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  1. My eyesight may not be what it used to be, but I still manage to read the news on the BBC website. I'm horrified to see that over 70 workers on a farm in the Midlands have tested positive for CowVD.
  2. Try https://availability.samknows.com/broadband/broadband_checker Caveat: there and on the Openreach website I watched for 3 years as my exchange went from "assessing" to just before "accepting orders" where it stuck for 2 years then crashed back to assessing. Openreach just ignored my emails.
  3. Powerline systems apparently don't play well with UPSs etc. I use plug through models like https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01G5Q9E0O
  4. Agreed. I've seen a few Amazon reviews complaining about this with SanDisk SSDs with "no-fuss" packaging.
  5. It's normal. The 6 digit code is to unlock your ipad so you can use it. The ipad then has lots of background stuff that talks to Apple for you like linking my ipad and my iphone. I'm guessing you may not have set up an apple id yet, as I recall it's optional but it's a good id. Do it once, save the password and it won't bother you often.
  6. My go-to site for Excel is https://www.mrexcel.com/ I used to use excel a lot but because of my background I found it easier to write my own functions than use complicated formulas. From the toolbar, record a macro then stop so you have an empty macro. I called mine howScary and assigned it key control-h. Those options appear when you start to record. Then view macros and select edit. Delete the code there and insert This covers 2 case of Certainty and Negligible and assigns 3rd column based on the 2nd column. I hope it makes sense. Happy to answer questions
  7. To add to what Lex said - some people have been scammed over landlines. They call you, tell there's a problem and ask you to phone your bank. You hang up but they don't and play a dial tone down the line. You think you've called your bank but you're still on the same conversation. As regards the code from the bank it's hard to say as different banks use different systems. HSBC you use a keypad, Coventry you have a little card where you look up a grid.
  8. If you like chicken Asda keep having good deals on chicken thighs - tastiest bit of the bird. Then try this recipe https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/colonelmerrettsbucke_91985 The chicken stock makes a niced risotto for next day. Don't skimp on patting it dry.
  9. Anyone used Johnathan Cosgrove Landscapes? Got good review on rated people website but I don't know how relaible that is. https://www.ratedpeople.com/profile/johnathan-cosgrove-landscapes/
  10. Sam Lovatt at Dearne plumbing. He came out first for us for a couple of very small jobs (toilet cistern valve etc) and that's why we waited for him to be available to replace the en suite. Nice guy too. If you look back through you'll see he's recommended many times. 07909 842848
  11. Hit the windows key and in the search type "charmap". A dialog will popup that lets you pick any (and I mean any) character you like. Plus what Ghozer said.
  12. Sitting waiting at the doctors I asked the man sat opposite me what he was in for. "I have really bad piles" was his reply. "Ah", I said, "Is that why you're sitting on that bean bag?" "Look again", he said. --------------- A good thing about being dyslexic is that if you don't like S&M you can always take it back. ----------------------- Little girl gets lost in Tesco's, security guard asks her 'what's your mum like?' Little girl replies 'Big cocks and vodka'. ------------------------ I phoned the Weak Bladder Helpline about my problem. It's 1p a minute. ------------------------ After my prostate exam, the doctor left and the nurse came in. As she closed the door, she whispered three words no man wants to hear, "Who was that?" -------------------- Caught my wife going through the neighbours bins. She's not nosey. Just really bad at parking ------------- “Where do you want this massive roll of bubble wrap?” I asked my boss. “Just pop it in the corner,” he said. Great fun , It took me three hours. --------------------------- A man goes into the doctor with a lettuce sticking out of his arse "That looks nasty", says the doctor "Well", says the man "that's just the tip of the iceberg"
  13. Woman in a jewellers admiring a big diamond ring. As she leans down for a closer look a little fart slips out, hoping no one notices she asks "how much is that one?" The jeweller says "Madam if you farted when you looked at it, you will **** yourself when you hear the price".
  14. I'll join the ranks of those recommending Sam at DDPS http://www.ddps.biz/ He fixed stuff for us that previous plumbers said they couldn't do. ---------- Post added 01-09-2018 at 13:01 ---------- We need a patio outback - recommendations please? Nothing too elaborate really, just levelling the ground and some slabs.
  15. Oisoi has some great food. My wife isn't a tofu fan but loves their homemade tofu, silky as anything. It's a mixture of Asian cuisines. Their kimchee is very good. The black fungus and asparagus salad starter is crispy and delicious. Have a look at their website http://oisoi.co.uk/ Dim Sum in London Road is quite old-fashioned but it's very authentic cantonese food. What my Cantonese ex-in-laws used to eat at home and I ate in HK. Ask if they have gai lan (Chinese Broccoli) on and have it with garlic. Often they have shellfish specials (scallops and razor clams) which are delicious.
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