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  1. Dogs will be used to sniff out any drugs that the football fans may be carrying & West Ham who were playing at Bramhall Lane have a well known holing element the ICF so the police will be well aware of them.
  2. A couple of years ago I was fishing at the back of the wicker & a guy was fishing further up just past the Blonk Street bridge & he had a big trout on spinner maybe 5 or 6 lbs.
  3. I thought that the old pub was just extended to make the pub larger & was still in the same place as it always was? I used to play pool for the Tea Pot when Keith Pawson was the landlord & what a great landlord he was, I heard he had passed away a while ago.
  4. Wow, I knew Everton & his brother Clinton they lived on Malton Street they were older than me & I am surprised that I have not heard about Everton's sad passing. He would be in his mid sixties im guessing?
  5. Hello, a good mate of mine runs a walking football thing if you are still interested ?
  6. Hello nojwan I thought I had replied to your post a few weeks ago by PM but it must not have gone through, yes I am still interested in playing.
  7. Just seen this post, I am a squash player & I am looking for more games I live in the s20 Mosborough area & I play at Davys sports club on Prince of Wales Road in Darnall Sheffield, I can play most days including weekends. I am a average player & I am no Nick Matthew but will give 100% on court.
  8. I don't think the station is so bad & is very informative on local issues as well as good for local travel. The sports coverage is very good & I admit some of the presenters are run of the mill but they have to contend with cutbacks etc so your not going to get the Ken Bruce, Chris Evans standards on local stations plus you always have the added bonus of the buttons on the radio to either re-tune or just turn off.
  9. We sometimes were taken to football in the "Big yellow taxi" as I played football for Bartons when Ron owned & the team manger was Keith merrill.
  10. Bradleys ponds at Ridgeway is very near to you check them out on facebook Geer Lane, Ridgeway, Sheffield, S12 3YH, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  11. Yes he was the Welsh ogre ! Small but a big temper !
  12. What that when Paul Carr was playing for the East House in the old Sheffield & District league that eventually became the Meadowhall Sunday league?
  13. I remember all the above teachers, Harry Dowson with his gruff voice ordering you up to his room, Stan Francis with his very thin cane, Frank Baggot was a top bloke, Mr Hague was a funny one though & if I remember correctly he had some sort of scaring on his face which looked similar to a scold scar, Anthony Greenaway the metalwork teacher was my form teacher & I had many a spat with him & so did my Dad. Barry Parker who taught drama & English was a top man along with Dave Walker & Mr Fleming, Viv Owens was my year tutor & I am sure that she & Dave Walker were at it ! Anthony Bullivant the head teacher was a funny one & I had a big to do with him as me & my school pal Brian Scott were in trouble as usual & Brain went in 1st & came out rubbing his arse & he said "He's given me 6 of the best on my arse the *******" so I went into his office & he said "Marshall bend over that chair" I replied "there's no way that you are going to cane me on the arse" he then gave me 6 of the best on each hand ! Happy days
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