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  1. mike-s

    Bents green school memories

    Hi Alan, yes its me! I was hoping you would have attended the reunion we had a few years ago, Carol was there too. I'm sure you left BGS at the same time as me along with Carol, Diane Jubb, Pam Nicholson etc which was 1974. I visited the new school a couple of months ago, sadly there is no one left now who even remembers any of the staff from our days, Mr Heward was the last one to leave. PM me if you prefer. Mike.
  2. mike-s


    Just recalling some of the people I worked with on the radio & TV dept 1974-78 Denis Brown Tony Mills Phil O'Neil Chris Kroukamp John (Alex) Bremner John Llewellyn Geoff Mallory Marcus Hogan Joan Rands Andrew Graham ..........And others my old memory won't recall!
  3. Ann & Alan Lane, formerly of Dyche Lane Coal aston, then Hornsea East Yorks. Would be deceased now but I believe they had a daughter called Jacqueline? Long shot , does anyone remember them?
  4. My beautiful sister passed away last weekend. Barbara was born blind, and if that wasn't bad enough for a 22 year old new mum and dad in the 1940s ,she then contracted polio at the age of three, which robbed her of the use of her legs. Despite this she went on to be a clever, funny, fiercely independent woman, married Tony, her late husband, who was also blind, and they had two wonderful children and four grandchildren. Barbara was diagnosed with cancer some two years ago and proclaimed that she had had a 'good life' so didn't want treatment, but cruelly succumbed to a stroke last week. I never once heard her complain about anything throughout her life, she took every day as it came. Barbara had thirteen operations on her eyes as a child, all to no avail. but still wished she had had another, because thirteen was 'unlucky'. I am writing this on the chance that are people who remember Barbara, perhaps from the evenings at the Mustard seed, or the Mappin Street meets. I will miss her to bits.
  5. mike-s

    Old style light bulbs

    How many do you want and whereabouts are you?
  6. Looking for Jane, a workmate from the 70s, We worked at Walsh's department store and if memory serves me correctly she lived on Peterborough Drive/Rd Lodge Moor. I remember she married so not sure what her surname would be now.
  7. mike-s

    Sheffield's Mansions?

    MY fingerprints officer???.......
  8. mike-s

    Open-Air School

    Its a possibility Hillsbro but from what i remember Springvale house was again a large imposing property, its the 'shed' part that's throwing me. Could have been an annexe of sorts. Bents Green had 'terrapin' classrooms for a while in portacabins and Whiteley wood also had a timber outbuilding but i'm not sure about Springvale house.
  9. mike-s

    Open-Air School

    Can't imagine it was Springvale, this was close to the city centre so would rule out the 'kipping in a field' element.
  10. mike-s

    Open-Air School

    I attended Bents Green school for the same reason but it could hardly have been described as a shed. There was also Whiteley wood school nearby which was also classed as 'open air', this was much smaller than Bents Green. Not sure of any others.
  11. I'm looking to trace a Mr & Mrs John D Watson, or relations, who lived at 12 Lister Crescent, Sheff 12 in the 1960s. Its quite a personal matter so PM me if you prefer. Many thanks.
  12. mike-s

    Norton's house furnishers

    If you'd like me to scan you a copy pm me your email address, There are three hand written signatures on the letter, might be nice for you to have a copy. Mike.
  13. mike-s

    Norton's house furnishers

    My Dad would have been 97 now so a similar age. I believe at that time we would have been living on Alport Drive, Hackenthorpe although i'm not sure exactly when we moved to the Basegreen estate, so Gleadless would have been the general direction.
  14. mike-s

    Norton's house furnishers

    Hi Duffems. Thanks for that. My dad certainly wouldn't have been a french polisher but would have been involved in sales or management perhaps, he was of the suit and tie brigade!. His name was Charles (Charlie) Spencer.

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