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  1. VW kitties thanks ever so much, just the response I was wanting, I love driving and will definitely be looking into the things you mentioned. I’m going to try to cram it into a week but thinking more 10 days. Have you any experience of car hire in Germany apart from the usual big companies? I’m wanting something nice like an M3 BMW or Golf Gti.
  2. Me and some pals are planning to fly to Berlin next year, then hire a car to go see Auschwitz, then Nuremberg, onto the Nurburgring, drive down to Switzerland to drive the Furka pass then drive back to Munich. Has anyone done anything similar or have any experience of driving/renting in Europe that has any do’s and dont’s apart from what I’ve already read up on? Cheers.
  3. The bladesalona taking over the footballing world, watch out Man U, Liverpool Madrid Ajax Inter.. there’s a new big boy in town and they are takin over the world didn’t you know. Pah.. Roy of the rovers fairytale stuff. It will come crashing down around that monotonous clown wilder and the relegation battle will be fought, valiantly but ultimately empty handed. Enjoy it while it lasts, I can sense another Bolton/Portsmouth coming on.
  4. Small blip early on in the season, our team is better than the 1 that plays at the cricket ground, even if it’s just because we play in blue and white.
  5. Another woeful inept and shambolic performance coupled with a fortunate result for the blades, how do you lot watch this rubbish and call it entertaining football? not long before this bubble bursts, everybody said it was a fortunate result against a woeful palace side.
  6. Sorry but United were awful and very lucky to not end up 3/4 down. wilder and United were lucky with a lot of decisions going there way last year. Give it a few games and wilder will get found out and will revert back to lump it long hit and hope. Players not good enough to sustain any sort of challenge and for those saying the prem is a different beast your wrong. There’s a handful of teams who are a class apart but the rest are only as good as most championship teams. United are having a Roy of the Rovers moment and the bubble will burst spectacularly. Enjoy it while you can.
  7. Pah, football is rubbish anyway. Well done United and for all the decent blades I used to converse with many congratulations.
  8. If that was aimed at me then you should really have a look at how I used to post, mainly tongue in cheek and having a laugh. This forum is dead compared to what it used to be. Anyway, for the decent blades I used to converse with, congratulations on your promotion. Get ready for all those 4-0 losses 😆
  9. Sorry but this is rubbish, the same squad who reached the playoffs 2 seasons running. NO EXCUSES ANYMORE
  10. Fans have VERY short memories, look where we have come from, we could still be in very deep trouble if it wasn't for Chansiri. People need to get a grip, if Chansiri shuts his wallet and says no more, what then? Yes things aren't perfect but they are a miles better than we were before Chansiri came along.
  11. Ground that is falling to bits. Chairman/owner naive. matchday experience dead. Rubbish team.(he plays) Rubbish manager. Rubbish. Cant swear but all in all down at Hillsboro it's all going pear shaped. Shower of ship, The frustration is that the players are there, but the management isn't. At least it's Christmas soon.
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