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  1. Then of course theres the shootings,stabbings,beatings,drugs. murders seem part of everyday life in sheffield. yes move to sheffield if you want, but i hope you like stopping in at night!
  2. I was parked opposite the cafe on some parking spaces just outside some shops. I did'nt recieve a ticket, but was notified by post. The date was 24 sept and i was notified by post on 28 sept. so if they cant go to dvla until after 28 days where have they got my details from? thanks for the input guys.
  3. Hi all, I've recieved a parking notice after parking outside the shops opposite Don valley cafe, i was there about 10 mins. The notice is fron a firm called Flashpark. I've checked on bpa website and they are not registered on there. Does this mean they have got my name and address illegally? And should i appeal or ignore. Any advice please?
  4. Has anybody got any memories of Jack Ruddle who recently passed away. He worked in s.w.s 2 in the late seventies and the eighties. He was one of the funniest guys i've ever known. (although he could drive you up the wall now and again lol) R.I.P Jack.
  5. anyone know where you can buy slab butter. thats the real stuff!
  6. Big Baps on Attercliffe Rd do fantastic burgers double cheeseburger & onions for £1.95 - bargin!
  7. Big Baps on Attercliffe rd have lovely roast pork sarnies on daily. They also have roast chicken and beef. get roast tats with them too!!!:)
  8. could'nt agree more. very agressive. killed my angel fish would'nt have any again!
  9. Tonys father in law is called Alan Walker, everybody used to call him wak. I last saw him at Jeff Heatons funeral. Also there was Brian Kelly, Harry Gregory (foreman), Les Ball, Dennis Mitchell (manager), Dave Gibson. All of S.W.S 2
  10. I know and have got drunk with most of them lol. great haircut there on raymond the cat dutton. hiya to Brian Bough, its russ goddard here. Have not seen many of these for a few year now, but i was working with terry bates a couple of years ago at concord sports club. Jeff heaton passed away a few years ago.
  11. double cheese burger and onions at big baps attercliffe rd, only £1.95 BARGIN!
  12. I was due to leave Earl Marshal in1976. But i did'nt like school so i decided to leave in 1974 lol.
  13. Went to see lights being switched on at barkers pool. Hundreds of children there but no santa on stage! Dropped ball me thinks!
  14. alot of people have a bad opinion of the gower st pubs but most of them have never been in them. Lovely people frequent these pubs, i wish i could get down there more often
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