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  1. I'm 62. I've never learned to drive and therefore never owned a car. Perfectly happy with all that. Cars are necessary to some but a luxury (and in some cases a penis extension) to many more.
  2. Well said Anna. Not that Europhile Sibon would agree but each to their own.
  3. Not even a swift stabbing? I hear they're all the rage in Sheffield these days.
  4. IF the Leopold Street/Pinstone Street route was to be reinstated would it be feasible to have a light-controlled right turn from Pinstone Street into Furnival Gate (heading onto Charter Row)? When buses used to go via Leopold Street and Pinstone Street most of the delays I encountered (on buses heading south via Moorfoot) were (when having had to turn left down Furnival Gate) they then had to negotiate Furnival Gate roundabout to double back up Furnival Gate towards Charter Row.
  5. Why would any sane person drop litter? Presumably it's mainly the young "adults" 🤣 whose Mummies still wipe their backsides after they've done "No.2". Expecting someone else to clean up after you. Same principle really.
  6. But why did they accept his booking if he's such an evil person? The issue is that his booking was accepted and then cancelled when some whiny "perpetually offended" woke snowflake registered a complaint. Roy's not someone I'd pay to watch by any stretch of the imagination, but what right do the "chattering classes" have to stop the 300+ folk who'd paid good money to watch him enjoy his how? There's a slight but possibly putrid whiff of Nazism here.
  7. You probably (innocently enough like most of us) typed some "hurty words" that offended a snowflake.
  8. https://www.ilivehere.co.uk/crime-statistics-sheffield-waterthorpe.html Probably no worse (or better) than anywhere else though.
  9. The MSM continue to peddle their manifesto that contributing ridiculous amounts to subsidise "basket case" Southern European economies was "money well spent". A bit like Foreign aid to countries rich enough to operate space programmes then. "Rejoin, Rejoin". No thanks.
  10. Spot on. Yet the wokes only take umbrage when "comedians" (I use the term loosely, he's "not my thing") take even the slightest dig/pop at their "sacred cows". I'm glad I won't be around in 20 years or so. Every single word anyone utters will undoubtedly "offend" someone then. Grow up.
  11. Seriously? Really? You really think this is OK after midnight - virtually very single night? Sleep is special to everyone (and the health benefits are well-acknowledged by professionals in that field). Fireworks after midnight are only "special" to inconsiderate law-breaking imbecilic anti-social oxygen-wasting morons. With the greatest of respect please give your head a wobble. I genuinely despair at the apologists for these criminals
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