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  1. Hi, The picture shown is Burtons, with the Astoria ballroom on the upper floor.
  2. I hope the thief who has taken our garden lights, hanging bskets, plants,planters and bird feeder takes as much care as the the 80 year old pensioners he's stolen from, all we are left with is the mess, destruction and heartache he has caused.
  3. He was in the weighbridge where you clocked in and out.
  4. My Dad worked in the weighbridge, George Lee he received a gold watch for 25 years wervice.
  5. ###########Richmond road off Handsworth top The road surface is disgusting ,The amount of traffic and the speed of which they travel is frightening and causes the retirement flats to vibrate.
  6. I attended N D 68 years ago: Had to catch a tram into the city and a bus up to oakbrook and woe betide you if you were late, I was a prefect in St. Joesphs house, I woe green prefects badge. ---------- Post added 24-09-2014 at 15:52 ---------- Hazel, I must have been in your class, Judy trapped my finger in the door of the salle, I had to ring the bell when sister Marie was on her way up the staircase and Judy had to stand at the door and make the pupils in the salle quiet, I kidded her on that sister was on the way, everyone was silent, then when she really was on her way, she slammed the door with my finger in it and me, ringing the bell like mad. Her punishment was to go with me to the hospital.
  7. it means showing yourself up, either in what you are wearing or the crowd you want to knock about with etc.,
  8. I remember the Dupreys they lived opposite me on St.Lawrence Road, they had a son and daughter. I think their names were Werner and Lillian.
  9. My kindle has gone berserk and only shows half a page. Has anyone had the same problem and if so how did you get it sorted?
  10. Ask your grndad if he remembers George Lee he worked in the weighbridge office, during the war he had a concert party all employees of Tnsley Wire and they used to go round works canteens. They called it workers playtime.
  11. my watch had stopped, thinking I needed a new battery I went to a jewellers in the new market, the lady assistant took it off me and murmured something, took out an eye glass and looked at it closely for several seconds, smiled at me and said " You don,t need a new battery love, the winder was out that's all" Now she could have put a battery in my watch and I wouldn,t have been any the wiser, but I can guarantee she will have my custom in the future.
  12. didn't they sell pianos in the Sheffield store
  13. As kids we called it dead mans hollow and were told a postman fell off his bike and died there but perhaps that was just to scare us as It was out of bounds.
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