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  1. However the signs are interpreted take great care, I spend a lot of time in Bakewell and the wardens are like vultures, any little misdemeanour and they'll have you.
  2. .............And it's where I bought my loons from too...red, purple, blue. and denim dungarees with parrots on the back pockets 🤣🤣
  3. Thanks for that. I've trawled the tinterweb for a phone number as I don't live in Sheff now, but drawn a blank. Be grateful if anyone else can find it and PM me. Thanks.
  4. I am still searching for any information regarding Linda and Peter Bolsover of Petre St area in the 1970s if anyone can help.
  5. Ray Banks had a branch of his Roadrunner records for a few years on Holme Lane if i remember correctly.
  6. My cousin Wendy Pigott also attended at the same time.
  7. I started there in 63, left in 66 to go elsewhere.
  8. And a few more! Pat Owen. Gordon Winnell. Michael Roberts. David Ellis. People have asked whether the school was for a specific condition. It quite possibly is these days but when I attended (66 - 74) it was a wide range of problems, not necessarily medical. I remember children from broken homes, troublesome kids, Asthmatic like myself, children from other similar schools which had closed down, there was even one boy i remember who upon about to be caned at his former school, took the cane from the teacher, snapped it and handed it back to him! (he was 6'2" at age 16!)
  9. 53 years??? with good behaviour you'd have been out in 25!!! Well done mate.
  10. Shame he only did the one song but good old film. Yes, it's a father and daughter who run Talking pictures from their home, very addictive watching!
  11. Jimmy Crawford on Talking pictures channel. 1962 film 'Play it cool' Some very young looking celebs!
  12. Sorry mate not sure about that, never met her,
  13. Anyone know of Pete Fox, used to work in sales for JVC Hi Fi, 1980s. Lived at Woodhouse if memory serves me right. possibly Badger Road area?
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