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  1. Any shops in sheffield close to s5 the better that can replace ipad air 2020 screen?? Can do it myself but cant find any screens online ect...
  2. Is there any pc shops im and around s5 that sell psu power supply for pc Currys seems to be only place and there all out of stock needing a 750w modular gold rated
  3. There isn't any law saying u cant have a bbq are buy charcoal I dont class larger are spirits essential But it's on list as essential lol
  4. It's for my partner and kids only And as I'm not leaving my garden it's not hurting anyone at all..
  5. Anybody no if shops are stocking charcoal for bbq
  6. what a load of rubbish climate change my a...s more like to do with drains are blocked as per normal...
  7. Heard a few cars been smashed up top of deerlands little gangster chavs with looks of it happens every few years little boys thinking there bad men smashing up cars
  8. Who is the owner of the land the field get... what's runs the length of deerlands ave at the back Does it belong to sheffield city council are someone else
  9. i have seen the camera's flash many cars when there is no restrictions in place more than a few times and they wasnt going anywhere near 80
  10. What do you mean should we let people do it you can't stop people 😏 Also like I've said there is plenty of people on the street where I live who have fires day are night doesn't effect me And to be honest even if council decided we could not have fires do u reckon people would stop
  11. they is pleny of people on my road who have fires all the time me included doesnt bother me one bit nor does it the council
  12. you are allowed to have as many fires in your back yard as you like it doesnt harm the air anymore than car fumes do.. report them for what they are legally allowed to have a fire in there back yardπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  13. are they ever coming back
  14. the m1 speed camera's seem to be active all time are atleast every fri and sun i travel on m1 day are night i see them flash loads of cars
  15. Take it nowhere sells them new now
  16. Anyone know of anywhere I can get a ps3 console the slim version
  17. thanks for all info ghozer ---------- Post added 23-10-2018 at 16:35 ---------- Hi looking at a msi micro atx board it supports a LGA1150 cpu So can I fit a i5 4th gen cpu on that motherboard
  18. I have a old pc it has a old i5 660 cpu will a 3rd are 4th gen i5 cpu fit this are is it wrong socket
  19. must be my dodgy electric then lol typical sheffield council
  20. the led type bulbs are crap ive never known bulbs blow so quick as the led bulbs ---------- Post added 19-10-2018 at 19:00 ---------- you can get the older type bulbs any watt on ebay
  21. looking for a local if possible pc shop that sells gaming cases are just standard cases close to s5
  22. you can only play high press attacking football if you have a solid 3 at back and united do not sanchez pogba jones lukkaku Mourinho the taxi is waiting
  23. i was there other week same thing with a motorbike happened
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