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  1. Great place - here's the list for this month https://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/guide/?s=M and July list is up as well. Note "More films and times are added each Monday for the following Friday to Thursday - please check back then"
  2. We have broadband through Zen. My wife and I both work in IT and would often both be on Zoom/Teams/Meetings etc with no problems. 66MBS average download and 17 MBS upload.
  3. I've been living in Chapeltown since 2002 in the same house. It's got an Asda and a mix of smaller Sainsbury, co-op etc and a Lidl opening sometime this year (in construction now). My daughter went to primary in a High Green school and had a few friends of various races but neither are the most racially diverse areas of Sheffield. The people I worked with who said they thought Chapeltown was a bit rough said thing like "I drove through it and there were some young guys in hoodies". That's not rough, you'll see the same in any of the Uni areas. There's a gym here https://www.placesleisure.org/centres/thorncliffe-health-and-leisure-centre/ The train is fast into Sheffield but used to be packed coming out at peak time. I used to park and ride the tram from Meadowhall when I worked in the centre. I lived on a small Scottish island, Glasgow, Portsmouth, Fareham for years at a time and Chap is pretty quiet compared to them.
  4. Also great for cleaning microwaves. Mix with water and nuke until boiling then leave for a few minutes.
  5. The Harder They Fall 9/10 One of the best action movies I've seen for a while, brilliant casting, awesome cinematography and soundtrack. 1 point lost for sometimes spending too much time showing how beautifully the scenes are set and shot.
  6. If you're on your laptop, save the images from your email onto your laptop, then you can drag/drop them onto the FB webpage, especially the "add photo" popup. Assuming FB hasn't changed its bloody design since last week.
  7. Grammar school? I know my daughter's schools have taught her to make a pretty good tomato soup, a pasta sauce, and other decent food as part of the curriculum. She started in KS2 but I don't remember when she stopped, certainly before choosing her GCSEs. She's 17 now as well. eta: I'm pretty sure she learned to use a frying pan but we taught her at home as well.
  8. A social worker I knew years back (1980?) told me about being at a basic cookery class in Barlinnie Prison Glasgow. One guy who'd been in and out a few times had just been taught how to make an omelette. He was standing for several minutes in total shock looking between the eggshells and the omelette he'd just made, brain blowing fuses. He'd never once seen food made in his life. As a kid his mum just fed him sandwiches. Then he moved out and ate in cafes with interludes of prison meals. That's how unprepared some people are for life. As I recall this scheme of teaching basic life skills really helped lower reoffending rates.
  9. I see Elton John has bought his pet rabbit an exercise wheel. It's a little fit bunny
  10. I asked my girlfriend if I was the only one she'd been with. She said yes, the others were nines and tens.
  11. One warning - check for proprietary "help" software. I spent a good while with my kid's Lenovo Yoga migrating to an SSD, finally solved all the problems mirroring the software, booted fine, all good. Rebooted one more time and some Lenovo assistant software fired up and "fixed" the system the same way dropping your soap in a prison shower fixes your piles. At that point my wife and kid redecorated my room with 12 rolls of rubber wallpaper and a nice jacket with sleeves that tie round the back.
  12. I use Plex.tv to stream my movie collection and it has some decent free content and lots of rubbish
  13. Alternatives? On a computer VLC video player can use srt subtitle files from places like opensubtitle.org. Also you can install the plex server on a pc and the Plex client on a smart TV and that has subtitle support. However it can be real hit and miss finding a subtitle file with all the timings correct. eta: Handbrake lets you do add subtitle files. https://bunnystudio.com/blog/handbrake-subtitles-a-complete-guide-for-first-time-users/
  14. Yeah I found the Crucial memory compatibility tool works well. https://uk.crucial.com/store/systemscanner
  15. I have a Fritz! mesh network and it works great. Previously used Powerline adaptors which worked quite well. Restrictions are, only works on the same ring which, apparently, can be an issue on larger or older houses, Don't play well with UPS plugs. I had a couple of plug through ones that worked well. Similar to these https://www.amazon.co.uk/TL-PA4010PKIT-Passthrough-Powerline-Configuration-Required/dp/B01G5Q9E0O/ref=sr_1_4?_encoding=UTF8&c=ts&keywords=Powerline+Network+Adapters&qid=1636724375&s=computers&sr=1-4&ts_id=430576031
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