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Jeremy Corbyn coming to Sheffield

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Jeremy Corbyn is coming to a rally at the Crucible Theatre (and Tudor Suare) this Saturday 29th August. Does anyone know roughly what time?


Will be interesting to see him live and hear what he has to say.


I think it's easier to judge character when you see them in their natural habitat than the edited version on TV. (Asides, and off the cuff remarks can speak volumes.)


Anybody else planning on going?

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I will make the effort to see him in the flesh. He is being made into some sort of hugely divisive man . (good or bad) for the party is debatable.

But as with everything seeing and listening for yourself is the only way you can form any sort of true picture of anyone.

He should be worth seeing.

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Thanks Inigo,I'm hoping to go for the same reasons as monkey69 said.


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Can anyone go or is it a ticket only event, I would like to meet the man and if possible ask a few questions?


Tickets are sold out, but there's an overspill area in Tudor square apparently. Not sure how it's going to work.

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Over 900 tickets sold within 12 hours overnight, overspill on Tudor square expected to be packed, rally expected to be electric, Jeremy Corbyn, the leading candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party will address the crowds, Saturday at 2pm.


I'm not even really a supporter, just recognise historic events when I am see them

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