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  1. Political/Philisophical Discuission..?! On a slightly different tip to the politics section (although I do think there could be an easier way of structuring posts so that you them grouped for ease of access). Does anyone know of a discussion group like the "Political Cafe" or "Cafe Scientifique" along political/philisophical lines set up anywhere in Sheffield? I'd really like to meet some people who would like to discuss issues/events in a bar/cafe environment. Different opinions and levels of knowledge but between people who want to share and explore ideas would be great, and I was wondering if anyone knows of such a group or would be up for starting one?
  2. Thanks for the replies-I appreciate it. I was thinking the Walnut Club but wanted to check-hope I dont find out you work there! Cheers Tom
  3. Its my girlfriends birthday soon and I have been looking for a restaurant that does good vege food in Sheffield, as she is vege. I am after a restaurant rather than a cafe feel and have seen a few online but wondered if anyone can suggest any gems out there....? Im not after budget food but a nice atmosphere and good food...any suggestions welcome! Cheers
  4. Really think as many people as poss should head up to Scotland, and don`t normally use net to ask stuff like this but wanted to know which groups are organising trips up there? Sheffield anti-war I guess, just wanted details and that. A website preferably. Don`t really mean to start a debate never really used this before, just group of us were wondering what our options in Sheff are.Cheers
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