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  1. Admitting you "... don't know..." who introduced seven non-native hedgehogs and guessing that they were "...qualified enough to do it.",(both wrong) implies that you have not considered the implication on the the drastic direct effect of 5000 hedgehogs on many more thousands of birds from several different species on several islands that the hedgehogs had spread to. Equally simplistic is the statement that it is an issue of interference in deciding if "...minks should be killed and rabbits should survive...". At the lowest level it should be 'Do we allow the population of mink which directly reduce the populations of fish, shellfish, crayfish, frogs, snakes, lizards, large insects, small rodents, rabbits, nutria, waterfowl, upland birds and eggs etc. and the change in dozens of habitats across the country. We have not got the right to stand back and ignore the destruction of thousands of habitats.
  2. Who were the "..."qualified" people..."?
  3. Who were and what did the "...."qualified" people..." move?
  4. When I said "...culling hedgehogs...", I meant "...culling...". To my generation and background it means to manage a population of animals. This is done everyday throughout the country when "humans" who own animals, kill their cats, dogs, sheep, etc. or parks, golf courses, gardens to "improve" a population or create a pleasing ecology on their land. In the case of hedgehogs it is to remove a population which has a damaging effect the ecology of a whole island. In this case the original plan to exterminate the population became one of removal and released because of public concern and money.. We must take responsibility for our actions and protect a whole ecology.
  5. Except that you need to replace "killing" with "removed to the mainland". Mink and other invasive species cannot by law be released.
  6. On some Scottish Islands in the Outer Hebrides, hedgehogs were introduced by residents in the 1970's to control slugs. This led to a decline in ground nesting birds as the hedgehogs were eating the eggs. Stoats were also removed. Mink have already been eradicated from 4000 sq miles of North East Scotland.
  7. "...conservation..." and "killing..." are words that I have not used, neither are they practices that would help promoting naturally evolving habitats and their ecosystem. "...conservation..." is a misused and mostly redundant term when applied to the living environment, it's the kind of activities the National Trust and CPRE get involved in to protect a landscape that existed fleetingly at various times in the past. Both organizations are re evaluating their "conservation" policies A more accurate statement would need to be amended so that: "...killing off hedgehogs", should read -introduced hedgehogs already trapped and removed from some sensitive areas. "killing off wallabies", should read - already happened in a most cruel way. "killing off rats", should read- already done on some islands. "killing off sheep", should read- introduced species already removed from some locations and prevented from accessing others. "killing off rabbits", should read-introduced species already culled/removed from some locations. "killing off mink", should read- introduced species already in progress/planned in some areas.
  8. As we have already agreed there are no natural habitats left in England, therefore there is no "wild". Neither is there any possibility of returning to the "wild". But we do have a choice of returning a semblance of "wild" to some areas by limiting and controlling and reversing what we have done. E.g culling hedgehogs on Scottish Islands, allowing feral wallabies to die off in Derbyshire and all the other nasty things we "need" to do. Removing rats, sheep and rabbits from the hills etc.
  9. Our actions have led directly and indirectly to changes in the type, distribution, population and range of most plant and animals in this area. We will never be able to return to a time in the past but things are and will change anyway. We can choose between action and inaction, and if we choose action what action will that be and what is the aim? Selecting inaction will lead to exploitative invasive species competing/predating on other species for decades with a roller coaster cycle of population crashes and explosions. Given the isolated nature of these population recovery of a long term diverse and stable ecosystems is unlikely. Maintaining diverse and healthy populations is efficient and economical if done by mimicking as best we can the ecosystems that once dominated this area. This will allow new populations to establish themselves and better able to adapt to future changes.
  10. A 5 year old laptop has been out of use for two years partly due to a dead (not charging) battery. Today I re connected the charger and as before its working fine. I am currently updating the software. I appears to be recharging the battery-currently at 15%. Is there anything I can do to help the battery recover? Or is it a lost cause? Edit: Microsoft Surface API-Compliant Method Battery is updating has just started.
  11. Introducing and removing species be, it plant or animal, can and does effect habitats and their ecology. There are no natural habitats left in England, most of which this is due to human intervention over 2000+ With so much of the natural ecology missing, human intervention has always been needed. The type and amount of intervention is subject to hot debate, very little of it rational, most of it knee jerk and rarely holistic. Economics, environmentalist politics, local politics, short term and incomplete planning and continuity make things harder. Removing an invasive species is sometimes essential and in a few cases a legal requirement due to health or economic damage, sometimes necessary in order to protect a natural habitat, sometimes needed to encourage the reestablishment of a natural habitat. Not removing mink would undermine the ability to re create the natural succession of a habitat.
  12. The RSPCA do have certain legal powers and are legally allowed, can and do bring prosecutions to prevent cruelty. "The authority of the RSPCA Council Trustees to institute criminal proceedings pursuant to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1932 is delegated to the Prosecutions Department...". There have been several controversial cases in recent times where the RSPCA have been accused of being to eager to prosecute.
  13. Do the Green Party in Sheffield not catch buses themselves? Do they not already know what the situation is? Are the Green Party in Sheffied just looking for complaints or will the diary allow positive comments and will be these positive comments be forwarded? Anecdotal evidence will not persuade or influence anybody, a more positive and veryfiable approach would be to include route, operator, time and to include ticket when issued so a useful data set can be provided. This is a national issue, challenge Boris to do what he says he is going to do? Single issue politics at its worst?
