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  1. Thanks for the update. Assume buses 51, 52, 95 etc inbound along West St will follow the same diversion (turning right into Carver St)? Also, do you know if buses from the High St/Church St (and Townhead St??) direction following the diversion and heading towards Eccleshall Rd or London Rd turn left (via Furnival Gate/Square) or right (direct to Moorfoot) where Rockingham St meets Charter Row?
  2. If it's for a small l(ish) number of A4 copies do you know anyone with a printer/scanner?
  3. The only other real option I can see would be a right turn from West St into Carver St, bear right into Wellington St, left into Rockingham St, left into Charter Row continuing into Furnival Gate (with the junction with Pinstone St being reworked into 'straight ah'ed to resume normal routes approaching Furnival Square roundabout.
  4. I'm not against pedestrianisation - far from it. Just interested and intrigued as to the impact of this scheme on the many bus routes that run via Pinstone St.
  5. Also the many buses (including 1, 11, 75/76, 97//98) that run via High St, Leopold St and Pinstone St to Furnival Gate (and the 81/82/83 that run via Bank St, Queen St and Townhead St to Leopold St and Pinstone Street). The former routes could I suppose be diverted via Arundel Gate to Furnival Gate but this wouldn't exactly improve access to the top of Fargate/Barkers Pool/Peace Gardens.
  6. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/pinstone-st-changes-active-travel/ The (as yet unspecified) bus route diversions could be interesting.
  7. The Harlequin on Nursery Street is open every day from 5-9pm with a choice of two real ales to take away. I've taken advantage of this every night since the start of the lockdown. They also offer (subject to availability - they can sell fast!) excellent home cooked pies in oven or microwave ready containers and can obtain fruit, vegetables, cooked meats and cheese at wholesale prices. Best to contact them first (by social media) rather than just turn up.
  8. The Harlequin are doing take-away draught beer at £2.00/£2.50 per pint and hope to soon offer take-away food too. Best to contact them via social media (twitter for pub or FB/Twitter for Exit 33 Brewery) to check availability and "book" a collection time (nominally between 7- 11 each evening) as the door will be closed.
  9. Kelham Island Tavern are doing take-out 1 pint and 2 pint cartons. 50p off per pint for take-out. Also 50p off take-out cans and bottles.
  10. Indeed. Surely any current trials/sentencing is a subject that people are allowed to have their own opinions on and may wish to discuss (subject to forum rules blah blah blah).
  11. The people involved with Cafe Totem will be running the live music events in the basement venue at Sidney + Matilda, 46 Sidney Street, Rivelin Works, Sheffield, S1 4RH (only five minutes walk away) From the Sidney & Matilda Facebook page:- "Our life evolves! As we near completion of our basement/ former paper store @sidneyandmatilda we are delighted to welcome @cafetotem whom will lead Live programming for the space, expect fresh regional and national Artists gracing our very own sub-level stage at Sidney & Matilda. All info re gigs, events and as ever exhibitions will be on our socials and emailer. All welcome, we look forward to welcoming you to Sidney & Matilda at Rivelin Works very soon!"
  12. Most users are (sadly) all too well aware that the Thought Police have ruined this forum with their 'woke' approach to diverging views on various issues that people wish to discuss. It's absolutely no surprise that people drift away and traffic is down. I've had several warnings so tend to just browse as a guest these days. Shame.
  13. First Bradford is certainly significantly more expensive for comparable journeys than First Sheffield.
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