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  1. Just reading this thread after so many years after. I believe Hills Pantry was on Washington Rd, on the corner with Pearl Street. I'm not certain the name of the shop she had on Sharrow Lane (corner of Priory Rd) - it could well have been Hills Corner Shop? Whilst I'm here, the shop on Sharrow Lane, was previously run by Mrs Hazeltine, and before that, a Mr Frank A. Pegg. On the opposite side of the road, on the corner with Fentonville St., was Pulfreys corner shop, which was demolished in the late 70's - this shop (196-198 Sharrow Lane) was run by K. Pulfrey in the 1968 Kelly's directory, and V. Pulfrey in 1973. In the 1942 and 1954 directories the shopkeeper was given as John Martin.
  2. Hi, A suitable DJ is wanted urgently for a disco on Saturday night in Dronfield. The occasion is a 16 year old end of term celebration. The equipment is all set up, just a DJ is required with a lap top and phono jack connections to back of mixer. Please call me on: 07706186726 (ask for David) Thank you. ---------- Post added 13-07-2018 at 16:23 ---------- Please call on the number provided please rather than in a private message. Thank you.
  3. Goldenfleece do you happen to have the link to the Vintage Hallam recording thread that you mentioned you would be putting up containing separate URL's and details....streaming mp3 Would like to listen to that Martin Kelner rare vintage stuff that you found in your attic. Did you get round to putting a thread up? P.S Is Goldenfleece the same person as Vinyl Kat at the Dove & rainbow??
  4. Chantrey Arms, Woodseats, Sheffield Come on in and join us for our regular Tuesday night general knowledge quiz, which also includes 10 music questions too! There are prizes to be won, from beer vouchers for the winners of the quiz, plus other prizes too, such as boxes of chocolates and even CHAMPAGNE!!! Hic! We generally begin just after 9pm and after the quiz, we have a spot of bingo too (usually two games). Whatever we take in money for the bingo is won back in prizes. We also have a few nibbles on the bar at half-time for you to savour, so why not come on in!? Everyone is welcome!
  5. Just received a response from Newham Borough Council in London in regards to whether they enforce bus lane restrictions on Christmas Day. This is their response : - Although legally enforcement can take place on Christmas Day, Newham Council does not enforce bus lane moving traffic contraventions on Christmas Day.
  6. Planner1 , the info I received back from my freedom of information requests do show a 30% increase in bus lane contraventions on a Bank Holiday, compared to a normal working day Monday. These figures prove that the signs are NOT necessarily "clear and understandable", as the Council and yourself continue to affirm. The roads in general would also be less busy on Bank Holidays, compared to a normal working day. Thank you for offering to speak to the relevant department that operates the Matrix system. I have noticed that Council websites could be far more informative and clear in regards to enforcement on Bank Holidays etc. Sheffield City Council does state this, but could go further making it absolutely clear what their policy is on Christmas Day, so that there is no ambiguity.
  7. I have responded within your 'Quote'. All I wish to achieve with my efforts is to help motorists in the city to become more aware of when bus lanes are in operation, to raise awareness ie many motorists possibly don't realise that you can be penalised for partially entering a bus lane even at the end. The Council should wish that nobody ever gets caught and bus lanes etc were there whether or not they generated any money. That would be the ideal scenario. I have mentioned the Matrix system maybe being utilised more to advise motorists when bus lanes are in force, especially during public and bank holiday periods. If there are areas where drivers are unwittingly making errors, not deliberately, the Council should show willingness to investigate and make motorists more aware rather than sitting back and allowing penalties to continue. After all, bus lanes are not there to make money, but to "keep the city moving, allowing buses and trams to move more freely."
  8. Planner1 I shall respond to your further comments, but not now, as I am a little busy. You make some interesting comments. I shall respond hopefully tomorrow, as I have many answers to the points you have made. I am quite well versed on the subject of bus lanes. You are certainly not the only one here to come across as that. Because YOU say so, does not mean it is correct.
  9. No, but I am planning to do. With an average of 26 contraventions issued with a PCN for a normal working day Monday, simple mathematics conclude that is 5.7 vehicles per hour of bus lane restrictions at Moore St. (Almost one every 10 minutes) After my further look at this particular bus lane and a further Freedom of Information request to the Council, I will be in a better position of accurately determining how these contraventions are being made. As the saying goes: your sins will find you out!
  10. I refer to Moore Street into the city at the bottom of Ecclesall Rd going into the city after William St. There is a camera pointing directly up from the roundabout. The average amount of PCNs issued for a normal working day Monday at the bottom of Ecclesall Rd is 26. When I went down to witness how violations were being committed, EVERY one, was vehicles moving in just a little too early, many following the vehicle in front, to turn left up Hanover Way. I saw none that had ventured the full length of the bus lane. I therefore concluded that probably most contraventions were for vehicles partially entering at the end of bus lane at that bus lane.
  11. I also wish to say that I feel that the Matrix systems could be used better to inform and advise motorists when bus lanes are in operation in the city, especially to remind drivers of their operation on Bank or Public holidays. As I have said earlier, there is a 30% increase in bus lane contraventions on a Bank Holiday Monday compared to a normal working day Monday in the city. If bus lanes are not there to generate profit, then everything should be done to advise motorists of their operation and the Matrix signs are ideal. They are already utilised to warn not to drink and drive. Would Planner1, know who operates these and how I would be able to contact them? ---------- Post added 28-12-2017 at 09:54 ---------- I know, because I have visually witnessed the scene.
  12. Just wish to add, and thank everyone for their comments to this thread. Some posts have queried why would you want or wish to use a bus lane anyway on Christmas Day, when the roads are quiet? Well, there is a bus lane on Boston St, which does not allow you to turn left onto London Rd, as one example of using that bus lane, and I wish to remind everyone that many PCN's are issued to motorists who just merely 'partially' enter a bus lane not deliberately. This occurs a lot at the end of the bus lane on Moore St, when vehicles wish to get in the left lane to turn onto Hanover Way, at the roundabout. These slight infringements are being penalised on a daily basis and I would go as far as to say that most violations at Moore St are related to vehicles partially entering the bus lane at the end. A wheel may just clip the bus lane, but the Council will class it as a partial enter and a PCN's is therefore issued.
  13. You know, that is great you mention Liverpool City Council, as they responded to my Freedom of Information request the quickest, in about 24hours. Most other Councils took roughly 20 working days to reply. I was exceptionally pleased with Liverpool and surprised too. ---------- Post added 26-12-2017 at 19:13 ---------- The signs could easily include "inc. Public or Bank Holidays." Funnily you mention the Department for Transport, as I made contact with them and their attitude or response to Bus Lanes was not to venture into them at any time, then you wont get caught out. The problem with this lame response is that bus lanes are not there not to ever travel in them, unless they are 24 hour and that is another argument. My findings show that Councils although their Traffic Regulation Order may permit them to do something ie enforce 365 days a year, many take it on themselves to not enforce on Christmas Day. Now why is that? Why do some Councils have it in them to take a pragmatic approach and not to enforce when they clearly could do. Councils are their own boss and so long as they work within the law, there is nothing wrong in them choosing not to enforce. Glasgow City Council choose not to enforce on both Christmas Day and New Years Day; Edinburgh chooses not to. Are you from the Council, by the way, as you sound like you are.
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