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  1. the thing is that, people seems not to be able to free itself from the boundaries this society has chosen to put on their members, even if those limitations are easy to break. If those illutions are not broken by a "so called" free-society, that means the society is not functional. The worst part is, that it is destroying us all as well
  2. finders keepers losers weepers... please do not apply to couple/people
  3. those trends seem to happen in any other social media tool. Family groups in Whatsapp are just like that
  4. MTV music videos are always good to go back to eventually... Some MTV shows are really funny too...
  5. Call it whatever you want it, but the notion that we need to keep exploiting ourselves, animals, the planet, just for a profit margin is stupid and we just need to rethink ourselves. I prefer to call it veganism, but that is just me.
  6. Capitalism needs to keep itself alive, you know... war might be the only way to do it... and people do not imagine themselves without it, so...
  7. well, I was about to watch this movie, the reviews were quite good, I thought the premise was promising... I guess most of you don't agree though
  8. I have been vegan for four years. At first you will experience nuisances from quitting meat, like any addict would feel from quitting an addiction. More over, you might experience some diarrea or some other digestive issues, mainly from eating more fiber. For some people it might be easy to do, for some others won't, I mostly guess it will be depending on your expectations. Hunger will also be an issue, so, try to eat more starches that can make you feel full. However, If you are really into trying a full switch to veganism, do it in the shortest period possible. Meaning, don't indulge yourself with cheat meals or cheat days. This is due that a vegan diet can be, by itself, cleansing. If you keep eating meat or dairy on eventual occasions, you will keep feeling health nuances. You don't say what's your current health status, that is also very important. Hope this helps.
  9. I guess this is like OBL death. This is something we will never know, just news to keep the people entertained
  10. well, just like you said, the vet industry is to keep animals alive no matter what in order to make a dime out of animal suffering, more or less the way the medical industry and farmaceutics work.
  11. I just read that china's cosumer index declined 8%. I don't think that there will be an emerging superpower, but rather a collapse in the world capitalist system and consequent world war... probably?
  12. by reading some of the replies, all the discussion about the lightsaber, I wonder... really? are they going to make the star wars mythology resemble the harry potter one? I am not a Star Wars fan, but as I understand it, lightsabers are just technical gadgets with no true power. So why would all that "search for a lightsaber" thing be relevant? It's not like it is a magic wand, or the wand that belonged to death...
  13. Restaurants are always good business. People have to eat. The only thing is that they must keep food likable for their customers. A good chef, management, and fresh food source do the trick. And of course, the state of the economy should be positive as well.
  14. it always so sad when people lose thier lives in a car accident
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