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  1. CB repair , looking to get a CB repaired and tuned ,
  2. Can anyone remember the last name of the man that used to own J B Aerials ofabbeydale road, his first name was John
  3. Can anybody tell me the where the saying "It'll be a right pippy show" originaly came from please, or is it just a Sheffield saying
  4. Thanks for replying but yes, ive tried all combinations and sadly no joy
  5. Can anybody remember a wartime song with the words "we will do the same to Hitler as we did to Kaiser Bill " and also included the words " we fought bravely for our country till we fell in German hands free" i think it also i cluded the words " in a lonely German prison " thanks
  6. Well thats all made me chuckle .Cheers for the replys
  7. Does anybody know where i can get a extra large flatcap from
  8. try a full retune of your tv ---------- Post added 14-10-2013 at 20:12 ---------- if you did a tune while the signal was poor then it will keep that tuning untill you do a full digital retune
  9. Hiya ,can anyone tell me where i might see some old video footage of the Discoes , they used to be very popular on the clubs in sheffield and i would really like to see any surviving video of them .thanks
  10. Its OK on my PC too but I've lost pics on my phone and tablet , thanks .
  11. Can anybody tell me why I might have lost my live can feed of the peregrines on my android phone from St. Georges church .
  12. Could you tell me exactly what he was charged with in 2008, please dont say what you think he was charged with, i would like if possible, to know what the actual charge he faced court for was
  13. The owners were man & wife named Tim & Pauline Mahoney (wonder if they are still around ) it was a top shop and they knew their stuff
  14. I used to know a Dewsnap family (Ted & Dot) that lived on Channing street in hillsbro' in the sixties Ted repaired watches and clocks ( they had spring and cogs and things in them in them days) i think they moved to southey from there.
  15. Shoplifting will lead to custody eventually, no doubt about that, but not untill every effort to address the offending has been tried and failed. There is no giudeline to suggest an £80 pound fine for offences upto £100 or any other amount for that matter, fines are usually set at the level of the offenders ability to pay i.e. a high earner will be fined more than a low earner or anyone on JSA. A vast amount of shop theft will somewhere along the line include drug crime, usually selling stolen goods to get money for the next deal. So when someone appears in court for shop theft there are usually other issues to be dealt with, DRO's (drug rehabilitation orders ) could be considered with a view to try to stop drug use therefore reducing the need to shoplift, believe it or not it does occasionally work
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