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  1. You could volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust - you get to walk someone's dog whenever you want and it helps out an elderly/terminally ill person ...
  2. Just had a bright green parrot/parakeet on our birdfeeder in Norton Lees!
  3. Aww - it's great to hear people are looking out for hedgehogs. I haven't seen one for years and would love to have them in the garden!
  4. Brilliant - thank you! I shall try that now! ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 17:10 ---------- Tried sorting it out by phone - they need me to go into an Apple store ... Meadowhall. No idea when I'll get time to do that ...
  5. No the screen is completely bust so impossible to see what's going on with it. It rang a few times last night but we couldn't even work out how to answer it. Husband's going to try the SIM card in his work phone today to see what's on there if we can locate the owner. Someone might have reported it as stolen.
  6. Found an iPhone in S8. It's been runover so the screen is smashed. PM me if you've lost one and tell me the case colour. Trying to report it to the police on 101 - phone is just ringing and ringing!
  7. Thanks for your replies - sounds like we're fairly surrounded by the stuff! It's definitely this that's causing the headaches - in fact I could smell that distinctive smell from our back garden last night after posting this. Nothing today though as the temperature has dropped (no headache, no smell). I don't get any other pollen related symptoms (hayfever etc), and I'm certain the headaches are related to oilseed rape, though philyyy - you have a good point - I really ought to drink more!
  8. Oilseed rape crops - you know those vast fields of yellow flowers at this time of year ... does anyone know any near the south side of Sheffield? The reason I'm asking is I'm getting the sort of persistent headaches which I normally get when near these crops, but I'm in S8 and working in S2 and don't think I pass any fields of this on my way to work each day! I'm just wondering whether it's happening when the wind is blowing in a certain direction. It's been driving me mad today!
  9. Thanks Chez2. I think I may have found someone to come in and help with this - I'll find out tomorrow if it's a success! It's really a 'real person' I need - it would be hard to ring a helpline as I don't know enough about where I've gone wrong to explain it! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!
  10. No point in going into a lengthy description here, but if you're familiar with doing salaries in Quickbooks software, and are willing to help out a struggling newbie please message me!!! It's not general training I'm after, but someone who can sit down with me and help me sort out where I've gone wrong! I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you!
  11. Hi I'm after a few bits of scrap glass - I do stained glass and my husband wants to have a go at it, but he'll need to practice cutting on scrap glass before I let him loose with the pretty stuff! I'm in S8 so would prefer to collect from someone locally. Thank you
  12. I volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust which helps elderly or terminally ill people keep their pets by helping out the dog-walking, vet visits etc. I got matched with a lovely lady and have been walking her cocker spaniel for nearly 2 years now. It's very flexible as to how frequently and how long you do the walks for, but I suppose it's more likely to put you into contact with individual dogs rather than a selection. Their website is here: http://www.cinnamon.org.uk/ Message me if you'd like any further info.
  13. Thanks Midgecat & Katkin - some good advice there. Luckily my cat is very much a housecat too - she does go outside (usually to follow me into the garden or for the odd 10 minutes now and then), so hopefully she won't do a runner. I definitely like the idea of a gate - that would give her somewhere to escape to should the need arise.
  14. Hi I've got an 11 year old cat who I've had from being a kitten. I currently dog-walk for a lovely lady through The Cinnamon Trust. We've had a lot of discussions about what might happen to her dog if anything happens to her, and we are both keen for me to have him. Next week, the owner has got an appointment and might be out for several hours, so she's suggested bringing the dog to my house to start the introductions. He's a very friendly dog and when we've encountered a cat on our walks, he just wants to have a sniff and be friends (he's like that with humans and dogs as well!). My cat hasn't had any contact with dogs before. Any advice?! I really want this to work out for lots of reasons! Thanks!
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