  14. There are also several free courses available for people who want to start businesses much of which applies to starting a charity. Doing your own research, identifying the market, making contacts, having a business plan etc. You really must do your own research as the biggest ever change in the charity sector is taking place with the EU funding for 'social' charities ending and no plans for it to be replaced by the Conservative Government.
  15. You and all the staff and volunteers will need to have the enhanced DBS checks done and hold the correct insurance. Follow the advice from Chez2. As there are already many charities already doing this, a way forward would be to volunteer for them and learn the ropes.
  16. You are confusing 'spurs' and wrong in saying that it supported the use of into Sheffield (Midland). Conservative Government announced that there would only be two locations for a HS2 station in Sheffield Meadowhall (best for Sheffield) and on the main route North. and Victoria/Nunnery(best for the region) on a 'spur' from the main route at Beighton or a 'loop' from Beighton to the north of Chapeltown. Sheffield (Midland) station had been rejected at a much earlier stage. No route was ever planned to use the station-just crayons. Sheffield City Council could not have supported the use of Sheffield (Midland) station as it was not a choice and as they saw Victoria/Nunnery option as the best. Without local consultation and for purely economic reasons the Conservative Government chose Meadowhall, the planning was well advanced when without local consultation and for purely economic reasons the Conservative Government changed its mind and moved the route towards Doncaster. A new railway would be needed to connect HS2 and Clay Cross on the MML and then to the totally inadequate Sheffield (Midland) station i.e a 'spur' off the main HS2 route. Or a 'loop' if the route continued north to rejoin the HS2 route.
  17. There is no evidence at all that a change in the way a City Council operates it's decision making effects voting. No other Metropolitan Council has done it. Are we really going to change the system because of a political campaign run by political minorities for their benefit? A change in which 1% of residents show any interest? A change by referendum which has already been characterized by a significant number of its supporters in the petition, deliberately or mistakenly, adding multiple and or ineligible signatures. Even in this thread there are contradictions in how the petition was verified and in the aims of the supporters of change. The referendum will not be about what the residents of Sheffield need, it will be for marginal political activists to gain influence.
  18. Anywhere there are crowds of people you will see more and more street furniture whose purpose is to prevent terrorist attackers from driving into large groups. At some locations they temporarily use concrete blocks. This is happening all over the UK and most of Europe. There always has been street furniture designed to prevent selfish parking but these are usually much more flimsy This has already been covered when the bollards were placed around the station.
  19. Free internal bus service Barnsley Road Drive xx.15 and xx.45 (first bus 08.45) Vickers Corridor at xx.22 and xx. 52 (last bus 15.22) If it was dry I would walk down the steps, through the Clock Tower building and down to the Barnsley Road entrance. The service is suspended from 11.30am at the Clock Tower till 12:28pm, where it recommences at the Clock Tower
  20. Using live data streams is a learning curve. . The first people to know about disruption in this area are the signallers at York, Derby and Manchester they work and report to Network Rail. An individual driver, signal box operator or train dispatcher might be the first source of information in the case of a crew, train or signal fault or a track fault they have encountered. Everything else is provided line-side sensors. There is often too much information available, and it has to be sifted through a third party like TPE which is always second hand as the information goes first from signallers and drivers to Network Rail, TPE then has to write and finally post its information. It also copies and posts statements from Network Rail as to the length, nature and amount of disruption. A TOC site like TPE knows less than Network Rail (strike, bustitution and ticket validity are exceptions). The TPE site does not usually give information on the other route to Manchester or the other two operators. In exactly the same way as the "MetOffice" offers different levels of filtered data to the media who then write a summary for its customers. The "MetOffice" data is always right, their interpretation is usually correct. As the information is paid for by the media outlet they often skimp on providing a good service, hence the number of people who complain about the weather forecast being wrong. Realtime Trains(amongst others) uses the realtime data provided by Network Rail. It can tell you if the train has arrived at its starting point, if it has left its starting point on time, if there is a slower train in front, it predicts when the train will be at your departing station and when it will arrive. 24 hours It shows how many cancelled, diverted or late trains there are at major junctions en route, this indicates the nature and amount of information. Explanations are reported. Statements are provided from Network Rail.
  21. Live official information on all trains is released by Network Rail and interpreted by many sites with varying amounts of data. Realtime trains shows current train movements, cancellations and delays as well as last week and future months. If you select a train going from Sheffield to Manchester Airport it will show the departure/passing times from Cleethorpes and progress and expected actual and predicte arrival times along the way. Handy for delay repay claims. Handy for future travel plans.
  22. TalkTalk have been bombarding us to upgrade to a Superfast discounted 160mb service. We are already on TalkTalk. Outreach(BT) could connect to it. After 7 hours of phoning am now back to 50 at a much cheaper rate than originally. I have boxes and cables. Can I do anything with them?
  23. I think you have made a genuine mistake of not separating my comments and you reply.
  24. If the standards of the petition were the same as other Government petitions, the huge number of invalid names would have been avoided from the start. About 20 countries are represented. Hundeds of anonymous or incorrect names. Hundreds of multiple entries. The fact it took so long to collect such a small number is indicative of the lack of interest. The admission that so much effort was needed to persuade so few is very interesting. The scary bit is the admission that the politcal aim is not a return to the committee set up, but to a Meusli Belt commune.
  25. Since so many of he original 26000 petition signers did not provide the required Sheffield residence qualification or even lived in this country or voted multiple times or do not exist, perhaps it is no surprise that less than 1% of genuine residents have been persuaded to be interested. It is not democratic for a group of political activist's to manipulate a system for their political ambitions, some of whom have stood for council elections previously and failed.
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