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  1. Absolutely. All those who want public toilets on every street corner 24/7 please offer to pay a voluntary council tax levy to finance said provision.
  2. All part of the Liberal/See The Best In Everyone (even irredeemable violent scumbags like this "person") attitudes sadly so prevalent today.
  3. Unfortunately those locals affluent enough to own cars don't give a whotsit about those who rely on buses. Parking within six feet of their front door minimises the distance they have to waddle their not inconsiderable posteriors and that's all that matters.
  4. Walk/taxi/adjust to whatever restricted bus services survive/move home. Not trying to be flippant but no-one can automatically expect general taxation to provide for their every transport need (wherever they live) where these .services cannot be provided on a commercial basis. I don't drive (and at my age certainly have no wish to learn) and I'm less and less good at walking up hills. I'm starting to rely on buses for short trips I would have walked two years ago. If those buses are cut I'll have to revert to walking or pay for taxis (partly financed by the £64.90 I pay every 28 days for a Citywide ticket). I wouldn't expect others to pay more in taxes to subsidise my transport needs
  5. Excellent and informative post - many thanks!
  6. Unless I've missed it there doesn't seem to have been a reply to the question as to the time this occurred. I know a crime's a crime (and I'd cut the culprit's thieving hands off whatever the response) but it's surely of general interest re the safety (or otherwise) of the area in question.
  7. I see it more as despair on the part of those of us who were brought up to respect other people (even if you didn't actually like them) at the behaviour of those bottom feeders who clearly have no respect for anyone, their property, or their right to enjoy peace and quiet at home.
  8. Thieving oxygen wasting scumbag lowlife. Rancid despicable apologies for humans crawling out from under the stones where they reside to deprive decent folk who work for a living of the tools of their trade/possessions purchased through honest wages/salary. Absolutely worthless ****houses.
  9. Indeed. We really ought to be grateful that these subhuman thieving scumbags live amongst us and thereby add variety and interest to our daily lives.
  10. Indeed. The Honourable Member was out and about in Sheffield tonight.
  11. 4 cars generally more than adequate in my experience. 2 cars very much less so.
  12. They're quite good at moving diggers in an d out of the work site during the daytime just when there's five buses approaching in each direction. The work at Fitzalan Square certainly seems to be being dragged out far in excess of any sort of reasonable time frame (unless of course there's technical issues found with the sub surface utilities infrastructure that no-one's prepared to place in the public domain).
  13. What music do Maid Of Vale play (and it would also be helpful to know where this establishment is located)?
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