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  1. Hi everyone I have organised a reunion for, Brightside, Alfred Rd, Hadfield, and Hartly Brook Schoo., and Attercliffe. It's at Shiregreen WMC on Saturday the 30th of September. 7/30pm
  2. On the 30th of September I have organised a reunion for guys n gals from Brightside area. Hadfield House Lane, and Hartly Brook school all welcome, also Attercliffe folks. It's at Shiregreen Wmc on the 30th ofSeptember from 7 30pm onwards. Entertainment is on, but singers can join in. Look forward to seeing you all.
  3. Well Bob Megson you certainly are a blast from the past, I havent seen you since we were teenagers. You used to come down Alfred Rd with, Alan Ellis, Terry Morgan, and John Curton, who sadle died a few years ago. Then when Central opened it was bopping, but I think you danced with my sister Pat. She married Malc Foster, ( Fonny ).Earlier this year I was in contact with Glenn Pickard who came to the Attercliffe reunion at Attercliffe Liberal although Glenn couldn't really remember me.My maiden name was O'mahoney and everyone thaught that we were twins, but definitely not. There is another reunion later this year, but I dont know when. Hope when you get you thinking cap on you just might remember us. Regards Linda Goddard......
  4. You were a great help thank you very much, I really hope John will be there with friends Glenn is trying to get in touch with. It seems they were both popular at school, but I remember them from from Immanuel youth club. Going to be fun recognising one another, Glenn mentioned name tags so we'll wait and see. Thanks again. Linda.
  5. Hi john, I have sent your update to Glenn. Linda.
  6. Thank you for getting in touch John, I will email Glen later this evening. He will be pleased I have managed to find you. We all go back so many years. Regards Linda. ---------- Post added 02-02-2015 at 19:03 ---------- Evening John, I have emailed Glenn and as promised I gave him your phone nomber. He asked me if I could send your Email address, if you don't mind letting me have have it. Or I can give you Glenns, it is, glennepickard@hotmail.com. Hope you both enjoy reminiscing, it would be great if you could join Glennat the reunion. Linda.
  7. Thank you. My home number is 01142453566 if they need to get in touch.
  8. John and Glenn Pickard were best mates through school, and maybe after. Glen went tolive in London when he was 18yrs. There is an Attercliffe reunion and Glen is over from Miami for it. In 2009 I put something on SF about cliff lads and I put their names on. And that's how Glen found me.I replied to his message, and Glenn asked if I any information as he would maybe meet up when he's in Sheff for this reunion on the 14th of March. I don't know John Rawson, but maybe Glenn does. If it would help I can email and ask. Maybe John wil remember Jayne M'Cormick she was Glenns girlfriend, and I was a friend of Jaynes. I live in Ecclesfield and if it helps I wil let Johnhave myhome number. Regards Linda ---------- Post added 26-01-2015 at 00:06 ---------- Glenn is coming over for the reunion on the 14th of March, hope yo wil be there too. I think I have found someone who knows him, and she says he worked t a car sales. She has also mentionef John Rawson. So I might be on a winner, I'll let you know. Linda x ---------- Post added 26-01-2015 at 00:12 ---------- Hi again I have just had a message fron Pete Longley, he's emailed Glenn on occasion, and says he hasn't seen Johnfor maybe 30yrs. Also he mentioned John Rawson. My reasons for trying to find John are genuine. Linda.
  9. Thank you. I look forward to reply, fingers crossed.
  10. I have to agree with you, Titanic Labour for me, the NHS is the best system in the world. If Conservatives get another term they'll privatise part of it. Rather than get rid of the ones in suits. Who basically sit on their brains all day. They should spend a week in AnE then on a ward. Then they would see how hard it is for the staff to reach targets.
  11. Hi there MARY POPPINS. Do you remember the name of the car dealership, if so will you send it me. If it's the same John, he has a friend coming from Miami. Thank you. ---------- Post added 25-01-2015 at 17:59 ---------- Hi bantycock, I really don't know I haven't seen John since I was about 14yrs old. I am intouch with one of his old friends who lives in Miami. That's why I need to find John, he's coming over and it would be great for them to meet up. The john I knew lived on Attercliffe, I would appreciate any information.
  12. I am still looking for John Townsend, he went to Huntsman Garden school then to Hartley Brook. Ibeleive his parents had a pub on Attercliffe. There is an old friend who no longer lives in England but coming over inMarch would love to meet up with him.
  13. I am trying to find John Townsend, he went to, Huntsman, and Hartleybrook school. I beleive his parents had a pub on Attercliffe.
  14. I know it's been a while since the reunion, there was quite a few I recognised but your suggestion of a name badge might be a concideration for the next one. Bossyboots.
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