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  1. Mine's been off for the last 45mins, but thanks for the ever so helpful answer. Bit **** that a bit of rain makes it fall over.
  2. Same, I gave up replying as people usually just want to pick holes or try to belittle you. It's a shame, but that's the internet for you. I'll go back to lurking and not posting me thinks.
  3. A quote taken out of context does not mean I am adding fuel to the fire. Quote the whole statement without modifying it with a full stop and that would become apparent. I won't be losing sleep over the incident, however it might serve as a gentle reminder should the person concerned read this topic to look over their shoulder and consider the environment they are in before committing to any action. That was all that was intended, If I had put that without a back story the request would be simply meaningless, and non substantiated.
  4. There was a chap this morning by Catch Bar Lane coming out of Butterworths who tapped on an Audi drivers window to say what I can only imagine to be that he was so close to the curb the guy couldn't put his bike there. To me this was the cyclist just being a idiot. He walked out of the shop with said bike, and his intention was to place it in the road so he could ride off. Fair enough, but when traffic has already arrived without the cyclist being in the road, but inside the building, how are they meant to cater for such occurrences? The driver couldn't exactly get out, pick his car up and place it down a foot away from the curb could he. Furthermore, the cyclist then decided he would place his bike right behind the Audi, lights turned green and he wasn't ready to set off, so the car in front of me had to navigate around him. It was then my turn to set off and the cyclist veered out into the middle of my lane (going left on to Catch Bar Lane) with no warning, and then proceeded to cross the junction going straight on, again with no indication of intent. Had I of been an impatient person in morning rush hour I could have quite easily taken him off his bike and put him in hospital for a number of weeks through no intentional fault of my own. If he is reading this then please, think your actions through before committing to them. I don't advocate a Cars VS Cyclist approach, but there needs to be a degree of common sense involved in being in control of a vehicle. This was just to highlight a point that cyclists are as prone to stupidity as car drivers. I do both and have seen equally stupid maneuvers from both the cyclist point of view and a drivers.
  5. I can do a full system scan using the tool they use at the dealership called VAGCOM if you wish (however you'll have to pm me as I do it in my own time and that's in short supply at the moment), which "might" be able to give a better indication of what is going on. I will hasten to add I am not a business/tuner/auto-electrician etc just an enthusiast who doesn't like to pay dealer prices for them plugging in a cable and reading an ECU log. What year is the Audi? Knowing this would dictate either PD or CR systems on the vehicle. Depending on type an air leak/fuel leak could cause the problem, but (again depending on fuel system type) it might not be noticeable if it is at the high pressure end (such high pressure that fuel vapourises and not noticeable to human eye). Personally I would look at the system between the fuel lift pump and injector rail (if CR) or injectors (if PD) as if the system doesn't reach pressure it will not pump simply put and so shuts off the engine.
  6. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of or can recommend a structural engineer I can approach just to have a discussion with them. We've recently brought a house and would like to discuss an extension with them in regards to foundations etc. Your help is appreciated.
  7. Perhaps could have been worded better. Oh well. So more messing around with it this weekend leads me to believe that the soil pipe leading to the vertical stack is partially blocked. I'm intending on buying an toilet auger to see if it is a blockage in the bog itself, but it seems unlikely as they flush as per normal. The water does go brown with some little bits in over time as I had it suggested to me to put some caustic soda down the toilet to clear the blockage, it has done something to loosen the blockage because the water didn't get go brown previously but still not completely solved. So I think the question now is, how much and how easy is it to stick a high pressure hose down the bog and try to blast this infernal blockage out of my soil system?
  8. Can anyone help please? I've got an issue with a single bathroom in our house, mainly that it smells of sewers over time. I've checked all traps, etc and there are no immediate blockages in the system. I've lifted manhole cover where soil leaves property and got the missus to flush the toilets upstairs. The flow is noticeably slow through the drain. I've tried plunging the toilet concerned but I don't think it's had much effect. The waste pipe is single stack internal, venting in the loft space ( I will be going up there tomorrow once I have a ladder ) with a tile vent. I'm not sure if it is fitted with a one way vent or not. I'm thinking the stack is either partially blocked or the tube which the toilets flush in to has blocked just before it goes vertical. Basically, if I want to rod the drain how can I go about it? Do I put drain rods down from the toilet? Up from the man hole? Alternatively, what about pressure blasting the system? can any local companies give me a quote?
  9. No a Landlord cannot come in to the house without 24 hours notice, and your agreement. As a tenant you are entitled to quiet enjoyment of your home right up until the tenancy expires, and you could by all rights, refuse entry until your tenancy is up. The Landlord has no rights to force entry into the property without a court order, having issued you a section 21 notice before hand, or if you overstayed the tenancy agreement. However, it is common to agree defined times and days that you will allow people to view in order to maintain a amicable relationship should you need a reference later on down the line. Edit: I've just realised I've basically said what Daddycool said, but at least this is a re-enforcement of this fact.
  10. Really OP, do you honestly expect any better from this forum than members soon beginning to turn on you and call you names and or a liar? Pretty much every thread ends this way. You sold a car as seen, caveat emptor, sold is sold. If they really think they have a case then they will take it up with a solicitor and you shall receive a summons in due course. Forget about it and move on.
  11. Very good Roast, plenty of veg, great views, polite staff, and generally a nice place to be. Plus just down the road is the village green where you can go down and watch the cricket afterwards.
  12. More than likely a coolant temp sensor, common occurance on these. You can get them from Euro Car Parts for about £10, and they are not difficult to fit if your b/f / Dad is reasonably handy with some spanners.
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