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  1. Pete foster reporting in for duty wheres the reunion what pub what time and do they have real ale
  2. I have fond memories of Veronica snowball who ran the food side anyone remember her
  3. The new format of Sheffield forum is absolutely terrible, what were they thinking. The classified section looks as though it's been abandoned by everyone judging by the ammount of ads .bring back the old format
  4. Not sure of it's decline over the past 20 years. Are you serious I would have thought it was blatantly obvious
  5. I suggest you look at the masses outside the old Bailey today
  6. Needed tommy robinson there on the podium to let the people know what really is happening in the inner cities. Not what the press want us to know.best of luck for tommorow the masses are rooting for you
  7. Get an insight into the future take a walk round darnall or burngreave
  8. Can't remember his first name but his surname was pickering
  9. Try walking through broomhall burngreave or darnall at night see how safe you feel then .I remember a time when sheffielders came from Yorkshire
  10. Take time out to have a walk round pagehall and Darnall and a few council estates that will give you an idea of what to expect
  11. zakes i beg to differ the fiery fred at darnall was websters brewery not home ales
  12. Would your grandmother be my auntie lily fenn married to my uncle archie
  13. Everywhere I go I see men in flipflops Could someone explain to me WHY
  14. As a general rule of thumb i would avoid anywhere with a postcode that begins with S
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