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  1. feline01

    Photocopying Firth Park

    O thank you. I was told it had closed!! Makes life a lot easier ---------- Post added 17-06-2018 at 09:44 ---------- Thanks for the link too!
  2. Hello, As the title says...can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in or near Firth Park where I can do some photocoping? I know the Library used to do it but I understand it isn't there/open now? Many thanks
  3. feline01

    Any RWBY Fans Out There

    Hi, Just to let any RWBY fans know that RWBY Volume 3 will be showing in Manchester on Wednesday October 19th at the Odeon Cinema. Please see link below. Needing a minimum of 31 bookings in order for this to go ahead. Deadline for bookings is Sunday 9th October... Thanks https://uk.tugg.com/events/rwby-volume-3-d8_x
  4. Hello.. Can anyone recommend a registered driving instructor who has experience of teaching students with AS? Sheffiel 6 area... Thank you in advance
  5. feline01

    RWBY Volume 1 Odeon Cinema Sheffield

    Yes, lets hope a few more people book but at least its going ahead .
  6. feline01

    RWBY Volume 1 Odeon Cinema Sheffield

    Pleased to say this is going ahead...I know someone who is going to be very happy
  7. Any Rwby Fans.... Just to let you know that RWBY Volume 1 will be showing at The Odeon Cinema on April 27th between 6:30PM and 8:30PM however a deadline is set for booking tickets by April 17th at 6:30PM. For further details and booking refer to the link below https://www.tugg.com/events/95240
  8. feline01

    Funky rock singer wanted

    Have sent you a PM Cheers
  9. feline01

    Wedding dresses - all dress talk here!

    New York Bride at Eckington.... I cant recemmend them enough... Check out their website, just google the name.
  10. To whoever the owner is of the black cat that was run over and killed in the High Matlock Avenue area of Stannington. My husband found your puss last night around 11.30pm in the road whilst walking our dogs. He laid your cat on the pavement near the junction of High Matlock Avenue and Little Matlock Gardens. Sorry for your'e loss, if its any consolation your'e puss won't have suffered. x
  11. feline01

    Suggestions for Dinner/Disco Party Nights

    Thanks for the reply. . . Do you have any idea what sort of entertainment they normally have? Thanks
  12. feline01

    Suggestions for Dinner/Disco Party Nights

    Thank you both for the suggestions.x
  13. feline01

    Suggestions for Dinner/Disco Party Nights

    Thanks gadgit for the suggestion. . . .It's probably a bit far out for us but that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. . . .just needs to be nearer S6 or central! Most of the places I've looked either don't have their bookings dispalyed yet for September or as in the case of the Garrison it's something that I'm not that bothered about! Thanks again:)
  14. feline01

    Suggestions for Dinner/Disco Party Nights

    Still looking. . . .Any more suggestions please. . .x

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