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The availability of any treatment other than emergencies or GP/dentist referrals depends very much on the number of people required by the students to train on. If you are assessed to be suitable to the needs of the trainee dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists you will be placed on the waiting list- treatment will be free.

The application form gives some insight.

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I had a lengthy series of treatments there, all free. I didn't have to wait very long but it was pre Covid so I don't know what it is like now. I was extremely grateful to be accepted for treatment.

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I saw some student dentists there about 10 years ago. First one was good and didn’t have wait long to get an appointment. The second one wasn’t very good. The third one was ok but the queuing there was ridiculous so I gave up with at that point.

If you’ve got time to queue for an appointment running very late it’s worth a try. It is all free though so no complaints!

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