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  1. The river at Eckington has burst its banks - avoid the area if you can
  2. Hi everyone who has already posted So, I'm a 40 "something" female and haven't played squash for over 20 years. I can't even remember the rules of the game! But the other day I started looking for places I could maybe go to have a game / people to play with. I can't promise you a "good" game but I'll do my best. I came on here tonight just to see if anyone had written a post like this.... Be great if we could sort something out
  3. Yes, it's the same place 🙂 It still has its moments but I put in a wireless buzzer for those moments. Mostly it's ok though 🙂 Helps being fitted the right way round. Let me know what you think and find price wise. Can't afford a fortune. A real shame I'm even needing to consider it
  4. Hi I rent out a working space to different people. However, I am starting to have concerns that people may be accessing the building when they shouldn't be (only those with a key can get in). I think I have two options - one is CCTV, the other is that to gain, alongside the key, people either have a key fob or an individual code to put in a key pad. I can find things that do the latter but I want to be able to access the information of who has been in and when - and that's the bit that seems to be missing. I'm struggling to find such a system (that isn't installed by a professional company and so costs a fortune). Does anyone know of such a system? I hope this makes sense Thanks!
  5. Just seen this on the TV. This is just awful. Thinking of all those involved. Those poor kids :-(
  6. I'm a children's / youth counsellor. I would go along with what other people say. The trouble is the that the waiting list for CAMHS is so high that people's problems have to be really really bad to get any help quickly. In my experience, when a young person is saying they need help they need it then - not in a years time. I'd agree to go for Door 43 / Interchange. There are also places online where your friend's daughter could get free online counselling from a qualifed counsellor. Try looking up The Mix - who are very good. You might want to look up a site called Counselling Directory if you are wanting to find a paid counsellor for your daughter. Make sure the person is fully qualified and a member of professional organisation like BACP or UKCP. Also make sure that the person is specifically trained or has experience of young people's counselling - not just adult counselling. There are a couple of places in Sheffield that specialise in just working with this age group. Last but not least, the most important thing is to find someone who your friend's daughter "clicks" with - as that will make all the difference. Hope this helps
  7. Just finished watching The Staircase series on Netflix. A true-life documentary following the trial of Michael Peterson for murdering his wife who he claims fell down the stairs. I had heard of the case but the series is excellent in that you find your (or I did) sympathy change or at least be very challenged. I couldn't stand the bloke at first and don't think I'll ever be a fan but, see what you think...
  8. I saw an incredible plane that, having looked on Google, I think was a Dakota. However, it doesn’t quite fit with the timings. It was about 1.50pm and I was driving south on the M1, towards Woodall services. It came from Lincoln direction, the literally followed the south direction of the m1 before banking right towards Chatsworth. It looped round there and then came back. The plane was so low but was breathtaking. There was a Dakota due over Chesterfield Canal at 2.15pm I think. I wonder if anyone there knows if it was early. Otherwise i’m Starting to wonder if I saw a ghost plane!
  9. Aw thanks carosio - it means a lot that someone remembers him. I think he was quite high up (looking at his CV anyway). Yes he had grey hair and may well have had a moustache at that time. I was born at about the time he left Bedfords and all I remembered was that he worked at Gordon Tools. It was only last night that I found out he was only at Gordon Tools for about 5 years but at Bedfords for nearly 20 years. Thanks for saying you remember him :-)
  10. Just wondering if anyone remembers my dad - Ted Brown - or Edwin Brown was his proper name. I think he worked his way up the ladder (though not sure it was a very big ladder). He started in 1957 as a Production Control Manager, then was Production Director. He left in 1974. I'm just going through some of his old things. He has a really nice reference from J.A Wade. Hoping someone remembers him....
  11. Hi jamie Yes, I know about the three professionals agreeing - but having seen people being sectioned, I know that this isn't as big a task as it may sound (I've seen it down in about ten minutes via phone calls in one case). The situation is dire and disgusting. Through this I've found out that there are only 20 beds (hospital) for all of Sheffield for people with dementia. I have also discovered that even Nursing Homes that say they will take on a dementia patient who has been sectioned will only do so after they have had one of those beds. So just think what a "bottle neck" there must be. So you have some people who are simply not caring for their own needs, refusing help (often too proud) who will only receive help if they are "forced" into care. Alongside those people you have others who have become violent or at imminent risk of harm. But only one way and one place for all of them to move to getting proper care as all the nursing home and care homes I've approached will not admit people against their will - even if they don't have "capacity."
  12. Yes, it's awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. My local MP, local Councillors and the Carers Centre have all been involved (and have all been very supportive).But still we're in this situation :-(
  13. Yes. She was accessed by a psychiatrist who went away to "fill in the paperwork" and I was assured that she would be admitted somewhere by Friday (i.e. yesterday). I have pushed and pushed but feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.
  14. HI. I'm looking for some information about what the NHS is legally obliged to provide. My mum has severe dementia. Her condition has deteriorated significantly. Last week her carers rang Social Services and spoke to the Duty Team to say she was unsafe at home. There are various people involved so I won't go into too much detail. She was basically "left" all weekend. On Tuesday a psychiatrist assessed her and said she needed to be admitted under the Mental Health Act (i.e. sectioned). I was promised she be given a bed by the end of this week. It's not happened. She is a real danger to herself and you never know when something is going to happen (i.e. wandering in the night, walking in the middle of busy roads). We are now on our second weekend with no real promise of anything happening even next week. I asked if she could be admitted to general mental health ward. No - they don't take dementia patients. Could she be treated out of area. No - not our policy. No nursing / care home will apparently take her because she can be violent and has this "section." So my question is, do the NHS or Social Services have a duty to provide a bed for someone who has been deemed unsafe at home? Any suggestions would be really helpful as I am fighting so hard for my mum and need any knowledge people have got. Thanks in advance
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