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  1. Won’t be this week as I’m packing ready to move probably be best looking at next month hectic times and all that jazz. If anything changes and I see an opportunity to let my hair down I’ll drop you a PM
  2. Howdie, I did indeed post this a while ago haha but I didn’t get any hits from it. We can definitely look at sorting something out soon I’m just in the process of moving house So let me know where abouts you are and what days you can do. Weekends are usually best for myself as I don’t finish work until 6 during the week. If there is a place open in the week that late then could look at that also.
  3. Hiya, I'm looking for a squash partner. I've not played the sport in a very long time but the other day I found mine and my dads squash rackets and thought I need to play again. So I'm looking for a partner to play with once a week twice a week what ever tickles the fancy at the time. I'm 26 male live in North Anston work in the city so traveling isn't an issue I am by far no Olympic champion. Win loose what ever its abit of fun and to hopefully get back into the sport. Male or female partners anyone interested message me. Many thanks :)
  4. Ladies and Gents upon reading all your comments and having spoken to a few of you, i see there are some great ideas. the use of force will not be needed as a few people being there is enough to put someone off. I am of military back ground and I will be working really close with the farm and with the police to ensure these break ins can be stopped I don't want to see fences around the farm, it wont be a community farm then it will just become a zoo.... if you will like to help the farm come forward with your name and contact details and lets stop these degenerates from destroying something that others have worked hard to build. back in 94 me and my brother helped on the farm every time we came to visit my grandma and granddad. some jackass burnt it down. there will be no repeat of that i can assure you. Instead of using words people its time for us to act and act quickly if you want to help then come forward lets see who will stand out to go out of their way to do something for the community. The ball is in your court folks. SD sorry it took me awhile to get back to your pm been really busy.
  5. aye aha its been a good day went to matlock on the bike this morning great run out apart from my fan giving up on the way back so bike was over heating but to come back to a race like that all round good weekend
  6. ahaha my mate who lives up the road from me sent me a text saying he could hear shouting from my house when he walked past :s aha
  7. Marc Marquez what a guy he is definatly one to watch this year, good to see rossi back, Cal Crutchlow this could be a very very good year for him. awesome race i got very giddy hope the rest are like this.
  8. i know but actually getting one from santander is like trying to get water to turn to wine
  9. i know a few places but are they safe and not going to charge me well over the odds for getting a loan
  10. hi everyone, im trying to get a loan to get a new motor bike, my bank are very very hard to get a loan from so im wondering if anyone knows of any other places i could get a loan from iv seen tescos do one but how safe are they.......
  11. cheers warrior8 iv been doing some ready today and it dont look good but thanks everyone for your help and advice
  12. by taking it higher i am aloud to appeal against the out come which im going to do i dont think its fair he get 12 weeks for stealing a 2500grand bike which took me ages to build up and alot of my money. as im sure the people who have given me support and advice im sure you have somthing to share on this matter now.
  13. as you can imagin i am outraged by this and i will be taking it higher as i dont think it is fair as he is only getting a slap on the wrist, the police have also said there are some floors in the justice system, i think they really need to sort them out.
  14. little up date for you all the guy who stole my bike appeared in court on the 17th feb 2012 and he got 12 weeks imprisonment (thats all) there for no compensation for me as the courts decided he wouldnt be able to pay the value of the bike.
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