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  1. Underdeveloped, not for much longer. Things are a changin`. The hype city's money running out, Sheffield the place to be.
  2. Most afternoons as you pass through you`ll see alcys boozing in open spaces. Strange area Woodhouse.
  3. Manchester is far more unsafe, there are far more drugs around there too. More poverty as all figures support for a city with the same population as Sheffield and Leeds.
  4. Top Cat. You are talking nonsense and you know it. ---------- Post added 03-09-2018 at 22:07 ---------- I`m not bothered either way Then go rambling on and on yet again, reallyyyyyy. ---------- Post added 03-09-2018 at 22:11 ---------- I think it's just sloppy journalism Quite right, the standard has never been so low. Then again the phrase dumbing down has been around many many years, nay decades now and tis true on all levels. ---------- Post added 03-09-2018 at 22:13 ---------- Sheffield always came out really well on these type of so called surveys.
  5. Rent and rates set by the greedy brigade. Housing policy in this country is crazy. We now have a generation who pay an obscene percentage of their wages on either a mortgage or rent. ---------- Post added 21-08-2018 at 21:28 ---------- My nephew pays £550 per month rent and only earns £1200 p/m. Result is next to no disposable income.
  6. Bargain Booze use to have a slogan, it was even on the side of their lorries. Lowering the price of booze to improve the quality of your life. I kid you not.
  7. You ever listened to any of the Politically correct top cops lately? Jeeesus, no faith in them at all.
  8. Odd place, loads of ratty faced scruffy looking youths.
  9. After careful consideration i believe he is now a good fit for Sheffield. Trump has also banned him from the States, that`s petty.
  10. Oh the Trump redneck, he`s a rufflin` a few feathers again ain`t he, yee hawww ---------- Post added 01-08-2018 at 20:10 ---------- He says Europe does love its immigrants, slow suicide. What does he know.
  11. Hopefully Sheffield has not given up. The city is the same size if not bigger than Manchester and Leeds. We should be doing much better, much better, that is a fact. The blame always seems to point in the direction of our local authority. I`m still unsure how much blame they should shoulder. More important than ever these days to be a regional media centre.
  12. Oh dear, the r word raises its ugly head as always. Stakes are too high now, think i`ll fold.
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