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  1. good example, go to Harrolds locksmiths, they have a big car park you can use, but , some people get caught out, on the end of shepherd st next to shop is clearway, but for a few yards there are no yellow lines , no signs saying you cant park here,, ive seen traffic wardens lurking there just for a victim , and it is a regular spot for them,
  2. nope, just lit fire, coal on, logs on top and doors open,
  3. passing your test, all i had to do was , go with the examiner to the corner, and he said ride round the block, i did so, . he stayed there , i came back and he said you have passed, good old days, had many bikes since then , not got one at the moment, showing my age, suzuki b120, honda 175, super dream, yam xs250, suzuki gt250 air ram, rebuilt by myself, fj1200, suzuki 900r
  4. , i need feet and inches, thanks, ---------- Post added 09-08-2016 at 20:43 ---------- i need feet and inches thanks, ---------- Post added 09-08-2016 at 20:44 ---------- and pounds and ounces
  5. Queen love of my life,,,,,,,,,,
  6. also auto locksmith in Sheffield, vehicle key services
  7. what was there name , number , ta
  8. mine would be a salad , eaten off a naked lady on the table, i dont like salad,
  9. anyone used a company in Sheffield who get you good results, not one of the big rip off companies, ta
  10. any one had good results with hypnosis to stop smoking in sheffield, starting to chain smoke , on 60 a day, ta
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