o 07.55, 16.55, 17.25, 17.55, 18.25 Birley – Crystal Peaks • Journeys on service 31 will not run at the following times on Saturdays from 4 November: o 16:07, 17:07, 18:07, 19:07 from Sheffield o 16:38, 17:38, 18:38, 19:38 from Loxley
  9. 'Answers on a Postcard' is the brilliant new single from upcoming young Sheffield band Minds Idle. They're well worth catching live too if you get the chance.
  10. Arrogant and 'entitled' oxygen wasters. Hope the culprits are identified and suitably punished. Bikes crushed ideally too.
  11. Ideally also advise their 'inadequate' moronic sons that 'popping'/backfiring exhausts are not in any way proof of their virility - quite the opposite in fact amd much more a symptom of the "empty vessels make the most noise" creeping brain death that is afflicting our society (for numerous and varied reasons, some of which cannot reasonably be posted on a public forum).
  12. How will the industrious Home Office employees in their Millsands offices cope without their ten minutes in every hour smoke-breaks (and dropping their fag ends etc.) on the riverside path (Estelli Parade)? Sort these slackers out Suella.
  13. Maybe not but as described entitled, arrogant, irresponsible and worthy of at least a ten year disqualification. .
  14. I've been visiting a friend on P Floor at RHH pretty much every day for the last 6 weeks. Although there's admittedly little to stop any Tom, Dick & Irene riding up and down the (painfully inadequate) lifts on a tour of the lift lobbies to their hearts' content, it's still necessary to press an intercom button to be admitted to visit someone on a ward.
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