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  1. Just to add a thought. I have severe breathing problems. While I manage ok indoors, be it home or shop, as soon as I get outside in the cold I really do suffer. 10 yards is nothing to most people but for me it really would be an ordeal. Please try and think beyond yourself and what you can do.
  2. Thanks David, that worked! But after all that I'm afraid I don't recognise anyone, certainly not my mum. It's possible there were other Odells I never knew and don't have photos of, so we may never know which is a shame. Happy New Year.
  3. Well I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm in the right group Sheffield History. I clicked on media then photos but the only search box is the general one for the whole group and all I get is posts by a couple of members called Meldrum. Inputting your name doesn't do anything either.
  4. Thanks Jeffrey, good advice from you as ever. I'll just get Christmas out of the way then I'll get on to my solicitor and tell her I want some answers.
  5. Thanks Carosio I will bear in mind what you say. I' m beginning to worry they might pull out, meanwhile I'm paying double council tax on top of rent for flat and my savings are disappearing fast.
  6. Hi David, I've been looking for the photos but is there an easy way to find them? There are so many with no information or date attached
  7. We keep on ringing them and they blame the purchasers solicitors and the council for taking so long to answer queries. As fast as one lot of questions are answered they keep coming back with more. I was hoping for someone to say it can take that long, or not as the case may be. If it is an exceptionally long time then I can look at what else I could be doing to get things moving. There is no chain or probate involved, it should be reasonably straightforward. This is completely new to me so I don't know what to expect.
  8. For health reasons I had to sell my flat and move into a ground floor flat last June. The flat was sold subject to contract within days, ie early June . 6 months on and I'm still waiting for closure. Granted covid and Sheffield council involvement haven't helped, but should I be worried it is taking so long?
  9. My particular medication is a controlled drug so only available at the hospital pharmacy. Update, I have my pills now, I eventually found out that they had been sent to Meadowhall to be collected from there but returned to the hospital when they weren't collected. They posted them direct to me and I got them yesterday.
  10. 2750317 which either rings engaged or rings for so long then disconnects. I've tried through the switchboard, same result. I was given another number 2268585 but that's just permanently engaged as well. I need my pills but am just helpless.
  11. It's a controlled drug only available at the hospital pharmacy. As I'm housebound they send it by post. Still can't get through to them.
  12. Has anyone tried to ring them today? I've been calling all afternoon, it just keeps ringing out then disconnects. They should have sent my medication by post but it hasn't arrived. I take it in one dose on Wednesdays and have had to miss it now.
  13. I liked the film with Steve McQueen and other big names, but it was clearly made for Americans. The recent documentary was as accurate as it could be and I greatly enjoyed it.
  14. I can only say I have been incredibly lucky compared to many people. In the last 6 months I have seen my gp, surgery nurse practitioners, hospital department consultants and nurses including audiology, ophthalmology, dermatology and others. In every case the care and treatment has been exemplary. I have the highest regard for all the fantastic people at RHH, thank you to all of you.
  15. Delving is beyond me! Nice and simple every time. I actually think I had a usb cable but it must have got lost when I moved. I'm really not a fan of wifi and as the printer and pc are just inches apart and the router is on the other side of the (very small) room so a new usb cable might be the better option. Thanks so much.
  16. Thank you, nice clear simple reply, just what I needed. Off to order one now.
  17. I have a HP5000 series printer, and a Dell with Win10 pc. I am fed up of the wifi failing so i can't use the printer. I want to be able to use it without wifi.; But I don't know if I just a need a pc to printer cable or an ethernet cable. Can anyone put this old lady wise please in very simple terms?
  18. Well, contacting the councillor certainly worked. i have now had a full response from the council detailing what I owe (scary!) But what is absolutely shocking is that, while I've always lived alone and therefore been entitled to the 25% reduction, that no longer applies to the empty flat, so I have to pay the full amount. At least I know now.
  19. I fear you may be right. Hopefully the councillor I contacted will be able to get some action from the council. I just want to get it sorted.
  20. i'll be interested to know just what the exemptions are.
  21. That's right, health has forced the move . When I bought my flat it was to be my forever home but fate decided otherwise. It does seem a bit unfair that council tax is payable on an unoccupied property just waiting for sale to finalise. After all with no occupant there is no drain on council services.
  22. Thank you Jeff, I did think i would be liable but will look again and hope I'm lucky. Well that's brought me back down to earth. Who is right I wonder.
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