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  1. Any recommendations what can plant in winter on alotment other than winter onions?
  2. Anyone know what has occured this evening Middlewood area. I saw 2 police cars and an ambulance opposite Stockarth Lane - Langett Rd South tonight at 2230hrs on the way home from work,
  3. if you pm me i can give you details of who we use umiumi
  4. Anyone know of any classes being run this Autumn/Winter in Sheffield or Rotherham? If so, details appreciated
  5. Thanks for reply, not heard of alotments office, have you contact details for them please.
  6. We are thinking of having a bee hive on our alotment and wondered if anyone has experience of this and any tips re: this i.e. training and risk assessing Also, anyone got one for sale second hand?
  7. Hi there, you can have less but they charge the same. Very pleased with it ---------- Post added 12-08-2018 at 23:27 ---------- sorry for late response, not been on here in a while
  8. Thanks for the update Groose, glad no one hurt. Just seen photos, its well bad:sad:
  9. Just heard there was a serious fire at Nicholson's newsagents, bottom of Church Street Oughtibridge yesterday afternoon. Anyone know anything more? Just hope no one was injured:shocked:
  10. Reply to Bilge. Not aware that La Gondola still does kareoke. Some years ago when it was under other ownership it did. Pretty sure it doesnt do now:)
  11. Any horse manure. We are an allotment at Oughtibridge and would need it delivered, we are prepared to pay. ---------- Post added 11-03-2018 at 17:23 ---------- Just received a contact for delivery of manure - its a farm nr Grenoside - Kathryn Smyth. A couple of ton is £60 with delivery. PM me if you want tel number. We are hoping to have some delivered in 10 days time so will be better able to say if good value for money or not then:clap:
  12. La Gondola , Carver Sreet is reasonably priced and fair choice of meals. It caters very well for big groups, had my 50th birthday meal there 22 in the party and no complaints, good service, decent food. BB's in town is delicious food and have a wide choice of options on the menu, friendly staff. You can take your own alcohol too which saves on the cost. I also like Marco at Milano, its quite pricey but lovely food. You have to leave a deposit to book for Saturday nights though, let them down and you lose your deposit on bank card, think its £20.
  13. Our current fave is Front Room Hillsboro. They have some unusual options as well as traditional curries. Food is well presented, delicious and service is excellent. Rajiput at Commonside used to do a nice lemon curry and you take your own alcohol which can cut down on cost. Prithiraj on Ecclesall Rd is good too
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