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  1. I see that the irrational "tradition" of blaming immigrants for everything that is wrong still exists. This thread is not about London. This thread is not about a Holiday Inn.
  2. Have you traced your roots? Still blaming the immigrants from Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Rotherham and many, many more for price increases?
  3. None of us have nothing but anecdotal evidence to substantiate our views on who is buying. The impact of the stamp duty deadline and the historical weird price hikes that buying a house in Sheffield involve are also factors. Still house prices are an indicator of the health of the local economy. With thousands of our best and brightest moving away from the region every year, any slowing of the move to the south slowing, stalling or even reversing will be reflected in house prices. Over and over again businesses have complained that the skills levels in the region are so poor that they set up elsewhere. If the exodus is reversed then thousands of jobs will be created right across the local economy with all the benefits that will bring to the area.
  4. The economic spiral of decline/stagnant/zero growth has done nothing for the prosperity of this region. The tens of thousands of people who left the area for work in the south have now seen an opportunity to return as well as others who recognise the benefits of space. An increase in the number of younger, employed and skilled families brings in money and jobs is very welcome.
  5. The English flag by law flies higher than the Welsh flag. Does this English anthem with its English values have to be sung in Wales?
  6. No different from Sheffield people going to the coast, Derbyshire, Wales, South West etc. buying houses to use a few weeks a year as holiday homes or to rent out as holiday lets. This pushes the cost of homes out of reach of young locals with families. At least in Sheffield it will not lead to the closures of schools, shops and local facilities.
  7. As I was waking along Great George St in London on Saturday, came across the Freedom/AntiVax people were marching/protesting. Two police officers. Two police cars. Less than a hundred protestors having to walk on the footway. Lost cause.
  8. Fats and oils only differ in their physical properties and not so much in their chemical properties eg health. Historically "Fat Manufacturers" used animals and "Oil Manufacturers" used animals and plants. Many vegetable oils are solid and are as beneficial/harmful as their animal equivalent. I can assure you that the chemistry of foodstuffs used in large scale food manufacturer is not the same as what comes out of a field, barn, ocean etc. or available on supermarket shelves.
  9. Tory opinion is unanimous on Boris-he is a buffoon. However they split on what type of buffoon. A loveable, roguish and endearing buffoon. Or a buffoon. Especially in Chesham and Amersham. That we know- however there will be an increasing number of Tory MPs concerned about their future prospects in His failure to lead during the pandemic has ruined his personal ambitions of being a Churchill. His man... marriage just before G7 enabled the happy pair to be introduced
  10. Right from the start you missed the point about salad at Pizza Hut. They do not sell salad. It's not a sideline, they don't charge. You cannot buy it. Therefore if you are taking a family or adult friends you have to eat added fat. If we were talking about teenagers and alcohol, we would be encouraging them to go to pub and bar with family and learning and observing about the variety of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks. Instead all they see are variaties of whisky. Parents succumb (too easily) to the persuasiveness of children when it comes to family eating, Advertising to children is forbidden and yet all kinds of gimmicks, product placements, celebrity endorsements, influencers etc, are used to sell the fat to children. The Government stands back and only when pushed into a corner does anything eg sugar tax. Despite support from some supermarkets they refuse to introduce a "traffic light" system which would cost them nothing and enable parents and children to make choices.
  11. We have a long way to go if some people still think that the alternative to added fat is: "... a salad and freshly blended avocado and kale smoothie." Even further to go if people assume that the vastly overpriced dough, cheese and meat are anything like dough, cheese and meat you would use at home. I am still amazed that people still think that the addition of cheap sugar to childrens food was not to attract and promote addictive behaviour. The franchise model of these "fast food" outlets includes creating the limited choice, ingredients and products that keep attracting children of all ages. I would like to think that most people go to restaurants for the range and quality of food and drink, the atmosphere and the company. I do appreciate that children and teenagers enjoy the "fun" element of sharing and the atmosphere At least the British chip shop offers more choice and the British restaurants offer a massively greater range of food styles than anywhere else which enables families and friends, including children, and learn about food.
  12. Every attempt by consumer groups, poverty action groups, healthier living groups are thwarted by Government inaction. For every pound spent on food education, a hundred thousand is spent on advertising fat. fessionals 'Pizza ... ' only sell fat, they claim that salad is free, but you have to buy fat first. Fat is cheap so colour it, shape it, form it, flavour it out of all recognition, add addictive additives, advertise illegally and immorally, promote brainwashing behaviours etc, etc. Life is hard enough without having to face down a barrage of professionals who are paid to get to buy things you don't want and another bunch of professionals who are paid to get to buy things that hide the contents and an indifferent government who block simple systems that would help you choose.
