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  1. We recently used Sheffield Window Centre to replace a door, they were one of the more expensive companies that we got quotes from but very easy to deal with, turned up when agreed and did a good job.
  2. bkcin

    Decent dash cam?

    I use a Nextbase 312gw which seemed to offer the best value for money whilst providing a decent wide angle lens and excellent image quality. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nextbase-312GW-Full-1080p-Black/dp/B01ELRJW5Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1539617850&sr=8-3&keywords=nextbase+312gw I also bought the hardwire kit and it took about 15 minutes to hardwire it into the car, the dashcam, hardwire kit and 32GB micro SD card came to around £115 which whilst a bit more expensive than some, offers much better quality, especially in low light.
  3. bkcin

    The most expensive spliff in history?

    Tesla shares are back up, higher than when it dropped. Since the drop last week after the show, the share prices have risen and has settled at $285 per share compared to when it dropped at $280 per share.
  4. Which model is it? The older and lower end models are quite restricted CPU-wise. My older DS213J struggles if I try to get it to do more than a couple of things.
  5. This has been discussed several times before. Brook Hill roundabout is one of the worst for sure, the pedestrian crossings on most of the entrances/exits can cause a bit of gridlock on the roundabout itself. Then you have the usual issue you get with most roundabouts where some people don't pull out when they should or instead pull out when they really shouldn't - it does seem consistently bad on this roundabout.
  6. bkcin


    Would recommend https://calibre-ebook.com/
  7. They'll usually have one or more USB ports and also usually one or more 12V socket.
  8. bkcin

    Sympathetic dentist required

    Occudental on Western Bank have been brilliant for me after years of terrible dentistry from the NHS. They dealt with an abcess and tooth extraction for me when I was really nervous and they were great, I've recommended several colleagues and friend's who all were amazed at the difference compared to their previous dentists. http://www.occudental.co.uk/
  9. bkcin

    Road resurfacing

    I must say the couple of potholes I reported yesterday, I noticed had been filled today.
  10. bkcin

    Trading cryptocurrency?

    The problem is that people have been suckered into thinking it's one thing when its actually something else. The theory behind cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is what is important, and what is almost definitely going to be the future backbone of many many things. Unless you really know what you are doing, trading crypocurrency is a lottery, a minefield and likely to lose you money. People need to look past the money making/investment side of cryptocurrency and look at the huge amount of applications that it can be used for. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musicoin - this coin gives content providers a platform that simplifies the process of revenue generation and and distribution. https://www.timicoin.io - this coin claims that "What problem are we solving? Till now, healthcare was not a connected network. Isolated facilities and isolated user data broke healthcare continuity. The scope was very narrow for data analysis, remote monitoring and global access to health data. Timi HR uses blockchain technology to create a network of authentic health data under which all the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anonymously and with the highest rate of availability and reliability" Smart contracts are also really interesting - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_contract This guy is very good at explaining the wider applications that cryptocurrency can provide - https://www.youtube.com/aantonop
  11. bkcin

    Best Chinese in centre

    Hui Wei Bar & Restaurant, 221 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2GW Tel : 0114 201 3482 http://www.huiwei.co.uk/
  12. Thanks for the reply, will add it to my list of things to do.
  13. After two years of living in a house we've finally gotten round to looking at a faulty radiator in the utility room, it has never heated up. After opening up the lock shield I can feel some warmth at the top of the radiator, i've ensure it's bled but after some googling it suggests the radiator may need flushing or replacing. Could anyone advise further? Is the above correct?
  14. bkcin

    Trading cryptocurrency?

    But remember the price from this time last year, ~£700 ---------- Post added 06-02-2018 at 15:20 ---------- It seems like you completely misunderstand what cryptocurrency is in that case

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