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  1. I was reading about this bloke today. Although he expected and asked for nothing. I hope the offers get him on his way to a better life. I agree fully... humanity
  2. Well that covers that. All your system is newer than mine. Software? I was talking my nephew though some 265 encoding the other day and he mentioned high CPU. As much as I tried telling him NO, he insisted that Handbrake was the best. Kids eh!!
  3. He can't be any worse that Vinnie Jones... can he? Mind you, Vinnie did look a bit of a nasty type in Midnight Meat Train but again, they didn't allow him to speak! And yes, I know why.......... NO SPOILERS
  4. Not sure mate other than what you use to encode. Is the rest of your system on a par with mine? I know your GPU is better so it would be interesting to see why or where the CPU usage is coming from. Out of curiosity, what bitrate are you running on nvenc?
  5. Hi Ghozer, Just tested one and I was right...ish. The CPU wasn't twiddling it's thumbs but wasn't working hard either. As low as 15% and as high as 70%... Hovered round the 40% mark most of the time.
  6. Hi Pete, I went for 3 pay as you go (As Ghozer said... 123) Changed my number from GiffGaff. Just request your PAC code from your old provider and use within 30 days. I average about £5 every 2 months now. Mainly text messages. Calls and data when I need to. I don't hold back on any usage, I just don't need or want what I was paying for in contracts or packages.
  7. If you used Patient Access it usually sends a text message a couple of days before. If you add your Google details when asked it will add a calendar event for you. I use Google Calendar all the time. It syncs well with Android, Windows and iPhone/iPad.
  8. I'll do another one at some point this week and let you know the CPU... It's possible I was having a senior moment! The speed is very fast. As for the quality, they don't look as sharp as the standard 2 pass I normally do. I plan on doing my Alien Collection BR to x265 that I've been putting off for a while now. I'll try it with the latest nVEnc and see how it goes.
  9. Did you know that the graphics card can pull a lot of workload off the CPU now. Mines Ok by today's standards (GTX970) and when I convert video to x265, the CPU sits there twiddling it' thumbs. The 970 fans sing a bit but its very fast...but not great quality output at the moment but I'm sure in time that will improve.
  10. You list a few things there that might point to the bottleneck being something other than the CPU. If your downloading and say, looking at video on Youtube, it might be the network that's causing issues. You also mention converting. If you're converting video this will put most, if not all PC's through their paces and can cause all round slow downs. I'm in a situation that is similar to yours although I do a lot of video converting/editing. I run a 4th gen i7, Z97 Board and 16GB RAM. It does the job well but does have times where it slows right down. Have a good think on if it's not the network. Do you keep upgrading an older system or do you move up to a newer motherboard that has a faster chipset, RAM, and takes a modern CPU. I've used Intel for years but I like the look of AMD's new line of CPU's. The downside is that for the one I'm looking at (1700X) with the RAM and motherboard I'd like... it's just shy of £800
  11. It's like any comedy show... not everyone will find it funny. I certainly do. I decided to have a bit of a binge watch of the new series on iplayer. I thought the episode with the safari park was hilarious. That's all I'll say as I don't want to spoil it if others.
  12. I have mine on 250% also. It's a fairly big telly (60") but with the way it's used and with my ageing eyes, 100% doesn't work for me. As for video and programs running ok. It will depend on a lot of things that all come into play. You will need graphics and CPU grunt if you want to play 4k Bluray or x265/264. Most of my library is 1080p with the 4k adding about 30 films and TV. As for video editing, again, you'll need power. My PC isn't the latest but still performs ok with an i7 4790, GTX 970, 16GB RAM. I don't use some of the programs the OP mentions so I can't comment on that. I do use Staxrip for video conversion to x265 which does strain the system but doesn't overheat or crash it. I do use VLC but not as the main player. I use MPC-HC and Kodi. MPC-HC plays 4k without issues. The same 4k video in VLC won't play properly.
  13. I have my main PC hooked up to a 4k TV and I only have 2 programs that have the micro menu and generally look bad. One of which is an old program that's not been updated in years and the other is a relatively new free program form a person just setting out...so i'm told. Everything else seems fine
  14. Dawn of the Dead 1978 Prometheus Alien (All of them) Star Trek (All of them) The Martian Kill Bill (Both) Pulp Fiction Deathproof Life Of Brian Burlesque (Yes I know... but I like some of the music) To name a small list of the films I watch over and over again.
  15. Ah... Redgates. In the early 70's my Nan over in Manchester gave me a 10 Shilling note for my birthday. I'd never seen that much money, let alone had it! I spent every penny of it in Redgates. As for school uniform. It was that most feared time of the year for me, to be dragged off to Carbrook House (Is that the CoOp?) to get the next years clothes for school. I blame such trips on scarring me for life... I still hate shops and shopping!
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