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  1. I was told that the rapeseed pollen is rather heavy and rarely travels more than a few meters from the plant, but there are lots of other plants that release their pollen at the same time as rapeseed and they travel a lot further. So, according to the guy who told me, (a former farmer), it's actually other plants that you might be reacting to. Wikipedia almost backs this up. In which case it could be anything.
  2. If half the energy spent complaining about Sheffield went into making it better then we probably wouldn't be in this mess.
  3. I visited the warehouse of these in attercliffe about 5 years ago http://www.ltasheffield.co.uk/ I got two of these in blue in lovely condition for £80 each http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leap-Office-Chair-Green-Ergonomic-chair-by-Steelcase-400-Plus-available-/331296967862?pt=UK_BOI_Office_Equipment_Supplies_Office_Furniture_ET&hash=item4d22d68cb6 Still in daily use.
  4. The "They" in my statement is meant to be "rules against photography in public". What I mean is, since you can't abuse someone by taking a photograph, a rule that stops photography is not stopping abuse. And stopping abuse is where the focus should be.
  5. I can't stand no photo rules. Not a bit They don't save a single child from abuse. They make us parents start fearing things that are way out of proportion to the risk. They stop parents from saving a cherished memory, yet there is probably a CCTV camera that captured it and we have no idea who looks at those. It makes us more likely to be suspicious of each other, which may prevent people striking up conversations and building relationships, which are the basis of civilisation. Much more abuse has been stopped by people who know each other spotting something wrong, so anything that works against social cohesion is a danger to children. So in short I would go so far as to say that the current way of thinking about poolside photography or playground photography, or school nativity photography, is so backwards that it actually endangers children more than protects them.
  6. Yes. We did. But even that didn't stir them into life. The period passed with it ignored and my solicitor went for a final push before the next legal step as he was surprised they had not responded. This eventually lead to receiving a price.
  7. Currently waiting for their solicitors to get on the case First asked for a price in nov2011 and got the price in mid sep 2012. They requested a non refundable deposit which left my account 6 weeks ago but still waiting. Im hoping it will all be done by Christmas.
  8. I'm back in work, and I've turned on the webcam again, I've also posted the last image it captured before I had to turn it off and go home. http://www.artumi.com/river/ For those who missed the earlier post, this is a webcam of the river sheaf. It will only be on for a few hours today.
  9. Perhaps the webcam is misleading. It's about 2 ft below the concrete barrier on which the railing is standing.
  10. I've put together a web cam of the sheaf outside my office. http://www.artumi.com/river/ If you want to look see.
  11. Go to petrolprices.com to find cheapest fuel... It says waitrose is cheapest diesel within 20 miles of sheffield centre at 136.9
  12. Sorry OP, I don't know any private tutors. But when my 2 year old grows up a little more I'll be introducing him to http://www.khanacademy.org/ It really is very good indeed.
  13. Although tech related, this is mostly relevant: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/10/your_cv/ Many of the comments will be useful, but there are a lot of them
  14. I hate to put a dampener on people, but you need to be careful when searching for your own company on google. If you regularly visit your own website and search for it in google, it will realise that, for you, you are usually looking for your site. Often your site appears higher for you than it does for others because of this. Check you've logged out when searching. Logged in for a particular term I'm #10, logged out, #51
  15. If you get something off the shelf then you get what everybody else gets. In a lot of cases that is fine. But if you then want to do something special, like a loyalty scheme, or link in with another service (facebook, twitter, mailchimp, a helpdesk) and the off-the-shelf version doesn't have that feature then you may have to start again. However the off the shelf stuff may have some features that effectively tie you in should you want to change platform. Also some off the shelf solutions would end up more expensive over 5 years than a custom built site as the hosting for the off the shelf stuff is harder. Also, if you are one customer of 10,000 and you have a problem you aren't going to get the customer service of a company that has maybe only 100 customers. There are technical things you would want to know about, like SEO, and how many domains are on the server hosting your site. Taking one of the links from above love2print.co.uk I popped their IP address ( into this tool: http://www.domaintools.com/research/reverse-ip/ And I discovered that love2print.co.uk shares it's server with 284 other websites. If one of those other 284 websites is hacked into, or is a resource hog, then love2print.co.uk is affected. I have seen servers which host over 1000 domains. Also if security is a big deal, then you will want to research about any security break ins on the platform of your choice. Wordpress is good insofar as you will be able to find out about all the problems it has had over the years, other off-the-shelf solutions may simply cover up any problems as the website owner and the off-the-shelf provider both have an interest in keeping such information to themselves. Obviously some of these issues are important for some companies and less so for others, if you are a startup and want to get going with the minimum of outlay then you are going to need to go down the cheapest route while you get your business established. If however you are going to be investing thousands in setting up your business and you will be using your website to sell goods then you probably need to invest more heavily on the website side of things. Web designers and developers are paid well for their work. £500 is probably no more than two or three days work around here. Having said that you may well find a new business who needs the work and can offer some very good prices. I hope some of that helps.
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