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  1. Need a couple of to capacitors to fix my to today but no idea where I can buy them from
  2. So a few of my hoods the original plastic type thing that's on the end is broken and material is frayed does anyone know where I can get this fixed properly? To try and explain better it's like a shoelace that has lost the hard plastic bit in the end but I would like it fixing
  3. We need twirler in here, by far the best forecaster and most accurate based on last year
  4. Just seen some amazing fireworks going off over the s6 area I think could see them very well from s5, very expensive fireworks beautiful display anyone know where it was from?
  5. Anybody go to the TK Max opening today? A lot busier in that car park now
  6. 2 year lease but they can be bought out Marks and Sparks is a rumour unconfirmed ---------- Post added 28-08-2015 at 23:26 ---------- To max opens Thursday not end of September ---------- Post added 28-08-2015 at 23:27 ---------- Car park is not a multi story the underneath is a service yard for the units on that side
  7. There's a costa coffee and another unit at the side of Argos confirmed 3 other companies in talks for the units aside tk Max and the major activity is around the back where the car park is been built ---------- Post added 18-08-2015 at 20:56 ---------- Update it's a pound land next to Argos and a costa coffee next to that also possible rumours of an m+s opening next to tk Max
  8. I'm starting work there tommorow so most of this info will become available to me
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