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  1. i still play bf4 Phil we chat on discord voip too here https://discord.gg/qMBME my origin pc username is: 0range1968UK add me for a game dudey. ps let me know its you from sf either here or origin, cheers n glad to meet you.
  2. Warriors come out to play e ay! Hollywood stay at home! ^^
  3. Hi all, Rich here ..I'm a Wrestling and MMA fan [ April 2017 ] I'm hoping as there isn't one to start a Wrestling / MMA thread for people to get together to go to events locally and around the U.K. together.. am disabled but drive -so i can help us get places -if i might have a push in my wheelchair when we get there please. wll message me here or sms me on 07591613724. cheers. Rich. [ps me watching wrestling i'm like was that 2? yes that was only 2!]
  4. ta HallamGirl n all ..I tend to amass them within blackbags in the garden or car [washed] being disabled i've not that much spare room, did wonder if they'd moved it but it was dark when i tried a drop off mid route somewhere. ta for the replies all Rich.
  5. Hi, Rich here, I'm disabled and I used to drive the Tetra packs to Waitrose on Ecclesall road [here in Sheffield], does anyone know if the Sheffield drop off for Tetra packs has changed? or if there's now another or no place to recycle them? Could anyone update this. I've searched online and on this forum but i can't find where anyone else has asked the same question? Thanks ..Rich.
  6. Ta Lecro n all ..ok ive warmed up with a week or 2 of a few hours drop into BF4 add me if you want 0rangeRich [with a zer0] and on skype i'm r1ch0rang3 if you wanna chat n game or does anyone have a ts server? or we could piggyback 1 of the empty public uk ts servers.. glad people are stilll popping up again 0range [Rich] ---------- Post added 06-02-2016 at 18:05 ---------- just added you as 0range UK see you have borderlands you got borderlands2? as i just got it in january2016. also maybe we cvould moh co-op been thinking about looking for apartner if its the co-op game i think i enjoyed most ..saw it in your games list well chat s[p]oon 0range
  7. cool ta Lecro do mostly still play bf4 with occasional bfbf ..ta for info see you maybe Wed as wont have new psu in yet by Sun ..Rich [ 0rangeRich ingame]
  8. ta Dave. my psu blew so am on a smaller one for a fewdays ..ordered one that will allow me to game -when it arrives n is in will seek you out Rich [ 0range -ingame]
  9. hi all ..add me too if you still play ac games ..rich. [p.s. ive tried to add you all in uplay]
  10. hiya ..you on BF4 or BFBattleFront ?
  11. Hi all. I looked and i hope this isnt a duplicate post. I'm seeking other PC gamers who use mic's!!! i'm on these platforms.. Steam: r1ch_0rang3 Payday2,OrcsMustDie2,Left4Dead2,CodAW,GhostsMW2/3 Origin: 0rangeRich BF2,BF3,BF4,BFBattlefrontStarWars! ^^ Uplay: OrangeR1ch AC-Unity Blackflag Driver BattleNet: BattleTag® = orange#2524 Diablo3 & Skype: r1ch0rang3 I'm a 47yr old longhaired rocker/trance fan, ex-pc guru n now i'm disabled -so i have a lot of free time & mostly play afternoons to early morn if you have any problems adding me ..add me thru skype & we'll sort all. i mostly play 3rd person shooters but like strategy and well anything to have a relaxed laugh whilst playing. gaming is fun and i like it like that! come say hi. males/females/alieness's welcome, ..Rich. '0range' -ingame
  12. Hi Evelyn. might one be open for older people interested in coding? ta.. Rich.
  13. I'd pop in n play n relax if you did. my old mate dan had a few full arcade machines ..lugging them whenever he moved! was a nightmare, but worth it afterwards!. i think it'd work ..and of course if you buy the full cabinet gamestation you don't have to be afraid of being sued as you own the machine. +1 from me. 0range. ---------- Post added 21-11-2015 at 03:30 ---------- i hope so!
  14. same ..ive a few i could sort thru -what ive got on them would need backing-up i dont want money -if it helps you out. just need a size needed ..prob got upto 100gb'ish btw no guarantee as said theyre a while old but always boot up when i 'ttach em. 0range.
  15. hi LindsayC. any update on your site and prices? is it stay on'able? as well as store? Rich.
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