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  1. I phoned rad sheff this morning and asked where he is. 'On leave' Is he coming back? He's on leave, that's all i can way' Sounds like he's in grub. I'm sure Paulette's a nice lass, but i cant listen to her ont wireless on my way to work.
  2. wake and smell the coffee Bob - never before has Israeli violence been criticized by Western leaders, it has now - the 'rest of the world' is rightly furious and sharing the fury on their phones & laptops - you remind me of the politician on the fast show who refuses to accept facts. How about L'Oreal donating basic health care products to Gazans? do you support that, it could happen in the gaps between slaughter and destruction.
  3. the rest of the world have. and enough of them are associating it with L'Oreal to make the company nervous about it. It was clear when I phoned this morning- the company line isn't clear yet, the response in the Zionist fraternity is apparent - fireman bob has already published propaganda about L'Oreal doing nice things hasn't he - where from? perhaps he's not a fireman, perhaps he works for the (panicking) PR Dept at L'Oreal?or perhaps their PR response is being circulated as quickly as pics of dead kids and grieving women in Gaza.
  4. exagerate what Bob? - be specific man. I clearly want a discussion, I invited you by name. your 'rants' are valuable to the palestinian cause,cos they demonstrate and illustrate the extent that fundamentalist Zionist supporters are just likeother fundamentalists ,religious orotherwise, by dehumanising those who disagree with them and being , at best, unmoved by their suffering. That plays well in Israel, (brave Jewish Israeli opponents are under sustained attack) - but the rest of the world is appalled and mobilising like never before - not buying some hair cream is small beer, but if enough people join in L'Oreal goes under and other companies have to consider whether Israel is the place to be. Discuss Bob, I urge you.
  5. here comes Bob - can't have a discussion about owt to do with Gaza without Bob. That's democracy. People all over the world are offended - Bob - easily or otherwise. L'Oreal will lose sales, that's why they apologised, cos cash is what they're after. Once again, we see that Israeli tactics are just not working this time, at least in part because they've tried to pull a 'deeply upset about all the children we've slaughtered - honest' whilst fundamentalist Zionists like 'Bob' continue to fully support the killing of the kiids and seem to take some relish in it. In the meantime, big companies that have fingers in the Israeli pie are getting nervous, social media has the power to hurt them - I , for instance, have just found 6 L'Oreal/Garnier products in the bathroom - my daughter favours them apparently (I'm a budget soap man myself), but will never buy them again, that's probably hundreds if not thousands of £s of business lost in the future, and it can happen all over the world now. I emailed L'Oreal and suggested they donate a huge bundle of hygeine products to the Gazans in an attempt to win custom - sure you'll agree - Bob.
  6. sorry resident, didn't read the others - the bloke's obviously an A hole and needs sorting out . Good luck.
  7. comments on facebook - why not add to them. Disagree that its a duplicate, specific issue amongst many on the subject.
  8. before it all gets very legal and based on the legal opinions of people who have no idea what they're talking about - my advice is to read Halibut's wise words, ignore all the other posts and have a word with your neighbour. Hope all's well.
  9. Multinational cream floggers L'oreal/Garnier have given gift packs to Israeli soldiers killing civilians in Gaza. The Gazans have no water, soap, toilet paper, toothpaste - nearly 2000 are dead, many unburied - there is the threat of imminent disease,including typhoid, from lack of clean water/waste and sewage management. and L'oreal gives 'girly packs' to the soldiers slaughtering them & destroying their lives. If this bothers you - their number is 0800 0854 376 - ring them and politely tell them that you won't buy their stuff ever again. I got a slightly panicky reading of a script 'unable to comment at this time' 'that info is not available' 'no one else is available' 'your comments have been noted' - interesting to see if the response is the same. Their email is UKconsumeradvice@loreal.com - why not drop them a line - I have - wonder if they'll reply?
  10. I expected that this latest slaughter would adversely affect Israel - seemed likely. Sayeeda Warsi's resignation nails it on. My first reaction was that she is bandstanding until I saw her interview - she came across as something I didn't know she was capable of - a woman of principle. The libdems then did jump on the band wagon - 'vote for us, we're principled' (yeah yeah). whatever, this blows the political status quo - (never criticize Israel/urge restraint whilst selling the hardware to keep on killing (its good for business)) out of the water, very interesting - and quite refreshing.
  11. wrong wrong wrong wrong - I am not anti semitic, I am not racist, if a synagogue is at risk of racist attack I will be there to protect it. I support Israel's existence to the 1967 borders, any further is illegal under international law. I would like the rockets to stop - they are stupid, pointless and inflame the racist slaughter Israel is committing. I hate the behaviour of the right wing Israeli government, not the jews who live in Israel. ---------- Post added 03-08-2014 at 18:45 ---------- watching mark ragev squirm on ch4 news
  12. so you have an opinion on halibut, what else? my guess is that halibut is an anti fascist like me - he abhors racist and colonialist violence, he watches but winces when palestinian corpses and their grieving loved ones are on the TV, he feels common humanity with their suffering. tell me honestly how you react- do you gloat? do you feel sick but feel it justifiable?, do you avoid? be honest. ---------- Post added 03-08-2014 at 18:32 ---------- you're not open to the 'humanity' approach are you bob - your hatred shines through.
  13. I'm not talking for bob - can't. but there is a genocidal wing of the greater zionist community and they are in full force at the moment, they don't want the killing to stop, they want to obliterate the palestinians and , my god, they're having a go at the moment aren't they.
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