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  1. He's a lot better, will never be A1 again, just learning to take things a bit easier.
  2. Hi Gillian, I started the year before you left, just as the 'new' school was being built. You have now visited the 'new, new' school!! the 'old' one lasting all of around 40 odd years. Although I no longer live in Sheffield I try and visit as often as possible to eat in the 'Hidden Gem' cafe which is housed in the old changing rooms around the back, it serves wonderful food. I called in to the school last year but there is no one left that even remembers any of the staff from our days, it was all rather sad.
  3. The Devonshire was my late dads favourite pub and one which I also frequented regularly in my teens when Tom and Jean ran it. Remember spending hours on the swing in the beer garden as a kid. Lovely couple, proper pub.
  4. Totally dominated 1st half, then after going 2 up reverted back to the old days of switching off and paid for it. I felt Hendo pulled out of the challenge for their goal, probably for fear of getting injured and being down to zero keepers!
  5. No, he would be around 10-15 years older.
  6. Long shot. I am looking to find a Mark Smith, he would have been in his 20s in the 1970s and I would have thought he would have possibly gone into the art/teaching profession. His father was called Francis and was also a teacher, they lived at Dobbin Hill. Anyone know of him?
  7. Doing a little research into the late actress Susan Littler. Does anyone know which street in Sheffield she lived, schooling etc? Lovely actress, sadly passed away at such a young age.
  8. That's a shame, thanks to all for trying anyway.
  9. In 1971/72 I was the sole winner one particular week of the 'Blades bingo'. Does anyone have copies of the programmes from this time they could look through to find which issue it was, so I could then order a copy from ebay perhaps? Bit vague only knowing the year(s) but even that's pretty good for me these days! It would read M Spencer, £100 winner. Lot of money in those days, went straight to the Castle market for a 'Harrington' jacket!! Still do it now but can't seem to get past a tenner, happy to support the Blades though.
  10. Further to the above, Ray back in hospital again, was hoping to be a couple of days but keeping him in. I will relay news as i get it.
  11. I know he'll bol**ck me for saying this but but Ray (Banks) has been very ill recently, nearly lost him a few weeks ago, he's much better than he was but its a long haul. I know there are people around that remember Ray and although he hates the attention i know you would wish him well, so sod the old bugger!! Get well soon mate.
  12. Could be the one i went to school with. Did she have a sister called Jeanette?
  13. Linda and Peter Bolsover, lived Petre St area in the 70s, anybody know of them? Would be early 60s age now.
  14. Mick, was it Phil (?) used to run the London Rd shop? what happened to him?
  15. Oh yeah, Hi Mick, think we've spoken on here before. Any idea what happened to Pete?
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