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  1. Yes 10 hours of being used / weeks and probably months in standby. Your typical Android tablet cant ever hold its charge for a weekend.
  2. 35 hours screen time? Or does it only last a day and a half until the battery drains? Are you saying that if you charged it today and left it on, it would be dead in 2 days? That's terrible. An iPad standby time is weeks not a day and half.
  3. Another iPad. You got 6 years out of an iPad - an Android one will be useless within months.
  4. When it snows in America, they also have transport problems, schools closed, roads closed, power failures, public transport cancelled. Its just nonsense to claim they aren't affected.
  5. Yeah it's a much better upgrade than sticking more ram in.
  6. You might remember the murder of Jo Cox though, by one of their supporters? As for freedom of speech - it doesn't cover threats of violence and murder. Facebook is right to ban them in these grounds. ---------- Post added 16-03-2018 at 06:27 ---------- What main platform? They dont have one! They rely on the hard of thinking uncritically sharing lies because it has a picture of a poppy in it.
  7. Just wanted to let people know how much difference an SSD upgrade can make - I just brought an old Mac Mini back from the dead with a £34 SSD and about an hours work. With the original HDD it was practically useless - apps took 20/30/40 seconds to load, browsing was awful, watching video was a no no. Now, with the new SSD its amazing - apps open instantly - browsing is fluid - everything just 'works'. If you've got an old machine and it will take it, I 100% recommend updating to an SSD or getting someone to do it for you.
  8. No you get charged when your time is up. Unlock, ride for however long you want people and then when you end your ride it charges your card. ---------- Post added 23-02-2018 at 16:53 ---------- They're not dumped - you get off wherever you want (within the allowed area) and leave it for the next person. That's the point of them being dockless- you don't return them to a specific point.
  9. You'd be better off putting the £50 towards a newer model.
  10. If its an iPad 2 it's coming up to 7 years Old - it's well past its supported life span. It stopped getting software updates after iOS 9 so isn't getting any more software or security updates.
  11. Sounds like it may just be too old to cope with modern browsing - the first generation ipad only has 256mb of ram - modern ones now have 2 to 4 gigabytes. Anything older than the iPad 4 or mini 2 is going to struggle these days.
  12. You don't need to do it at all if you don't want. It won't make anything run better if you do or don't.
  13. Check the spelling on Housing Associations Also spotted a few random or inconsistent capital letters
  14. This is not true. You can either set it to save all media to your camera roll in the settings, or manually save it from within the app. Tap the video, press the 'forward' icon and choose save. Once it's in your camera roll, forward it as an email to your PC, copy via USB or upload to drop box or whatever. Encryption doesn't mean you can't save it.
  15. The only thing to laugh at are people who don't have a back up in the first place.
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