  13. How many of us have eaten a fat topped pizza or a cow face burgers with added addictive sugar ? How many have bought reduced calorie products, traditional recipe pies, chilli sauces, British ham and cheese with their lovely water absorbing chemicals, water saturated fruit and vegetables created for water retention properties etc. Well -we all have! Our smugness in thinking that only the poor and uneducated eat junk, highly processed foods and blaming the consumer for their choices gives the Government and the food manufacturers an easy excuse to opt out of their responsibilities. Junk food is not cheap, is made out of products that would be a difficult sell and are often sold with sauces that are as bad, or worse than the junk they are covering. Stop blaming the consumer!
  14. Anything raised above footway level is a hazard and an incumbrance for those who use/push wheelchairs, prams, trolleys etc. This is magnified on slopes. We have spent millions on making our footways accessible, putting "speed bumps" across them every few metres is not the answer.
  15. I have been involved over several post with someone discussing our very different views on the impact of corovirus. The 'mostly right' bit is a quote from them. I admit to playing on the phrase. I made no link between 'mostly right' and the use of models which you introduced. Modelling usually supports the the ability to make predictions and test them. Medical science, theoretical physics, climate, environmental, behavioural etc., where the absence of evidence and the limited possibility of experimentation leads to statistical modelling techniques being used and accepted as the major source of evidence. This is risky and models are often repeatedly tweaked to give "better" outcomes that fit observations. As this is risky the majority of scientific research sticks to the orthodox method which will likely identify numerous 'dead ends'.
  16. Mathematical models are an approximation of the real world in numbers. Newtons' model and Einsteins' model are radically different. To build HS2 you only need Newtons' Model. To get to Mars we will need Einsteins' Model. Both models are "right" and both models are "wrong", the statistician won't know why, the scientist will. The Conspiracy Theorist doesn't know how a scientific theory and a mathematical model interact.
  17. Thank you all for your advice. I have made a repair on the broken pin of the OLD charger. It works but as it the battery is dead the OLD charger pin is partly fixed to the OLD laptop to immobilize the broken pin. I am now making all the data safe with backups etc. I think the Pin is sturdy enough for a bit. The 128Gb SSD in the OLD laptop can be taken out and put in the NEW laptop (both Acers). Thanks
  18. In mathematics 'mostly right' = wrong. In science 'mostly right' = start again from scratch. In engineering 'mostly right' = it does not work. In medicine 'mostly right' = they are dead. In geography 'mostly right' = you are lost. In history 'mostly right' = you lost. In literature 'mostly right' = fiction. In Conspiracy Theory 'mostly right' = (suggestions?) You do realise that to admit that Conspiracy Theorists are mostly right means that some Conspiracy Theorists are wrong. Blasphemy!
  19. Is Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College) also a joke. The joke is on the online Conspiracy Theorists who invented his title who have been caught out again.
  20. The former medical doctor and criminal Andrew Wakefield now hiding amongst the Conspiracy Theorist communities perpetrated a fraud concerning MMR and autism. Unfortunately he gained a lot of publicity through the media from Conspiracy Theorists He may not have set out to kill, maim and permanently damage children, but the damage he caused, supported by Conspiracy Theorists online who spread his false claims is permanent and long lasting. I wonder if those who spread the word of Wakefield ever feel guilty about what they did in opposing vaccination? Wakefield still profits by pedalling his fraud and the Conspiracy Theorists walked away- the children and their families did not. "Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College): Clarification on statements made regarding COVID-19 by Dr. Roger Hodkinson. We would like to clarify that Dr. Hodkinson is not nor has ever held the position of chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. We can confirm that Dr. Roger Hodkinson was certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a general pathologist in 1976." Dr. Roger Hodkinson has never claimed anything either and as such is victim of Conspiracy Theorist methodology.
  21. My understanding is that the current work is concerned with refurbishment of office space and that there has been no application for change of use.
  22. The public should not be expected to pay for any of the EV infrastructure costs above beyond (both meanings) that of supply to rural areas. There are plenty of enormous multinationals willing to profit from the supply of energy from the Grid to users of EV. They will, initially, absorb the costs of research and implementation and pass it on to the end users over decades. This is what has happened globally for a hundred years in the energy supply industry-with the UK once being an exception. The Council would have a job of control and planning. EV running costs will always be higher than fossil if only because of Government long term policy to deter private vehicle use.
  23. Yes to what? How big was your sample? How many people did you ask?
  24. Rather depends on how many people you have asked the questions: In which year did you get 'flu ? Which 'flu variety was it? What medical treatment was available? How did you feel? Which covid strain did you have? What medical treatment was available? How did you feel? Now, evaluating your statistical technique, how many have you asked? How accurate were your responses? How many death certificates have been issued which include covid? How accurate are the death certificates? So even if your accuracy is 50% and you believe the number of covid deaths would still be in the ten of thousands in the UK.
  25. We used used to be 'sheeple' now we are 'selfish sheeple'.* *Tongue twister competition?
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