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  1. Linley lane. Can remember 'helping' the police to wash their cars at the police house as a toddler.
  2. Always sad when this happens. I searched for someone recently only to discover she had died years ago at just 25. As you say, gutted.
  3. There is an obituary for a Fred Kent on google. Died last year in Grenoside.
  4. If that's five ways at Owler bar, It would have been Fannys, always a good night and pie and peas thrown in!
  5. Realise this is a very old thread but would anyone remember Greg's surname?
  6. I was in a band in Sheffield in the 70s, we used part of Camels 'The snow goose' as the intro to our set. Saw them live a couple of times, really good band.
  7. Some cracking songs in that top 20, Happy days. Think I've got a 'Top of the pops' album with almost the same listings!
  8. Dorothy Vernon died in 2014.
  9. Oh yes, the Christmas parties, er 'good humour'.......more like 'wink wink', especially on the back staircase 🤣🤣. They were wonderful days, Walsh's was probably the most 'Grace bros' of them all, strict but fair. I worked on the TV dept, can't believe the amount of money we used to take looking back. TV's are the same price now as they were then, so the majority were on the 'never never'. There was a period when we were selling over thirty a day, big money in those days. The shop really used to go to town at Christmas, I loved it. I left Sheffield years ago, believe most of the stores are sadly gone now.
  10. Merry Christmas all. This time of year always reminds me of the old department stores, I worked at Walsh's in the seventies and Christmas was always a great time. The stores were bustling with shoppers, the staff dressed up, mince pies on the departments. Although there was competition between the stores it was always a friendly rivalry, It's a knockout competition at the city hall between ourselves, Coles, Cockaynes and Roberts, (which we won!) and after work pile into the Mulberry tavern or across to the Claymore or perhaps Brown Bear. Sadly the internet has spelled the end for most stores, and the friendships which were made in them.
  11. Took your life in your hands stepping out the front door 🤣
  12. Does anyone know of Gerald, Can't remember surname, worked in the radio & TV dept at Rackhams late 70s and went on to manage same dept at Cockaynes/Schofields? Always immaculately dressed, ginger hair and beard. Think he lived in Ecclesall/Bents Green area.
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