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  1. I think they should knock down the airport and build a joint super stadium for United and Wednesday to share, with parking facilities (just like at the ground Reading). The Airport has good motorway/ road links in and out etc. Because at the moment United and Wednesdays ground are in bad location for parking etc. If AC Milan and Inter Milan can share a ground why can't United and Wednesday? xxxxx
  2. I like guys with dark hair. Ooowwww Mediterranean looking guys always get me going!!! xxxx
  3. Hello, There's a Charity clothes bin, (it's near all the other recycling bins in the car park) at Morrisons in Ecclesfield and Asda in Chapeltown. xxx
  4. Hi Senora, Why don't you volunteer for the Special Constabulary (they assist the regular police), that way you can gain the experience you want / need and it's a foot in the Policing door. xxxx
  5. Hi OasisMark, I went to St Mary's High Green 1989 - 1994 and then to Notre Dame in 1994 - 1999 and you had to be Catholic then. xxx
  6. St Mary's RC High Green 1989 - 1994 Notre Dame High School, 1994-1999.
  7. I agree with princessL bit rough but wicked music, also it always seems to be full of young girls. xxx
  8. Hi MissGobby, Try in Sports Soccer, they seem to sell stuff for all kinds of sports, so they might have fishing stuff. Happy hunting. xxx
  9. Hi KitKat, try this website http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/ for ideal UK locations. xxxx
  10. Nothing wrong with looking at a bit of Adult Porn, but as Halibut says probably not for every day consumption. xxx
  11. Women: are they good drivers? the simple answer is YES. I'm a fantastic driver. xxx
  12. At work today we're doing a 2 minute silence at 12pm to remember the innocent people who lost their lives. xxx
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