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Whats best console ps4 or xbox one??


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My kids have both.

All i can say is they both look worse than my 4 year old pc and both have over priced games

The kids play more on the Xbox one than the PS4 though and when i buy them games they mostly want Xbox one titles.

Youll need to buy Xbox Live if you want to play online though, about 35 quid for the year.

Not sure about paying for online play on the ps4 though as they dont really use it all that much.

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Try the controllers and see which you prefer. I could never get on with the PS3 controller; I find the Xbox 360 one a lot easier to hold and manipulate, but you might differ. And check if there are any exclusive games that you really want to play. Online communities might also dictate your choice: if your mates are all on the Xbox you might want to get one too if you favour the group-friendly games.

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It's not really possible to say which is best. When games are available on both there is very little difference between them.

For me the PS has more interesting exclusives (last of us, everyone gone to the rapture, uncharted) - although Xbox has gears of war, halo if you are fan of those.

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