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  1. Amilia used to go to St Wilfrids school. Very nice looking girl.
  2. I remember when the The Big Gun was a revolver
  3. If you have ever seen the northbound M1 at 7.30 in the morning with it's 9 mile queue into Leeds then I would take a job in Barnsley.
  4. No one has mentioned the queue entertainers playing the spoons,violins, bones singing and even being preached to. You could also buy a copy of Billy's weekly Liar as well as Old Moores Almanac.
  5. How about this for a heartbreak. Just been looking at a 1937 Motor Cycle magazine, A brand new BSA £38/10. There again a good weeks wage was aboiut £4 so whats changed?
  6. Did'nt amando set up his own workshop? It was Horridge& Wildgoose i think thats where I bought my Zundapp Bella from in 58.
  7. A friend of mine has been diagnosed with a tumor on his kidney. When he went for the op they found that he had cancer of the lung. The doctor gave him a sick note and when he went to present it at Social services he was told that he could claim nothing because he had missed some payments on his NIs tamps. Now he is nearly 60 years old and has worked for forty odd years paying both tax and NI payments. He asked why the sick notes if ha cant' claim any benefit and was told its for his pension. He told the jobswoth behind the counter that he is not going to live long enough to draw it. Maybe had he just come into the country and claimed asylum they would have thrown money at him.
  8. Fleetwood Delys Humphries liveed around Sharrow Lane area in the early 50s.
  9. Dilys Humphries used to hang around with a gang of us on John St. She had a friend called Paulene Poole and I think Rea diskin.
  10. I had mine done on both legs.No pain just a little discomfort. all fine in two weeks and no scars. mind you I did not have pretty legs before the op.
  11. Not wanying to wade through 247 pages of debate, can someone tell me are St Lukes going to get any land?
  12. If the government poked it's nose into every business it would be accused of interfering if it does nothing then it is accused of not caring. Once again the taxpayers foot the bill.
  13. Is a non-Christian celebrating Christmas ( a religious festival) like a non-union member accepting the benefits gained by a union ie. pay rises?
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