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    How I dearly wish I was not here.
  1. mediumfast

    New drinking dens!

    Could easily be both I suppose or maybe the person who told me about Stokes paint got her wires crossed.
  2. mediumfast

    New drinking dens!

    Stokes Tiles or Stokes paint shop on Abbeydale Rd ? Which I'm informed will be a bar soon,maybe both.
  3. mediumfast

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    Yes mobile oven once week on Fridays.
  4. mediumfast

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    From March 23rd they are going to be at The Cross Scythes on Derbyshire Lane
  5. mediumfast

    Cricket bat advice

    I would concur.
  6. mediumfast

    R.I.P Mark E Smith

    When I'm dead and gone My vibrations will live on In vibes on vinyl through the years People will dance to my waves. Psykick dancehall Poignant I hate the guts of Shakin Stevens For what he has done The massacre of "Blue Christmas" On him I'd like to land one on. Ludd gang Still creases me up!
  7. mediumfast

    R.I.P Mark E Smith

    Mark E Smith-This nations saving grace.
  8. mediumfast

    Who reads exposed or now then mag ?

    For crying out loud!
  9. Saw him at City Hall twice in the Eighties amazing show but one of the shows me and a mate skipped school for the afternoon to see if we could get his autograph when he got off coach and sadly he was really arrogant and pushed us out of the way,his band were really embarrassed and couldn't have been nicer to us as a result somewhere at my mothers I have a copy of Modern Girl signed by Bob Kulick etc but not Mr Loaf. If I could have seen any band in there heyday it would have been The New York Dolls
  10. mediumfast

    Three Tuns, Dronfield..

    Recovering alcoholics?
  11. mediumfast

    Who reads exposed or now then mag ?

    I feel really stupid giving a genuine answer to what I foolishly thought was a genuine question ?
  12. mediumfast

    West Brom legend Cyrille Regis dies

    A true legend to proper football fans RIP Big C.
  13. mediumfast

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Three Billboards .........9/10 Sad,dark,funny and superb.
  14. mediumfast

    Who reads exposed or now then mag ?

    I read them usually in The White Lion or Bungalows and Bears.
  15. mediumfast

    Porter Brook - I never saw it.

    Its been there ages up towards roundabout near Spar ,can't recall what it was before though.

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